Tips to convert internship into a job

Internship is generally a part of every professional degree course. It is meant to provide practical knowledge and an exposure to market culture to the students. A lot of companies also hire trainees on Tips to convert internship into a jobthe basis of their performance during the internship. Therefore you should pay full attention and display interest in the working of organization during this time. Here we have enlisted a couple of important steps that will help you in converting internship into a full time job of your dreams.

1. Make an impression– do your level best to show your supervisor that you have what it takes to be a part of the company. Learn about the values and work culture of the organization. If you are assigned a task make it your priority and give your best to complete it. Another important thing is you strictly follow the dress code of the company. Otherwise it would seem pretty clear that you are just fulfilling the academic obligations.

2. Make conversations– talk to the employees about the work environment and the job responsibilities which you are targeting. Persuade them in informing you more about the company. This will help you a lot at the time of employment.

3. Take initiative– unless you are in a project internship most of the time you will be sitting idly. Instead of wasting your time ask the employees to hand you whatever work they find suitable. This will clearly reflect your interest in the company.

Report to your superior every day- make it a routine to meet your in-charge at the end of the day and inform him about whatever work you did. Keep asking suggestions for further improvement.

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Benefits of adopting an E-learning study program

E-learning is one of the biggest gifts that modern technology has given to student community. With its help you can learn any skill or course at your own terms. Here we will be discussing some important merits of this revolutionary learning methodology.
1. Low fees– E-learning offers a great advantage in terms of cost. The fee of any course is reduced by at Benefits of adopting an E-learning study programsleast 60% if you go for online learning. Reason being the academic institutions can use the same recordings over and over again. This also saves money spent on accommodation at a different place. As a result it is a win-win situation for both the students and academic organizations.
2. Fast accessibility– the training is easily made available to the people. For instance if a company wants to teach some advanced skills to its employees in different locations then an e-learning lesson would prove much feasible as compared to arranging a classroom session.
3. Flexible – students have the benefit of learning at their own pace. They can schedule classes at their suitable time. It also allows the option of repetition and comes in handy if you want to revise a previous topic. Place is also not a restriction. You can take your lectures wherever you want.
4. Quality learning– students who cannot take admissions into top colleges and institutions can benefit from this option and learn from top-notch faculty.
5. Easy to understand– classroom learning is generally dependent on verbal delivery of lectures. In case of e-learning apart from lectures, multimedia and presentation are also incorporated. These things make way for easy understanding as well as longer retention in memory.
6. Discussion– these days online institutions are also focusing on providing problem-solving sessions to students. This feature has overcome the biggest drawback of online learning i.e. one to one interaction. Now students can simply book a doubt session with the respective faculty and discuss their problems.

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Post-study work visa in Australia for international students

The lucrative prospect of working in a developed country is one of the main reasons for an exponential increase in the number of international students over the years. Europe, Australia and North America
have always been on the top priority of students looking for a foreign degree. After the recent economic crisis many countries have made severe changes in their visa policies in order to safeguard the interests of local candidates. As a result of this students coming from other nationalities are left with fewer opportunities. For instance in UK if you fail to find a high paying job in your own field of study in less than three months, you have no option but to leave the country. You can find similar restrictions in a lot of other countries as well.

If you look at Australia, you will be amazed to find out how much easy it is for an international student to secure a job here. After the completion of course study a student can secure his or her stay in Australia with the help of a Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485. This visa scheme was introduced in 2013. Under this there are two categories of an international student. Pupils who have obtained a vocational training at TAFE institutes come under Graduate Work Stream.

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It is provided for a period of 18 months. If you have completed an educational degree from a recognized Australian university, you are entitled to receive a work visa under Post Study Work Stream. The span of work visa depends on the type of degree earned. If you have completed a bachelor or a master’s degree you will get the permit for 2 years whereas if you are a Doctorate scholar you can work in Australia for 4 years.

Permission to work after completion of studies is a very important factor which cannot be overlooked at any cost. Therefore it is highly advisable to analyze the work opportunities before choosing any foreign destination.

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In today’s world, corporate culture is changing at a rapid rate. With complex mathematical algorithms making decisions for the companies the dependence on human employees is decreasing day by day. The role of a person in a job is entirely different from what it would have been ten years back and who knows ten years from now that job might not even exist. Therefore in spite of having fancy college degrees a number of students fail to get a job. Here are a few important reasons as to why excellent grades are not sufficient in the real world.

