Various ways to motivate employees

As per business assignment help experts, There are many ways by which an employer of online business can motivate his employees and following are the ways:

Communicate Better:

It is very important for the employer to communicate face to face with his employees instead of just sending mails

and talking on calls. Face to face communication develops a thinking in the mind of the employees that they have value in the organization and the employer know the employees personally (Mayfield, et al., 2015). Communication is also a way by which the employees can easily talk to the employer and can express their views and suggestions.

Offer advancement opportunities:

This is one of the best way to motivate the employees. If the employees will have opportunity of advancement than they will definitely do their best to complete the work on time and to get the opportunity. If the employees will not have any opportunity of advancement then they will not work with their best capability because they have no target to achieve (Uzonna, 2013).

Providing Incentives:

Incentive is a way which almost every company use to motivate its employees because according to this scheme the employees get extra benefits like; gift card, movie tickets, extra paid day leave or other thing to appreciate the work of employees but among of these schemes the cash reward is the best way to provide incentive to the employees.

Create trust:

It is very important to create trust among employees to motivate them. If the employees will feel that the management has trust on them and believes in their work than the employees will work with their best efforts for the growth of the organization and to develop faith in the mind of the employer.

Empower the employees:

Promote an environment in the organization where the employees can freely give their suggestions to the management for the future improvement. To empower the employees provide training to them and ask the employees if they have any idea about how they can be more efficient and then apply their idea (Men and Stacks, 2013). So this is the way by which the employees can be motivated.

Way to maintain culture that encourages employee retention:

Employee retention is an ability of the organization to retain its existing employees in a given period. There are many ways by which the organization can maintain the culture which encourage employee retention and these are discussed below:

Provide attractive compensation package:

It is very important for the organization to offer attractive compensation package to its employees to retain its best employees. If the employees will get better compensation package in other company than he will shift in that company and to avoid this situation it a way to offer good compensation package to the employee (Osibanjo, et al., 2014).

Training and development:

It is also a way to encourage employee retention culture in the organization because training and development programs helps the employees to develop their professional skills and this encourage the opportunity for the employees to grow (Jehanzeb and Bashir, 2013). Training and development programs educate the employees and this helps the employees in promotions.

Work life balance:

It is very important that the organization have a healthy work life balance environment at the workplace so the employees can manage their time for the work and for their family also. If the organization has work life balance than definitely the employees will love to work at that organization because they can manage their professional and personal life easily.

Provide reward:

Providing reward to the employees is a way to appreciate the efforts of the employees. It is very important to appreciate the efforts and work of the employees and providing them reward for their performance. The reward can be in cash form or in other form like gifts and other things (Aguinis, et al., 2013).



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The main purpose of this Bitcoin assignment help is to evaluate the bitcoin in the concurrent economy and market place. Along with this, the transactions in relation to the bitcoin by the users are also discussed. Furthermore, the economic status of the currency is also evaluated in relation to the exchange rate. In addition to this, the

Bitcoin Assignment Help

purchasing power parity and approach for the mining of bitcoin are also assessed to deter the influence over the perspective market. On the other hand, some of it historical path are also analyzed to determine the growth and pricing of bitcoin as well.

Discussion on the Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading has become one of the most ways to payment at worldwide. At the same time, it is also a trending in the market to use the bitcoin for easy and safe payment because the payment through bitcoin in not much bounded for the regulation. On the other hand, it is mostly used by the small business enterprises because it does not charge the credit card fees for transaction.

In the perspective, bitcoin can be purchased through exchanging the currency of different country such as Bitsmap, Bitfinex and Coinbase (Economics, 2015). In addition to this, the bitcoins can be surged from the mining of bitcoins as it can be gained through the solving puzzles and it rewards the 12.5 bitcoins in every 10 minutes. Bitcoins basically stored in the digital wallet so that any one cannot steal from the owner. Bitcoins are also a crypto currency which is used for the purpose of generating units of concerned currency. In relation to this, the bitcoin can be used to purchase online products as it is owned as the money as kept in banks and people need not to move for the banks for safety (Coindesk, 2018). The payment system through bitcoin is started in the year 2009 through encryption method and it is used by the parties as virtual currency. In the exchange market the market valuation of bitcoins have been reached up to the 1 million in the year 2011, it is also expected that the market capitalization might reach up to the 1 billion by 2013 (McGoogan and Titcomb, 2018).

