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The situation is presenting that the Airman in Air Force is working for about eight months. She (Airman) is well respected and well liked by her superiors and peers because she is hard-worker and motivated Military Leadership Assignment Helpyoung Airman. However, during the joining Air Force she disclosed her mental illness and history of illicit drug use prior to entering the Air Force. As a military leader, I will change her designation in the department where the health issues will not affect the occupation. This decision would be taken because the Airman is hard worker, bright and motivated therefore she will be dedicated to her occupation. She has good educational qualifications and motivational attitude therefore she is able to do other military works. In her changed designation, she would be remained separate from the military’s intelligence branch(Military Leadership Assignment Help).

There are different factors that will influence my decision. The first factor is her dedication regarding joining Air Force and motivated behavior toward the work. As well as, the superior’s behavior for her, that will be favorable for my decision. She also well liked and well respected by her peers and superiors. Moreover, the leaders at all levels also encouraged to support their subordinates to seek help when they Military Leadership Assignment Help 1needed. As she is not meeting the ethics made by the Air Force Department but my decision will also follow these ethics because the designation of Airman will be changed. The changed designation will not require the physical and mental fitness. On the other hand, my decision of termination based on pervasive stigma may affect negative on her career. The decision made on her pervasive and persistent stigma will be no good for her or anyone because the past stigma is not a base for an individual’s future career as the future career depends on present efforts and behavior. Therefore, the decision based on the situation will motivate to the Airman to do better his occupations.

As a democratic leader, I am sure that my leadership philosophy will guide me in deciding how to proceed because the decision I took this decision from obtained inputs of my subordinates. Therefore, I will be able in preceding the decision by collaborative efforts from all participants. In this concern, the decision will be better in future in obtaining results from a particular job assigned to the Airman.

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Leadership Styles Assignment Help on making assessment of current management behavior in Australia

This assignment help on magazine/journal article making a critical assessment of current (contemporary) management behavior in Australia.

Leadership styles

In the highly globalized competitive market there is high need of valuable leader to reduce the internal and external pressure on the employees of the organization. It is necessary to achieve the goals of productivity, sales and other targets of the organisation which can be easily attained with the help of effective leadership style. Leader is the person which is followed due to internal motivation among the followers. There are several leadership styles based on the personality and decision making style of the leaders. In the current scenario it is required that the leader will understand complexities and take decisions in rapid changing environment.

Autocratic leadership:

In this leadership the leader acts as the owner of the business, all the decisions and authority is in the hands of the leader. This kind of leader does not listen to the subordinates and employees and the orders are communicated downwards. This work environment will have no flexibility for the employees they have to follow the guidelines and policies implemented (Bhatti, et al., 2012). There are rare situations this kind of leaders are supported or followed enthusiastically.

Democratic leadership:

This leadership style is very popular and there are large number of followers for this kind of leadership it is the leadership style which is popular at present time. In this leadership style leader involves employees, subordinates and discuss the issues with each other to take a decision for the benefit of the organisation (Ojokuku, et al., 2012). The communication of the information flows both upward and down ward. It enhances creativity, competency, fairness, honesty and intelligence among the employees which also results to more participation for organization growth.

Transformational leadership:

This kind of leader motivates the employees continuously to enhance the capabilities and to achieve higher goals than they can actually able to achieve. It is the process of initiating change in the organization, its employees and others (Antonakis and House, 2013).. This kind of leader succeed in achieving and transforming the whole organization towards a new course of action by setting more challenging targets and setting high performance criteria and achieving them. It empowers the followers to internally motivate towards achieving the goals.

Transactional leadership:

This leadership also focuses on motivating the employees with rewards and recognition; it is exchange process where followers are appreciated by awarding them on the achievement of the organizational goals, expectations or targets. The expectations of the organisation are clearly mentioned to the employees with a set of standards and at the same time rewards, motivated them to work so that they can achieve the same.

Charismatic leadership:

These are the leaders which are having skills of good communication they are able to encourage the followers in such a manner. Charismatic leaders motivate followers to work enthusiastically by motivating them with their personality (Antonakis and House, 2013). They inculcate the decisions over them, so followers follow them on the commitment and the way they perform actions. Basically employees follow them due to internal motivation. They are the personalities which transforms the followers to achieve the targets looking unachievable.

Laissez-faire Leadership:

This kind of leader gives full authority to the followers, there is experienced team under the leader which is self driven so they are allowed to work as per their will and there is no interference of the leader (Buch, et al., 2015). It is not a much popular leadership style and it is also considered as lease satisfying style because human nature is driven with push effect people tends to perform better when some pressure is putted. In the absence of surveillance there are more chances of decrease in productivity.