  1. Inefficient curriculum– The curriculum of universities is not keeping pace with the changing global scenario. It is clearly evident from the fact that every other company hesitates in hiring a fresher right out of college. Changing work environment calls for improvement in the course frame but that hardly happens in our colleges. As a result students don’t get to learn the attributes that companies demand.
  2. Nature of jobs– companies today are looking for candidates who can tackle a varied range of projects. A monotonous job can be handed over to a machine and a human is expected to do more than that.
  3. Lack of requisite skill set– service sector provides the largest number of jobs today. This sectorWhy Excellent Grads are not sufficient in the real world copy is entirely built on the idea of providing satisfaction to customers. Pupils are not taught the necessary soft-skills that are crucial in dealing with customers in college. Apart from this every industry has its own specific requirements and even the most specialized degrees are nowhere near them.
  4. Extra-curricular matters– a class topper does not get a lot of time to keep sync with the other activities going on in college. For instance at the time of cultural fest, the term tests were scheduled and so instead of coordinating in some event he got stuck with the books. That experience might have inculcated a leadership quality in him which he overlooked. So when a company arrives for hiring and spots that he did nothing apart from cramming his books, he fails to get the job.
  5. Resources on training– a person who has worked in a similar field knows pretty much about the basic requirements of the job whereas a college fresher comes with no idea about that field. This way the company has to invest a lot of time and resources in providing training to such a fellow that could otherwise had been put to some other productive use.

Due to these reasons it becomes very important that you have devoted a considerable time of your graduation at an internship in some relevant company. Even though you might not be paid during that period but that experience will truly come in handy while looking out for a job. If you have something other than your classmates on your CV, it will definitely stand out and will help you in getting your dream job.


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The face of global education is changing rapidly. Universities all over the world are trying to attract international students. Foreign education offers a lot of advantages but it comes at the cost of a number of stress causing experiences. Every foreign student has to face some type of emotional or mental stress. Here is a list of 7 factors that cause stress to international students. Read more What is Stress and Different Stress Factors.

Language– if you are visiting a country where the local language is completely alien to you, there is7 factors that cause stress to international students
going to be a lot of trouble. Without somebody to assist, you will find it very difficult to communicate at the local market or buying a ticket at the bus stop. It is advised to learn a few basic words of the local language and keep learning it as long as you stay in that country.

Expectations– it is often encountered that foreign students support their education with a big loan. Upon their course completion they are supposed to support their family and pay back the money. All these things start taking the shape of burden and undermine the student’s performance drastically.

Culture– the culture and food of the foreign country is quite different from the native place. Students are often caught in homesickness and waste their precious time in nostalgia. If you are finding it difficult to adjust with the local food habits, get some groceries and cook your own food. 6 culture shocks Indian students may face when studying in the Australia.

Illness– mental and emotional stress takes the shape of illness. Many students don’t even see it is an issue and over time it gets worse.

Discrimination– foreign students often see themselves separated from the group of local students. Inability to communicate and express, plays a major role in this. They are sometimes humiliated and picked upon which adversely affects their mental health.

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Teaching methods– the way of teaching in developed countries is quite interactive and demands an active participation from the student. Group sessions, presentations, role plays are very common. It takes some time for foreign students to get accustomed to these learning techniques. Underperformance in class also results in stress among students.

Finance issues– it gets tough to manage your budget with the high price of commodities in developed countries. It becomes one hell of a problem if some unexpected expense shows up.

Australia is a great place to go for a higher educational degree. Every year a lot of Indian students make their way for Australia in the hope of finding a land of their dreams. To a great extent this is true but there a few things that literally come as a jolt. Here we are going to discuss seven culture shocks Indian may face when studying in Australia.

1. Greetings– an Indian is not used to being greeted every time he goes to a grocery store or a barber’s shop. Things such as holding a door for someone or asking somebody how there day was, just as a part of casual conversation are new to them. One more thing that an Indian experiences is a firm handshake. So if you are planning on going to Australia keep yourself ready for these regular things.

2. Food– the food habits are entirely different. It is not just about the food. The amount of stuff a typical Australian eats in one meal is equivalent to two meals in India. So it is better to learn how to cook a few of your favorite recipes before you go.

3. Prejudice– sometimes Indians find themselves delineated from groups. Although universities do not support this sort of behavior but even then foreign students have to face humiliation and neglect from their batch mates.

4. Learning system– the education system in India is more of a passive nature. It does not involve an6 culture shocks Indian students may face when studying in the Australia
active participation of students. In Australia the study sessions involve a number of interactive activities such as group discussion, role play or presentations. Sometimes the situation becomes quite embarrassing when you are asked a sudden question by the professor and you confuse it with something else. So better keep yourself ready for this.