From the above market trading, the year 2013 was the peak time when the bitcoin has reached up to the 1 billion.

(Source: Steemit, 2015)

The working of bitcoin

In order to transaction with the bitcoin, it has a private key which is used for the password and it is unlocked by the receiver through the support of sender. The transaction of bitcoin is traded as follows

Purchasing power parity in the exchange market of bitcoin

The theory of purchasing power parity is used for the exchanging the bitcoins in the market transaction. In this transaction, the purchased product for the nominal rate can be traded at same price in any country. The exchanges are working as the brokers who are providing the platform to the different sellers and buyers. From the market review, it is assessed that the 26 countries are traded over the bitcoin exchange as of April 2015. On the other hand, MtGox collapsed asserts that the risk might occur due to the holding of assets over the digital platform, as hacker locked the $460 million in the year 2013 which was a shock for the bitcoin exchangers.

The purchasing power parity theory is useful in context of buying the basket of goods when party can purchase in any country with any currency. On the other hand, over international market, good arbitration can be occurred when one cheap value of products can be purchase and it can be sold out at the expensive rate. In addition to this, if the price for the goods of basket is different then it may be comparable as it is not exchanged with the nominal rate.

Determination of exchange rate for bitcoin

Here, A, B and C are the countries and p is represented as the price of basket.

From the use of consumer index, the nominal rate for United States and United Kingdom as

UK and USA Exchange Rate from 1996 to 2014

Price of Euro Zone in British Bitcoin


On the basis of above analysis, it can be concluded that the bitcoins are trade at high degree. At the same time, purchasing power parity is relatively related to the nominal rate of the product.


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steemit, (2015) Purchasing Power Parity of Bitcoin compared to the Dollar – Part one. Available at: (Accessed: February 06, 2018).

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Online Courses Common Assignments

You are thinking to go for an online course this time. This is your first time, several questions comes to your mind. But question which occupies your attention most is what kind of assignments you will encounter. This is important to know as assignments plays a vital role in your academic career. Acquiring high grades in these assignments is very crucial.

It is important for you to know online courses common assignments. When you get aware of the types of assignments, you can easily go for online courses. But now the question is from where you will get this information.

From Us! Yes, Assignment help Experts will give you the information on online courses common assignments. We are an online assignment writing company dealing with all the types of online courses assignments. So, we can help you.

  1. Research Papers – Research papers assignment is the most popular one in online courses. You need to write about research and publish your original paper. You must possess writing skills and should have expertise in your discipline. You make sure that you have access to a library of your university to succeed.
  2. Tests, Exams – Like in offline courses, here also you need to appear in online tests and exams. Although rules and regulations and testing environment depends on your institute. Some of the institutes keep an eye on their students through webcams.
  3. Video lectures/ articles/ books – Here instructors deliver the course material with a set of questions to students through articles, books and video lectures. Student can either read the material or watch its video. After reading or watching, you need to respond within the prescribed time limit.
  4. Discussion Boards – This assignment replace discussion or seminar takes place in class. It is a supplement to the coursework done on weekly basis. In this online classroom, students respond to each other. They need to submit their response before they see what their classmates have written.
  5. Journals – Online students used this assignment as a private way to interact with the instructor. Some journal topics are formal and prescribed too, but they give the chance to students to express their opinions, ideas, queries and concern for course material.
  6. Blogs – Blogs assignment presents a running public dialogue of ideas and opinions of students about a particular topic. Students are allowed to add something new to the blog and other students are allowed to comment. This assignment proves very helpful for online students.
  7. Case Studies – Case studies are popular not only in offline courses but in online courses too. In online course you will get a video or assigned reading depicts a real example of the concepts which gives you all the details and information. These case study assignments are constructed well, this allows students to define and understand problems, research and optimal solutions.
  8. Wikis – This type of assignment is useful when work is to be done in a group. Students can do changes in a shared document or comment on them (Assignment Help Wikipedia). This is done to write questions based on research, to create task lists or to begin discussions.
  9. Adaptive assignments – These days adaptive learning becomes very popular, especially in subjects like Science and Maths. So, you will get self paced adaptive assignments too.

