Higher education in Australia, UK and USA

This article discusses about the higher education system in three different countries UK, USA, and Australia. Along with this our assignment help experts includes the suggestion about the preferable country based on the analysis.

Higher education in the UK:

The higher education system of the UK is famous and reputed across the world. The universities and colleges play effective roles in governmental policies and work effectively along with the scientists and artists. The universities and colleges in the UK assure that the quality education improves their reputation. Almost four universities among top six universities around the world are in the UK (British Council, 2017). Apart from this, more than three-quarters of the research in the UK are rated excellent internationally. Along with this, the universities and colleges in the UK mostly focus on the excellent facilities for the students at their campuses such as libraries, computer lab, theatre, studio, and others (UWN, 2015). From a research, it is found that around 88% students are satisfied with the education system and course materials to be provided in UK universities. In the UK, about 7.5% students every year drop out their study. While, UK higher education system provides the bachelor courses duration of three years only (Bedi, 2016). There is Quality Assurance Agency in the UK that regulates and ensures the quality of education in Universities.  The universities and colleges meet the academic standards of UK that are internationally followed.

Higher education in Australia:

Australia is also known as the education hub for the international students. The National Regulatory and Quality Agency regulates the higher education system in Australia and assures the great quality of education. The law of the Australia provides rights to the students such as well-being and caring for the students coming from oversea, quality of education to the students, and updated and accurate information to the students (Australian Government, 2017). A number of universities are in Australia provides a large number of courses. Universities in Australia also focus on the facilities at campuses for the students. Australia also provides the bachelor degree to the students after completing three years course. The study in Australia is more economical in comparison to UK and USA. The Australia has top-rated universities in the world. It has 19 universities out of 400 universities from the world (Australian Government, 2017).

Higher education in the USA:

The education system of the USA is a kind of open system. The universities and colleges give the admission to the students achieved minimum age criteria of 18 years (Just Landed, 2017). It has a large number of colleges in comparison to other countries. At the same time, in the USA, almost 30% students drop out their study every year. The USA has the highest number of universities and colleges over the world. The students can earn a bachelor degree in four years course. First two years, students are provided with varied subject knowledge and last two years they are provided education in the specialized subject (International Student, 2017). At the same time, the fee structure for study in the USA varies from course to course and university to university and college to college.


Comparison between USA, UK, and Australia is given in below table:

Components USA UK Australia
Fees for bachelor course USD15000 (Bedi, 2016) £8,000-£15,000 per year AUD 15,000 to AUD 33,000 per year
Employment opportunity Lower Higher Higher
Graduation rate 30% drop out every year 7.5% drop out every year About 10 to 15% every year
Universities and colleges ranking in top 50 Universities 18th position 10th Position 14th position
Style of education English, lecture and small tutorials English, lectures, groups study, debates and others (UCAS, 2017) English, combined study
Easy of entry Restricted Easy Easy
Safety Partially safe and partially higher crime rate Partially safe and partially higher crime rate Highly safe
Value of Money Less expensive to study in the USA More expensive to study in the UK Less expensive  study in the Australia
International student enrollment  17,500,000 (International Students, 2017)  2,200,000 712,884 (DET, 2017)
Length of course BE: 4

ME: 2

PhD: 5 to 7 year

BE: 3

ME: 1

PhD: 3 year

BE: 3

ME: 2

PhD: 3 year


Based on the above analysis by our Australia university case study assignment help experts, it can be said that the UK is most preferable country over the world for higher education among the internationals students.


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This article contains various questions relating to interview that could help students to prepare for future job interviews. Interview is a type of face-to-face conversation between two parties i.e. interviewer and interviewee.  As per our assignment help experts, Interview is conducted for judging the mental

assignment help

assignment help

intelligence level and different skills required for the concerned job. With the help of interview, an interviewer can find the most appropriate candidate for the job.

Q1.If you did not check your emails for a one day and it has 1000 unread emails and you have to answer of only 200 mails out of total mails than how would you choose emails to answer.

First, I will sort all the mail according to their categories and subjects. After categorising them, I will prefer to reply first official emails and so on.

Q2. After finishing your interview, suddenly you receive the email regarding winning the lottery ticket of $10 million. What will you do?

I will keep that lottery ticket and carry on further with my job.

Q3.You are provided an elephant and you do not have any option of either taking away or selling it. Then, what you will do with that elephant?

