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Case Study Assignment Help on Effective Message for Stakeholders:

The presenter will need to make sure the message is completed and easily understood by the stakeholders. If the audience cannot carry out the entire message from the meeting then it is pretty

Case Study Assignment Help

Case Study Assignment Help

much a waste of everyone’s time and creates negative image of the company within the stakeholders. So, the presenter should make sure that the message is clear and to the point. Case Study Assignment Help ensures that the message is communicated effectively, the presenter should conduct a feedback session with the audience in which all will interact with each other to show their issues and doubts related to sales data and to present the possible solutions. It would also be effective to increase the organizational profitability.

The interaction and participation of the audience in concern of the visual aids, charts, diagrams, tables, graphs, etc also reinforce the effectiveness of the message. At the same time, increase in the performance targets, suggestions from the audience are some of the other measures to ensure that the message was communicated effectively in the desired manner.

On the basis of Writing Assignment Help discussion, it can be recommended that a presenter should use the face-to-face channel in delivering a message related to company facts. The presenter should consider the characteristics of audiences to develop the effective presentation.

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Strategic Assignment Help for Diverse Audience Considerations:

A presenter keeps in mind several cultural, religions, values, traditional related aspects during the meeting to a group of stakeholders. He/she needs to be considered characteristics of the group such as

Strategic Assignment Help

Strategic Assignment Help

gender, age, social class, origin, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability when presenting organizational data for a diverse audience.  According to the Strategic Assignment Help, The diverse audiences create challenges for the presenter in meeting as it affects the ability of presenter to consider all the cultures effectively. It should face these challenges through establishing clear communication channels that will allow them to open dialogue with the stakeholders. To ensure that the message is effectively understood by the audience, the presenter should consider the characteristics of diversified audiences. The age group, gender, language, education of the individual within the group will be considered to ensure that the data is understood by each member.

Management Assignment Help discusses that The presenter must consider the need of the stakeholders including managers, salespeople, and customers while making an effective presentation. Stakeholders want to know about the revenue and losses of the company and also the potential performance. The language used in the presentation should be known by all people and if it is not then there should be a translator to convey the message in their respective language. At the same time, the presentation should not include any religious sign as it may affect the interest of audiences from the different culture. It represents that each group has their different need that must be considered by the presenter during the quarterly sales meeting otherwise it cannot achieve the objectives of the meeting.

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Management Assignment Help of Appropriate Communication Channels:

Appropriate Communication Channels

While selecting the appropriate communication channel to communicate with audiences, the presenter should consider the several factors. He/she should identify the characteristics of people, the quantity of


Management Assignment Help

the audiences and the way of them to obtain information. Management Assignment Help says the presenter can calculate the cost of communicating and can consider the complexity faced by them to communicate with audiences with the appropriate communication channel. There are several formal and informal ways of communication that can be used in business. In public speaking or speaking to a diverse group of people, the presenter is necessary required remembering interest of audiences. This sales meeting should be done in formal structure to make the presentation effective and continue with an informal question and answer session.


In the sales meeting, the presenter should use communication channels, which are effective to facilitate face-to-face interaction because it will allow the presenter and audiences to communicate and participate in meeting effectively. Face-to-face delivery also provides the benefit of nonverbal communication and immediate feedback to the presenter, which minimizes the misinterpretation of the message. According to the Business Assignment Help, The presenter needs to pay attention to body language, eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, posture and other aspects of appearance, space, time and language during the meeting. It should also utilize visual ads such as a presentation on a big screen displaying the quarterly sales information including charts, diagrams, tables, graphs, spreadsheets and power point presentations, which would be effective to represent the company sales information to stakeholders in more effective manner. Visual aids are the benefits for the audiences because it allows them to understand the message or financial information from hearing and seeing the presentation.

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Case Study Assignment Help on Company Audience Characteristics:

Case Study Assignment Help Experts analyzes the characteristics of the audience that must be considered by the presenter at an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders. It includes recommendations for communication channels that may be used by the presenter for making an effective presentation to effectively communicate with the audiences and ensure audiences effectively understand that message.

Characteristics of the Audience

Company stakeholders have belonged to different nations, cultures, compositions, demographic, etc that

Case Study Assignment Help

Case Study Assignment Help

may create challenges for the presenter to communicate with them to present quarterly sales information at an in-person meeting. The presenter needs to be aware of each person interest that is a part of the audience. Understanding the audience or stakeholders make it easier for the presenter to communicate with them effectively, so he should identify the characteristics of the audiences. It can use the internet and company records to gather preliminary information of the stakeholders that can help them to identify the characteristics of them.

It must consider the demographic characteristics of audiences for making an effective presentation. Understanding of the demographic characteristics is beneficial for the presenter to consider the possible areas of diversity in audiences while making a presentation. Demographic characteristics of the group include age groups, areas of residence, gender, education level, socioeconomic status, family background, cultural background and political preferences, etc. Different demographic areas have their different culture, language, religions, preferences, etc. These differences may create barriers for presenters to effectively communicate with the audience in an effective manner. Analysis of the demographic characteristics will help the presenter to determine the style, content, and way of a presentation by increasing the interest of the audience.