Now you are aware of online courses common assignments. So, go ahead for your online course without any fear of types of assignments you will encounter.

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How to Create a Good Learning Environment

In classrooms, we have seen that some students are very sincere and devoted towards academics and some of them are very hostile, rude or confrontational. The latter ones have disruptive behaviour which results in conflict in classrooms (Google Online Learning Management System for Modern Classrooms). There are several factors behind such non acceptable behaviour. But the most important one which influences these students a lot is their classroom environment.

If students find that the learning environment is hospitable, other students are friendly, teachers don’t do any partiality between students and have real concern for them. Then, students respectfully interact with their professors, use social etiquette and common courtesies and actively collaborate with other students. And on the contrary, students respond in a different or wrong way (Steps to turn around on Failing Class in College).

So, in order to create a good learning environment that influences students positively, follow the given ways. These ways were find out by our assignment writing agency With the team of qualified, proficient and experienced professors and research scholars, we can tell you How to create a good learning environment.

  1. Invite all the students on daily basis at the starting of the class to teach them a lesion of gratitude and humility. This lesson acknowledges our indebtedness to others.
  2. Teachers are supposed to include a commitment from all the students that they behave like a citizen in a classroom, in their mission statement. The mission statement of a professor includes why he teaches a particular subject, why he choose this subject at this school or college, how his work, list of behaviours. This list comprises various things like students dressing way in a classroom, make eye contact while speaking to others, and admit our mistake without blaming others, address one another properly and many more. Prior experiences said that some of the students are not aware of these behaviours. So, ask new students to write their mission statement as an assignment. This is a good way to tell students about the citizenship behaviours which promotes learning.
  3. Ask students to participate in an exercise “word of the day”. In this exercise, on the centre of a page, students need to write a word that is important for them at that specific moment. Now above the word, students write the condition, preoccupation or circumstance that brings this word in their mind. Then write an answer to the question “Where will I go from here?”below the word. If students do this exercise regularly, they are able to connect their soul and mind with the outer world they live every day.
  4. If disruptive behaviour gets increased in a classroom, confront it directly and with compassion. This shows students that you can take action to honour your responsibility and to save their opportunity to learn. This is like giving a choice to a disruptive student; either change your behaviour or go out of the classroom.
  5. Give difficult assignments to students and tell them that everyone is capable to write the assignment effectively. To make students come out of their fear break these assignments into smaller tasks, offer a feedback to let them know their performance, give them no. of opportunities to interact with other students.
  6. Tell your students that you are also a human being. Your professor can also make some mistakes. And if you find one, please come to me and tell that. I will make efforts to correct my mistake the way I am telling you to correct your mistakes you make while writing notes in your notebook.

After looking at these ways, still you have same question How to create a good learning environment. Then reach us as we have some more ways to help you.

First Year College Students take care of your healt

You are a first year student in college. Your parents have high expectations from you. They want you to finish the course or college with good academic record. Simultaneously, they want you to take care of your health also, as health is also very important part of our life (Strategic Plan for Health Care). If you do not pay attention towards you health, you may spoil your present and future too. Now you have turned to 18, you should be responsible also for all your aspects. But you are unaware of the items in the list, required by you in college for good health.

So, our organization Assignment Help Experts is going to help you. We can provide you all the information on our website

Health is Wealth! You heard this no. of times. The time has come to really follow this. Your college also wants this. They will provide you a sheet that contains actions that you need to do to maintain your health. From time to time they remind you in different forms.

For your career and bright future, we suggest you to take enough sleep, eat healthy food, take care of your mental health, hygiene, recreation etc. They should be a part of your daily routine. With all this, add regular exercise also in the list. Acquire some knowledge on health insurance covers offered by different companies (Healthcare Communication Assignment Help).

In your college, you will come to know the basics of preventive care and health insurance. Overall, they also want you to learn how to manage your health. It is a part of your college education.