5. Independent lifestyle– along with studies you would have to manage laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. Initially it seems pretty tough having to do all these things by yourself as you can’t afford a maid on your budget.

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6. Abuse– there has been many accidents in the past few years where Indian students were harassed for robbery or mugging. They also have to face threats in college hostels from other local students. In such situations it is better to adopt a cool temperament. If things do not get resolved verbally it is better to approach your college administration and tell them about your problems.

Five ways to write law assignments in very appropriate and effective manner

For a student or a writing expert to complete law assignments appropriately and exactly in way in whichFive tips for writing law assignment it is prescribed by professor is very tough work. When a fresher in law work began to write on law subjects, it seems like he/she working on foreign language. Use of legal cases, acts and deep understanding and knowledge of laws subject is very important for writing in attractive and effective manner. There are number of tips which are useful for writing related to law subjects:

1. Always try to write in described format given in assignment and write in specific manner

The assignment related to the law subjects are very typical and based on the certain described format. So it will be very easy to write in prescribed format based on the given instructions which is helpful in avoiding wastage of time. Always keep in mind what is asked in the question while writing and try to avoid irrelevant subject matter.

2. Identify the important issues and relate with the applicable Laws and Acts

For writing in effective manner it is very important to understand what is asked and what are the issues and identification of applicable Laws and Acts. Use of definition written in Acts, penalties and compensation related to any issue, essential requirements related to any Act are required for attractive writing skills. For example, the cases which are based on the rights, welfare, protection and health of employees and employers, it is very important to mention the provisions of “Health and safety at work etc Act 1974”, “Equal Opportunity Act 2010” and “Employment Right Act 1996”.

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Many Student Look Help Corporate Governance Studying Australia

3. Always try to explain with examples and judge with previously describes cases

It is essential to use practical examples and cases in any assignment based on the law subject which reflects the understanding ability of writer. Always try to give judgment on any problem by relating it with the similar case studies and draw useful arguments. For example, to give the judgment on the cases related to the unfair dismissal of employees from the organization, the same case study “True Justices of Francois, who was unfairly terminated from the company after revealing the facts of cancer diagnosis”.

4. Develop a pre-writing strategy according to the guidelines

When a student received an assignment, the first step should be read the whole assignment carefully and write down the key points and make a pre-writing strategy with covering all the questions asked. While making pre-writing strategy always keep in mind the word limit of given assignment.

5. Introduction and conclusion should be describing the whole assignment

Introduction and conclusion are main part of an assignment covering the whole aspects which attracts the reader. For example, Introduction can be written in this manner, “This report will provide the brief introduction about the……..Act. It will be helpful in providing the judgment for various issues of employees at work place by using the provisions of……Act.”

Australia is a dream destination for international students. Although the country is very amiable to students coming from foreign nationalities, you might encounter a few problems. Here we are providing seven tips to overcome challenges while studying in Australia.

1. New language– it is not rare for even Seven tips to overcome challenges while studying in the Australiaan English speaker to get baffled by the slang that forms a major part of the conversation of locals. It is best to learn the new words within the few initial weeks when you get there as during this time you might not have to deal with the academic coursework.

2. Finance management– Australia is a costly affair. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are the top contenders in the list of world’s costliest places. It is best to plan your budget well in advance keeping in consideration the price of daily commodities, so that you won’t face any unexpected expense.

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3. Job search– with only 20 hours per week allowed on the student visa it might get difficult at first to find a part time job. Have patience and keep trying during the time you get after the college hours. Talk to the local students and they will help you in finding the best option for you.

4. Food– the Australian food might be a lot different than your native place. So it is best to learn a few native recipes and try your hand at them whenever you are bored out of the hostel food. Learning to cook will also help you in maintaining your budget if you are living in a rented apartment.

5. Australian laws– Australian laws are quite strict regarding rash driving, drunk driving, working more than the permitted number of hours and attendance at the college. If students are found violating these rules they are often deported. So keep yourself from falling in such situations.

6. Academics– the university curriculum might turn out a lot different than what you expected. The class lectures are a lot interactive. Professors might question you in front of the entire class. So, pay attention to every word told and ask anything you miss out at the end of the class. Take help with the local students over homework and exam preparations.

7. Culture– the Australian culture might be a lot distinct from the one you are accustomed to. Do not let this disparage yourself. Try to mingle with the natives. This will help a lot in the long run.

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