Economics Assignment Help on Economic Growth


A strong innovation culture is vital for economic growth for both developed and developing countries

Critical Analysis Economic Growth:
From the different researches, it has been analysed that innovation is considered as one of the significant phase for all types of development across the globe. It has been analysed that diffusion as well as creation of different technologies is significant for the growth of the economy and plays substantial part for welfare in different economies including both developing and developed countries. Radical or incremental innovation is some different kinds for innovation that has played vital and crucial role in economic growth (Economic Analysis Assignment Help On Economic Growth). It has been analysed that foreign technology adoption always associated with the incremental innovation that has played very significant role in enhancing the economical conditions of the countries across the globe. It has also been identified that there are several opportunities available for experiments associated with the successful innovation and at the same time, different framework or model for development and growth has also been witnessed and emerging across the globe.

There are various factors or aspects which are responsible for opportunities to be raised in the terms of innovation for the economic growth. This mainly includes increased communication and information technologies, increased importance for countries in the system of global innovation, recent developments within the field of value chains across the global level, growth of economies based on service, and at the same time, more opportunities are also available for the direct investment in the foreign as well as trade (Economics Assignment Help). Most of the developing countries across the globe are facing the various challenges in terms of inclusive support and growth while dealing with the various social or cultural issues or problems. The innovation is very much relevant for both developing as well as developed countries in order to achieve the long term and immediate developmental objectives or goals in more effective as well as efficient manner.

It is also analysed that there is always confusion in terms of high technology or low technology that has restricted the understanding for the innovation in effective manner across the globe including both developing as well as developed countries. It is also evident from different researches that it has become costly affair for the high technological industries if they are focused towards high technique by ignoring other important fields in the economy (Economic Performance Evaluation Assignment Help). High costs can be incurred for the countries if they prefer to select such technologies that require more expertise and more competitive at the international level but at the same time, not able to attain the maximum benefits from technologies. But it is also observed from the different countries that innovation has also been effectively implemented and adopted in various sectors including mining, services as well as agriculture.

It is also observed from the different researches that innovations done in the field of agriculture has effectively enabled the countries to address their socio-economic changes which in result has helped the economy to be fostered at greater pace.

This type of innovations has certainly helped to reduce the poverty and at the same time, has also enabled the counties including both developing as well as developed to create and develop more job opportunities for the people across the region (Role of Business in Economy Assignment Help). With the advent of more technologies within the developing countries, more trade as well as business possibilities have been created which at the same time, also provide several oppturnities by improving job, financial position, business conditions, investment, industries, and many more. This also indicates that innovation has certainly played very remarkable role in achieving the target of economic growth for both developing as well as developed counties.

Analysis Design and Formulation of Strategy for Wal-Mart – Assignment Help


Question:- Evaluate the use of portfolio analysis in the design and formulation of a strategy for Wal-Mart.


Answer:- The portfolio analysis has effectively enabled the Wal-Mart to form and design the business strategies. The different factors have been identified under the portfolio analysis which has enabled the company to implement the corporate and strategic business strategies effectively align with the organizational goals as well as objectives. The analysis is mainly based on the internal and external factors which are affecting the business operations of the company within the market place (Walmart assessment help).

The internal factors are mainly analysed with the help of SWOT analysis by which the micro-environment factors which can affect the business operations are identified in efficient manner. In this, the strengths, weakness, threats or opportunities associated with the business activities or operations as per the organizational and present business scenario are analysed in effective manner.

In the same manner, the external or micro-environment factors which are affecting the business operations are also effectively identified using the portfolio analysis. The different models or methods can be used for analysing the external forces using the portfolio analysis (Wal-Mart Business Strategies Assignment Help). This mainly includes PESTLE analysis, Value chain model, Porter’s five forces, BCG Model and Ansoff’s matrix. These models can be effectively used for developing efficient business strategy align with organizational objectives by considering business growth and expansion at the same time.


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Critically Analyze Wal-Mart Corporate Strategy – Assignment Help


Question:- Critically analyze Wal-Mart’s Corporate Strategy and evaluate which of these strategies is working effectively for Wal-Mart


Answer:- From the different market researches, it has been analysed that different generic strategies have been adopted by the Wal-Mart for their business expansion which mainly include differentiation strategy, cost leadership as well as focus strategy (Walmart assignment help). But as per the organizational objectives, it has been analysed that the company is more focused towards the strategy of cost leadership in order to remain competive for longer time frame by enhancing or expanding their overall market share at the same time.


The financial position of company is better as compared with other retail companies across the domestic as well as global market place. The main focus of this strategy of Wal-Mart is to dominate the retail sector for longer time (Training and Development in Wal-Mart Assignment Help). By this strategy, the company has maintained the prices of their goods or services and in some cases, also able to reduce the overall prices that have certainly enabled the company to build strong relation and trust among their potential customers. This has also enabled to purchase products at lower costs and then sale at less cost to the customers which as a result have helped the company to increase their sales levels. This has enhanced competition within the retail industry and enabled Wal-Mart to effectively compete in rapid changing marketing conditions across the globe.


