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Example of an assignment excerpt on the leadership. Leadership can be termed as traits, qualities and capabilities of a leader to influence the behaviors, attitudes and values of its group members in order to direct them toward achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Phillip Clarke is the CEO or leader of Tesco (Tesco Express also) having good leadership qualities and attributes. Participative leadership style is followed by Tesco that allows the participation of the team members in organizational decision making process (Eikenberry, 2011). In such type of leadership, Employees or team members are free to give their suggestions and ideas. Two-way communication process is facilitated that considers views, opinions and ideas of the team members as inputs for the decision making process.

Clarke allows employee participation in the decision making process and considers their suggestions, ideas and opinions for the final decision making. Clarke helps his team members or subordinates in the accomplishment of their tasks, projects and activities. He shares his experiences and knowledge with the subordinates (Johensen, 2012).Our team ensures you get best help when you look for someone who could do my assignment for me.

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