Healthcare Ethical and Legal Issues by Nursing Assignment Help expert:

In the given article, there are various ethical and legal issues that reported to the administrative issue. In this, confidentiality of patients is main important issue that needs to report to the administration of the

Nursing Assignment Help

Nursing Assignment Help

Nursing Assignment Help organization. In the health care organization, misuse of patient reports of all tests, procedures and medications, etc. also presents the ethical and legal issues to the administrative. Ethics provides judgment regarding what is wrong and right. In the concern of patient privacy, if health care organizations use patient information without knowing to them, it is considered as an unethical behavior by the health care firms. Thus, health care organization needs to report of all these issues to the administration. It can be helpful in providing effective services to the patients and promote trust in the health care organization.

Under this, ethical and legal issues are also related to the conflicts between nursing staff members and their everyday activities. According to the Strategic Assignment Help these ethical issues also impact on the patient care and also create problems for the administration to organize organizations work in an effective way. In the administrative issue, there is a legal duty of an employee to maintain the confidentiality of the patient information. In this, administrators should implement or communicate some legal policies and acts to the employees that help them to report the ethical and legal issues to the administration of the health care organization in an effective way.

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Health Insurance Arguments Assignment Help Experts:

In order to give a response to different privacy issues, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), was passed by the federal government in 1996. Rules to implement the standards for

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Assignment Help

electronic transactions were also issued on April 14, 2001. Additionally, after considering the issue, the state Assignment Help legislatures also passed privacy of health information. In this article, the researcher described the status of patient privacy and confidentiality protections in the states with the help of different state laws and the HIPAA standards for electronic transactions.

In order to create the privacy of health care information act, The Hawaii legislature passed House Bill 351 during its 1999 session also known as Act 87. Behind proposing this solution, the legislature concludes that “individuals have a constitutional right to privacy in relation to their personal health information and records as well as information about their medical care and health status”.  There is another state legislature by Rhode Island that also supports proposed solution. The argument behind this legislation is that a patient has the right to access his/her medical record and without the written consent of the patient or the patient’s authorized representative, a patient’s confidential health care information should not release.

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Population Issue and Impact Human Resource Assignment Help:

Today’s a great deal of attention is towards the issue of patient privacy and confidentiality of health information. Due to the advancement of information technology, development of the heath care delivery

Human Resource Assignment Help

Human Resource Assignment Help

system and easy disclose of personal information through electronic media, these issues are increasing regularly. This Human Resource Assignment Help paper discusses an article, “Patient privacy and health information confidentiality” by Sutton.  This paper explores the issue discussed in the article and the impact on the population it affects most. Additionally, facts that are used in the article to support the proposed solution are also discussed in this paper. Ethical and legal issues and the managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues are also discussed at the end of this chapter.

Issue and its Impact on the Population

Strong ethical standards are maintained by physicians in order to keep privacy and confidentiality of patient health information. These standards are considered as a sacred part of the physician-patient relationship. However, most of the physicians follow ethics, while keeping patient privacy, but there are other elements of health care system that are not committed to preserving patient privacy. This article discusses the issue of patient privacy. Health Nursing Assignment Help organizations can use patient data for direct marketing of pharmaceuticals, ensuring the financial integrity of publicly financed health care systems and assessing the quality of care provided by individual physicians or under various health plans.

Use of patient information in such a way can impact the mind and behavior of patients. This article stated that if their personal medical information is used by health care companies, it can impact on the patient in several ways. For example, it may influence the employer’s decision regarding promotion or downsizing and be made public in press reports or civil court actions.

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Risk Measurement & Minimization by Strategic Assignment Help Experts:

Kraft food mainly measures risk by identifying threats and macroeconomic variables (inflation, government rules and regulations). In addition, the earnings volatility method is also used by Kraft,

Case Study Assignment Help

Case Study Assignment Help

where potential earnings are measured against expected and unexpected financial loss. Apart from this, the direct estimation method is also used by the company, which the Strategic Assignment Help expert managers of the company determine the real risk associated with a business venture. Additionally, by identifying positive potential consequences and by developing the risk mitigation action plan, Kraft Food anticipates uncertainty. The company also uses risk assessment questionnaires and project planning evaluation checklist to reduce the organizational risk.