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Wal-Mart competitive and co-operative strategies – Assignment Help

Question:- Critically assess Wal-Mart’s competitive and co-operative strategies and its key components and how it helped in the company’s competitiveness

Answer:- The competive as well as cooperative strategy of Wal-Mart is mainly depending on the business strategy of cost leadership. The different key components have helped the company to achieve competitive advantage within the market place that mainly includes workforce, technology, logistics, sales as well as marketing. The business strategy of the company is also mainly focused to increase the focus over the customer services, to enhance groceries or retail stores as well as to enhance the flexibility for overall shopping experience of the customers (WalMart Company Analysis Assignment Help). The strong organizational structure has enabled the company to effectively implement and maintain the adequate policies within the company by which working experience at its different outlet has been improved in a huge manner. This has certainly given the competitive edge to Wal-Mart over the competitors by improving the operational efficiency and productivity for the company.

The policies and facilities designed for the employees has also enhance their working experience and also motivated them to improve their performance levels that has also helped the company to enhance its competitiveness within the marketplace. The technological innovations like POS, performance tacking for stores, or satellite system has also improve the development process of the company and effectively enabled to monitor and analyse their competitors and accordingly develop the strategies in order to enhance their overall market share (Wal-Mart Business Strategies Assignment Help). The inbound logistics has also improved the supply chain system of the company and also make the operations of company more innovative as compared with the competitors within the retail sector. In addition, sales with marketing factors have also enabled the company to effectively promote their goods or services and enhance awareness among the potential customers.


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How Wal-Mart was able to use Retail Industry Success Factors – Assignment Help

Question:- Identify and evaluate the Critical Success Factors for the Retail Industry and how Wal-Mart was able to use these factors in achieving competitive advantage in this fast changing business world.


Answer:- There are various factors which has enabled the Wal-Mart to achieve the competitive edge within the rapidly changing market place which mainly include,

To understand consumer behaviour:

This has enabled the Wal-Mart to develop products or services as per the expectations of the customers and helped to enhance their overall sales level (SWOT Analysis of Wal-Mart). This has maintained and enhanced the customer loyalty and at the same time, also enabled the company to provide adequate offers for the customers and enhanced the market share for the company across the globe.

To operate multiple strategies:

This has enabled the company to provide their products or services with help of various retail options including super markets, online stores, shopping malls, etc (Wal-Mart Mission Stakeholders). This has enabled the company to attract more customers with help of competitive pricing strategy which has certainly given competitive advantage to products or services as offered by the company to their customers.

To improve operational efficiency:

With help of effective training and development programs for employees, the company has become able to enhance operational efficiency (WalMart Environmental Scan Case Study Assignment Help). By this the company is able to maintain and reduce the prices of their products or services that have certainly enhanced the competitive strength for the company within the market place.

To enhance customer experience:

With help of advanced technology and providing creative services or products to the customers, this has enabled the company to improve the customer experience (Evaluation of Wal-Mart for Employment). By providing offers at different seasons and other off –seasons, the company has maintained its growth within the market place and performed better than their overall competitors across the globe.

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Business Analysis for an organization

Effective business analysis process for an organization:

Business analysis is an essential activity for an organization to get the favourable business results. Most of the businesses fail due to poor business analysis (Business Assignment Help). In this concern, the effective business process is defined in the below steps:

1. Be oriented:

For the effectiveness of business analysis it is essential for the management or business analyst to clarify the requirements, scopes and business objectives as quickly as possible. In addition, the business analyst should be confident and effective contributor on the specific project with clarifying roles and responsibilities of each participant in the project. As well as, the business analyst should have good understanding about the project history and existing business system for better business decisions.

2. Determine primary objectives of the business:

In a process of business analysis, there should be clearly determined primary business objectives to define the business scopes and provide the detailed requirements of the project.

3. Define business scope:

An effective business analysis has a complete and clear statement of scope which provides the concept of go-forward to the project team to understand the business requirements. The clearly defined business scopes make the business requirements tangible for the project participants.

4. Formulate business analysis plan:

In an effective business analysis process, the business analysis plan should be able in bringing transparency to define the business needs in detail (Small Business Plan Assignment Help). The business plan will be able to give the answer of different questions for the associated team.

5. Define requirements in detail:

The detailed requirement will provide the information to the implementation team to implement a solution for the possible issues in operational activities. Without concise, clear and detailed requirements the implementation often will fail in obtaining the desired business results. Therefore, there should be clearly defined the necessary information to understand what the business community desires from a specific process change.

6. Support to technical implementation:

The business analysis process also requires a technical implementation in customizing, team building and deploying software. At the time of technical implementation, there remain many worthwhile support tasks that will be helpful in driving the success of the specific project and make sure that the business objectives are met.

7. Implement the solution to meet business objectives:

In an organization, the technology team will be able in delivering an effective new solution that meets the business objectives in theoretical way. But, if the business analyst does not use it as proposed and go reverse to business as standard than there will not be possible to deliver the real business objectives (Business Analysis Assignment Help).

8. Measure value formed by the solution:

In this stage, the management or business analyst evaluates the actual progress obtained against the business objectives to demonstrate the level to which the real objectives are fulfilled. The obtained results are communicated to the project sponsor and all of the team members of the organization for further analysis and suggestions.

By implementing these steps the business will be able to produce an effective business analysis process to achieve the organizational goals and objectives in smooth way.



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