The presenter should also consider the psychographic characteristics of the stakeholders to understand the nature of them. Psychographic characteristics include the beliefs, values, attitude, interest, knowledge, and behaviors of people. Knowledge of the Human Resource Assignment Help behavior is helpful for the presenter to effectively communicate and motivate them to participate in the meeting, which would increase the effectiveness of communication. Understanding of the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the audiences will also help the presenter to get thinking about what the audience needs to know about the topic and the way of presenting information.

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Strategic Assignment Help of Starbucks & Ralph Lauren Market:


Starbucks can move into down market to defend itself from competitors such as McDonald’s that offers lower cost coffees at their restaurants. The company can do efforts for growing Seattle’s Best, it’s cheap-and-cheerful sister chain of coffee houses. This move helps to expand the business and growth of the

Strategic Assignment Help

Strategic Assignment Help

company without diluting the primary brand and helpful for competing with rivals. Strategic Assignment Help Experts explain that, With the help of selling low-cost coffee, the company can attract middle and lower class customers towards the company. The company can revive the Seattle’s Best brand as a way to attack in the coffee mass market. This move in down market allows Starbucks to expand its base of sales without affecting the premium brand name. Starbucks can sell continuously its high price coffee at its own stores. Along with this, the success and failure of new brand cannot affect the brand image of the company and not change the perception of customers towards Starbucks and its products.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s products have been able to weather the recession due to reliable products, innovations, and designs. Ralph Lauren has an expensive runway collection at the top that includes handmade products using the best quality materials and has limited distribution. It is the leader in the fashion world. It provides high quality and design clothes to customers. It paid higher prices for raw material like cotton and higher costs for labor and transportation to maintain the quality of the clothes. Ralph Lauren has high-class customers and for those, it offers luxury brands such as Purple Label and Ralph Lauren Collection. These brands appeal to the customer, who appreciates Ralph Lauren aesthetic, but is more sensitive to value and price. Along with Marketing Assignment Help, the recession had a particularly large effect on the fashion industry and Ralph Lauren is able to weather the recession quite nicely. It is because it offers quality and branded products for high-class customers those are not affected by the recession.

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Employee Orientation Program and Retention Assignment Help:

Management Assignment Help professionals told that the orientation program will motivate new hire for working effectively at the workplace as this program will assist the manager to be familiar with the firm and employees positively. Additionally, this program will


Management Assignment Help

also, encourage the manager to perform better for organizational growth as he/she will receive information from the management direction that will ensure the expected outcomes from the new hire. Additionally, this orientation program will also help the individual to make it clear that how much he/she should contribute to reaching the expected level of the performance.

It will also help the management to reduce the startup cost without disturbing operations of the firm as learning will be offered at the workplace with the help of this plan. Similarly, this plan will also ensure high employee retention rate at the workplace as this plan will deliver the realistic job expectations to the newly hired employee. It will increase satisfaction level from the concern of store manager that will increase the chances of retention. Additionally, offered roles, powers and responsibilities to the newly hired store manager will also increase positive attitude among him/her that will also ensure high retention rate at the stores of Starbucks.

Action Conducted actions Presenter Time
Welcome Discussion of Mission HR executive 10-15 mint.
  Discussion of Vision HR executive 10-15 mint.
Position Details Position will be defined along with providing basic assistance HR manager 1 hour
Defined Job duties Roles, power, authority, responsibility to the store manager will be defined Supervisor 1-1.5 hour
Defined Performance Standards Used performance, legal and ethical standards will be discussed HR manager 2 hour
Discussed Culture and Policies Core of culture and performance policies and training programs of the firm will be defined HR manager 3 hour

Above prepared orientation plan will help management to take effective decision to run the business positively. It is because it will save the time and reduce the cost for running the operations of the firm in terms of reducing time to increase awareness of new hire. It will also reduce the employee turnover as this plan will help to make familiar to the new hired employees with organizational processes.

On the basis of Strategic Assignment Help it can be concluded that orientation plan plays a crucial role for the firms to run their operations without any interrupting their decisions and actions and to retain the employees for long-run.

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Starbucks Culture and Policies Business Assignment Help:

According to the Business Assignment Help, Culture and policies of Starbucks will be discussed with the newly hired store manager. In this, organizational culture of the company to promote the core set of values will be communicated with the

Business Assignment Help

Business Assignment Help

employee. Furthermore, it will also cleared to the store manager that the firm focuses over providing great working environment to the employee so he/she should provide motivated and positive environment to the employees so that they can work effectively (Rotman). Additionally, policy related to the maintaining excellence in the freshness and delivering the coffee will be also discussed so that he/she can work effectively and can follow the organizational policies and culture. Human Resource Assignment Help experts explain that Environmental Protection culture of the firm will be also discussed with the store manager to deliver the best services to the customers, so that satisfied services and products can be delivered (Starbucks: Continual Training, 2010).  Similarly, performance measurement tools that are used by Starbucks as 360 degrees will be also discussed to the store manager so that he/she can execute it effectively and can follow.

So, this information will be shared and communicated with the new employee, while introducing in Starbucks under the orientation program, so that operations of the firm can run positively.

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