Objectives of the Company

Kraft Food’s long-term objectives on profitability, competitive activities and technological and market leadership, as well as its social and environmental responsibilities, is:

Long-Term Objectives
Profitability Objectives Ø  To expand the business in the international market

Ø  To expand presence in growing trade channels (Lussier, 2008).

Ø  To improve quality of the product/service at the lowest cost

Competitive Objectives Ø  To provide standardized products at low cost
Technological Objectives Ø  To bring technology in production and operation department

Ø  To reduce the cost of production by innovative technology

On Social And Environmental Responsibilities Ø  To fulfill corporate social responsibilities & deal with the government with honesty (Carmody, 2004).

Ø  To minimize waste & reduce use of natural resources

Ø  To treat customer fairly

Market Leadership Ø  To increase the market share (Kraft Food, 2012).


Process to raises funds for capital investment

Kraft uses stock equity and long-term debt source of financing to raise funds for capital investments. Common stock equity represents equity shares of Kraft Food that is used to raise funds from the market through initial public offering. Basically, Kraft Food uses this for the purpose of business expansion, new product development and setting of the new plant. Apart from this, long-term debt is also issued by the company for long-term financing purpose. The company uses debt and equity in proper ratio in order to maintain its capital structure.

From Case Study Assignment Help, it is concluded that Kraft food is a successful corporation in the food and beverage industry. It has significant long objectives and goals to gain the higher market share. Additionally, the company uses several strategies to minimize the business risk.

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Market Strategies of Kraft Food Marketing Assignment Help:

Food is continuously bringing the innovation in its product.  The Marketing Assignment Help company is also expanding its product range into new markets. Additionally, in the food & beverage industry, the company is also providing a wide range of standardized & quality products at the lower prices as compared with its competitors. The company is also using premium based pricing that reflects the quality of its products. In addition, the company is also developing the new products as per the technology changes for the customers. Kraft is also managing its product line through various stages of the product lifecycle.

Marketing Assignment Help

Marketing Assignment Help

Apart from this, in order to promote products, Kraft Food is using several market strategies. For instance, the company set up their YouTube account to promote its product worldwide. On the other hand, the company has also a Twitter account that promotes products and replies to customer service issues. Kraft also focuses on the CRM strategies. With the help of this, the company increased their sales and revenues by 25% worldwide. In addition, the company has also a “management marketing strategy”. Assignment Writing Help experts describe, Kraft’s management performed an international consumer survey to determine, if consumers were aware of the product quality and whether they were receptive to Kraft’s product quality. Hence, it is estimated that Kraft Food is doing better & going in the positive growth direction.

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Assignment Help on Kraft Foods and Goals:

Kraft Foods Inc. is an independent American multinational corporation that deals in food and beverage. In this assignment help paper, long-term objectives, goal, and direction of Kraft Food will be discussed.

Assignment Help

Assignment Help

In addition, risk measurements and strategies of risk minimization used by the Assignment Help company will also be discussed. Along with this, company’s long-term objectives on profitability, competitive activities, and technological and market leadership and social and environmental responsibilities will also be discussed. Finally, the process by which the company identifies and raises funds for capital investments will also be discussed.

Long term objectives and goals of Kraft Food

On the basis of 2010, by the end of 2015, long term goals and objectives of Kraft Food are as follow:

Goals Objectives
·         To improve quality and service at the lowest cost

·         To extend awareness of brands into developing countries

·         To make stronger  portfolio of brands

·         To develop company values

·         To demonstrate trust and confidence in employees.

·         To deliver high value for the customers

·         To enable the employees to understand events and trends

·         To become a high-quality performer in Food & beverage sector.

