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Leadership is a key driver to determine the success of an organization by managing the workforce effectively. Leaders play an important roles to lead the workforce effectively by coordinating their knowledge, skills and efforts toward attainment of organizational goals and objectives. Good leaders always motivate the employees to give their best performance to contribute towards increasing organizational productivity and business profitability (Meindl, and Shamir, 2007). Leaders can play significant roles in increasing the morale and job satisfaction of employees by providing them all the monetary and non-monetary benefits, flexible working conditions, safe and healthy workplace etc. So, here, first we have introduced the topic as we normally provide in do my assignment Australia services.

Further, the overall report outline is presented. This report analyzes the critical evaluation of leadership of Tesco Express. The first task discusses overview of organizational background of Tesco Plc. and the contexts in which it operates. The second task gives detailed analysis of critical evaluation of effectiveness of current leadership of the organization. The points, such as leadership strategy implementation and organizational behavior will also be discussed. Finally in third task, discussions will be held on recommendations for improving the leadership effectiveness of the organization (Lussier and Achua, 2012).

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