Some colleges feel, when parents fill the admission form of their children’s, they should submit the health history also. This helps college to know if there is any health issue with a particular student. Your list should contain the details of immunizations, prescription medication, and physical health.

Health Tips for Australia University Students

It is seen that I year students take some time to adjust in college. The environment is totally new for them, new peers, new professors. This makes them not sleep well, they feel stressed, got anxious. So, it is recommended that as you have to live in this environment for three or four years, you should accept the things as they are. But to improve the situation, you can go for a routine check up to your doctor before going to your college. Your family doctor will help you out, as he is aware of your health history and other aspects.

At the end, we just say that your career somehow depends on your health. To make your career, you need to make your health also. So, if you have also passed XII Class, then our suggestion is I year College Students take care of your health.

Effective Ways to Deal with Academic Probation

Recently you have received a letter from your college. The letter states that you are on academic probation. Academic probation is a warning from your college to you for your underwhelming performance and chances of dismissal if no improvements from your side. Now obviously you get panic. But here we Assignment Help Experts ask you to don’t panic. Your career is still in your hands. With our right advice, you can get off of this situation. Help is available at our organization where our experienced professors and subject experts suggest you some effective ways to deal with academic probation.

  1. Use a planner on regular basis – First of all keep a planner in college. There are no. of students who keeps the planner but don’t use it on daily basis. Change this habit if you have. Your planner assists you a lot if you are on academic probation. It shows you the right path to get off from the probation list. You need to develop a habit of checking your planner on regular basis. It will ensure that your assignments, reports, homework, projects and all other coursework are up to date. If you complete your assignments properly and submit them on time, your grades will get improved. This is the first and most important step for improving your academics.
  2. Meet your tutors daily – Meeting tutors daily for your classes can show your concern for your studies. In some colleges you need to meet your professors daily and in some college weekly meetings are required. You should go for tutoring services provided by your college as it is a good resource to improve your academics. See the grades you get in each subject or class. Keep a record of them. This helps you to know where you need to put more efforts and how frequently you required meeting the professors. Your professors assist you in understanding the topics which you don’t get in a class. They will clarify all your doubts and queries related to course material. Even they can prepare you well for the next test or assignment.
  3. Use your time well – In 24 hrs, you keep some hours for your free time. This free time includes various fun activities. Now on receiving a warning, you need to consider how you spend this free time. The time has come to use each and every single minute wisely. You need to make some adjustments in your daily schedule and prioritize the things to improve your academics results in getting off of that probation list. Spend your maximum time on your studies, assignments, coursework and don’t leave anything incomplete. Keep less time for TV, friends and other fun activities. Overall, now you need to use your free time for doing your studies, homework and other coursework.
  4. Try to get rid of all distractions – There are various types of distractions which can disturb you. They can be your mobile, sounds from your TV, Music system or some interesting discussion is going in your family. Or may be one of your friend has come to your place to see you. Distractions come in various forms and you must get rid of them so that you can focus on your studies and perform well.


While studying keep your phone out of your reach. State your study time to your friends so that they don’t disturb you. You can sit in library also as its atmosphere help you to concentrate on your studies well.

Please remember that your studies should be your first priority if you are on academic probation (Effective Ways to Promote Academic Success Student). With your consistent efforts you can improve your grades and get off of that probation list.

So, whenever you got stuck with this kind of issue, remember Assignment Help Experts effective ways to deal with academic probation.

Steps to turn around on Failing in Class in College

You are failing in your class and this makes you feel very stressed and hopeless. You can’t decide what to do, how to do, whom to ask for help and so many things. All this makes you worried about your future, career growth and other aspects of life. And now you need some help or ways which turn around you in this situation.

So, will going to assist you. We are in the academics field from years and this allows us to state some good steps to turn around on failing in class in college.