·         To accelerate the growth of core brands

·         To provide highly standardized product & service at the lower cost as compared with its competitors

·         To make innovation in its production system

·         To maximize procurement opportunities.

·         To reduce long-term debt

·         To Improve international growth

·         To become an indispensable partner to customers

·         To Increase local readiness and capacity to address child hunger and malnutrition.

·         To improve health and nutrition practices among caregivers and children

·         To increase sustainable sourcing of agricultural commodities by 25 percent

·         To reduce energy use in manufacturing plants by 15 percent.

·         To reduce energy-related CO2 emissions in manufacturing plants by 15 percent

·         To reduce water consumption in manufacturing plants by 15 percent

·         To reduce waste at manufacturing plants by 15 percent.

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Online Assignment Help Recommendations By Experts:

For providing better security options for the customers, Epsilon could use several security measures that can help its customers to eliminate the leakage of their personal information. Therefore, along with its effective security management, Online Assignment Help company should also employ unique safeguards with the help of physical, electronic and administrative combination to protect the personal information of its client against any data loss or its misuses. Epsilon should store all information securely that could be accessed only by its loyal employees and the access of this information could be justifiable and could be based on the business needs of customers. Hence, it could not be possible for any

Online Assignment Help

Online Assignment Help

hackers to hack the information quickly. This security measures not only provides maximum protection level for its customers but also increases the liability of customers in the security system of Epsilon. So, there could be a limited chance to disclose the information and security breach accordingly.

After a time period, the organization should employ tracker software that can review its database structure. So, this process could be helpful to find out any attempt of the security breach that in turn would be useful to protect the important information of customers effectively.

From the MBA Assignment Help, it can be concluded that any security breach can create substantial challenges for the organization during the use of internet marketing strategies. The internet marketing strategies of Epsilon are enabled to know the current needs and problems of its consumers, but it should also increase security measures over its networks and databases to provide effective marketing services for them.

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Epsilon is committed to protecting the privacy of the visitors of its websites through adopting Security Systems that is sensitive towards the privacy issue on the internet. As a part of this Marketing Assignment Help system, the firm allows to its users to access the web-site without providing any personal information. Additionally, to protect and ensure the effectiveness of its privacy policy, four principle governing information gathering and dissemination practices in the relation of the site is created by Epsilon. At the same time, “cookies” is also used by the firm at its website to track the users’ interaction with the firm. It helps the firm to maintain a record of the users who visit the website of the

Marketing Assignment Help

Marketing Assignment Help


Furthermore, to reduce the threat of data security from the world’s sophisticated hackers, the firm introduced a new security feature to its IT infrastructure as it helps it to protect the privacy of the users or customers. In addition, the company also introduced stricter access requirements and a new two-factor authentication process at its website. It is because this system requires two forms of identification to access the services that also reduces the chances of a security breach. In addition, the company do not share or disclose the information or personal data to any third party without the prior consent of clients. As a part of the privacy policy, the firm shares the information of the customers with the family businesses of it that are able to address or respond to the customer inquiries.

In the response to security breach and to restore the trust of the clients, the firm introduced new data security measure in its email marketing platform. In this, new security feature regarding IT infrastructure is implemented and introduced by the firm to handle the security breach. On the other side, the authentication process is also used as a part of its information system to respond to the security breach in which the firm provides information to access the service of the firm.

Industry standards are also implemented and introduced by the management of the firm to avoid any security breach in future. Security is taken by the firm seriously through meeting standards and requirements of safety and security of the data. Strategic Assignment Help experts told that , legislation is also implemented by the management of the firm to meet and notify the rules of the companies for avoiding the data breach. HITECH is also implemented by the firm as a response to a security breach that was effective and efficient to respond any breach. HITECH places stringent security breach notification requirements and timeframes for the entities and business who face data breach. Similarly, New Jersey’s Identity Theft Prevention Act is also followed by the firm to respond any security breach effectively and efficiently. The positive response of the firm towards security breach helps the firm to restore the faith of its customers over its services.

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