  1. Go for Online help Resources – If you don’t understand the concepts as explained by your professor or you need some more time, then go for online help resources. You can learn and review the course material whenever you want and unless you understand it well.
  2. Keep Academics first – Currently if academics is not your first priority, then it’s time to reorganize your priorities. Keep your studies on the first position and give them optimal time.
  3. Ask for Assistance to your Professor – Talk to your professor for the problems you are frequently facing in their subject. This allows your professor to get aware of your poor performance and he will help you out. Your professor may give you some extra classes for topics you do not understand.
  4. Go for Extra Work – If you get the chance to do any optional or extra work, go for it. This helps you in your studies and leaves a good impression on your professor.
  5. See Your Options – In some colleges or classes pass or fail is not an option. See for other options which can prevent you from hitting your credit status or GPA. You can pick one of the options to save yourself. In your college, if you have a student service section or academic advisor is there; ask for all the options available.
  6. Take Help from your Classmates – There are many students in your class and you are one of them. You have some close friends too. However, they are not very good in academics, same like you. So, don’t feel bad. Discuss your problem with ones who are doing really well in academics and are good performers. Ask them to explain the concepts which you do not understand. See their assignments, reports, projects and other coursework (Google Online Learning Management System for Modern Classrooms). This will help you to know how and why they are performing better than you.
  7. Face your Failures – You know you are failing class. Now you need to face this truth. Don’t run from your shortcomings or failures. It’s time to understand what you are doing wrong and how to correct it. If you obtain less mark in any test or low grade in any assignment, you should enquire the reason and correct answers. Ask your professor to correct you and give you proper guidance and tips.
  8. Don’t Give up – You are facing failure again and again in your academics. Things may look hopeless to you and you don’t know how to face this situation. This makes you feel very sad and worried. But always remember don’t give up yourself. You need to work very hard to turn things around. If you try or make efforts, your parents, friends, professors will understand your problem and may help you to come out of this situation.

So, if you are also facing the same situation, then don’t feel frustrated. Just try these simple steps to turn around on failing in class in college and you will see that your area of academics is consistently improving.

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How to get Success in the Semester

Students to get successful in each and every semester of the course need to do the planning. The way students start their semester predicts their academic success for that year. To succeed in your term you are required to think and decide everything in advance.

First week of the semester should be used by students to plan for the weeks to come. This helps you to complete your course easily and timely.

It is important to understand that a good starting leads to a good and successful ending. So, here students need to understand the correct way to start the semester in an effective way that results in success. We Assignment Help Experts, an assignment writing agency, can help you in this regard. Our renowned experts answers your question How to get success in the semester by stating you five most important ways which every student need to consider and follow to get success in the semester.

  • Use a Planner – This is the most important thing which comes on the first place. Students should learn the correct way to use a planner. They must know how to use a planner in effective way. When you get syllabus, outline or any schedule, you should enter the important dates in a planner. This entry should be done by you as soon as possible. When you entered the dates of all the tests, assignments, projects in your planner, you don’t need to remember anything.
  • Time Management – With your planner you can manage your time now. Students have total 24 hrs in a day and they are suggested to use each and every minute wisely. They are required to set up a schedule for daily basis and determine the time or hours which you want to spend on attending classes, self study and on other things. Now suppose if due to any reason you cannot complete the work scheduled for today. Then you shift that work to next day but make sure that it don’t disturb the schedule for your next whole day.
  • Divide your work into parts – It is a good practise to break your main task into smaller tasks. You can complete your project or assignment with high quality content on time by breaking the work into smaller tasks. This makes your work look less daunting and organized. After dividing your work into parts, now evaluate which tasks are more important and complete them first. This allows you to complete your work long before the deadline (Business Assignment Help on Success Theories).
  • Optimal utilization of resources – Students must make optimal utilization of resources, they have. As resources are limited so one must use them wisely. If you face any issues with the work or topic given, please ask your professors to assist you. Its good to clear your doubts on time so that later you don’t feel regret. Ask all your questions to your faculty and find out resources which assist you to understand the work well.
  • Understand your limits – Now its time to know your limits. If you plan your schedule with no. of classes or various activities it results in failure. Every person is different and so is there working capacity. If you plan no. of classes to attend, no. of projects, assignments, homework to be done in a day, you cannot achieve your goal for a day. With your studies, you need to sleep, eat, entertain and various other routine tasks are also there. So, plan your schedule, knowing your limits.

Now if anyone asks you the same question How to get success in the semester, just state these simple ways.