I will keep that elephant in a showcase as a showpiece.

Q4.You are required to ask a question regarding the job. What would be that question?

I would like to ask that where would be my career in the next five years if I will join your company.

Q5.How many stairs are there in this office?

There are approximately 15 stairs in the office

Q6.Can you please jump from this window?

Yes, I can jump from the window.

Q7.Can you tell me the name of three consecutive days of the week without applying the words Wednesday, Friday and Sunday?

Yes, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Q8.If I am selected you for this job and you are required to make three promises immediately than what would be the three promises made by you?

First promise that I would like to make that I would stay loyal to the company and helps in maintaining the confidentiality of the company.

Second promise I would like to make is I always work to maintain the dignity of the company.

Third promise is that I will remain abide the rules and regulations of the company while working.

Q9.What is the most interesting thing in your resume that makes us go ahead it?

Effective compatibilities mentioned in my resume will make the interviewer to go through it.

Q10.Would you like to give any kind of suggestions to your previous boss. If yes, then what is it?

Yes, the manager is required to change his management style and his attitude towards the employees. He should try to make friendly environment among the employees.

From the above report, it can be analyzed that interview is a type of oral examination of candidate seeking for the job and one shall be ready for all kind of questions. In interview, various types of questions are asked which are directly related to the logical level and state of presence of mind of the candidate.

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Paid Internship by International Students in Australia

Australia is a country where the intern programs are managed by the most of the universities to pay the internship to ensure the least minimum wages to the international students while doing studies or educating at the Australian universities. The five steps that will make the paid internship to the overseas students during their internship programs including Talk to Your University, Deciding on when to go to Australia, Decide on Visa needed for the international students, Figuring-out the field of Interest, and Search and Compare. assignment help

Firstly, the international students seeking for different educational progimagesrams in Australia should determine that which universities and courses are offering the internship credits to the international students from the global organizations. The foreign students should prefer the independent internship rather than listed on the transcript. The students should enroll only into the Australian Universities that provide the specific internship scholarship to the students abroad for different courses(Goverseas.com, 2017). After knowing about the universities, the international students should determine on the seasonal internship and its length to go to the internship courses. The students may go with the summer internship due to typical length (1 month to 3 month). The internship as longer the practical experience wider to the international students to know about the sites and field knowledge along with the internship credit.

The International students are also needed to determine on valid visa required to work for getting the paid internship, such as work and holiday visa for the American Students (Subclass 462) and Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) for the British Students. Both types of visa programs will allow the international students to work for up to six months in an Australian Company and stay till 12 months in Australia during internship. For obtaining visa, the international students are required to pay 365 AUD to acquire the approved visa within 24 to 48 hours through an online process. By applying for the student visa, the international students can acquire the student visa electronically.

After acquiring the visa in Australia, the students are needed to show and access their interest, field of study, and potential internship field for getting the paid internship for the specific fields, such as IT, science, engineering, communications, marketing, Human Resource, fashion, tourism, and environmental science (Top Internship Programs, 2017). The major cities, Melbourne and Sydney are most popular to provide the business internship to the Australian students, such as accounting internship in Sydney city with AIFS and marketing internship in Melbourne city with Alliance Abroad. Like London and New York, Melbourne and Sydney cities are well-known for organizing the host renowned fashion weeks for the paid internship to the international students. The fashion internship provides opportunities to the overseas students in merchandising, research, pricing, production, trend research, PR, and more.

The Queensland state including Brisbane and Cairns cities provide the internship programs in fields, like environmental science, ecological science, conservation and community protection, communication, marine engineering, and Biology, for example, ISA Internship at Cairns Zoo and Internship at Koala Sanctuary or Institute for cultural technology at Great Barrier Reef for Research. The final step is to search and compare all internship programs or opportunities provided by the universities in the Australian country through the networking, online research, and social media search and finally, to determine that which university is the most suitable to provide the paid internship to the students. There are several universities that provide the paid internship to the international students through the internship organizations that will include the housing, insurance, and other necessities (Adzuna, 2016). For example, AISCE provides internship in marketing, IT, Business, and Engineering, while IAESTE provides internship in science, engineering, and technologies.

Alliance Abroad is strong provider of the paid internship to the overseas students in a range of fields. The feedbacks of top 40 inter programs from 800 undergraduate students in Australia show the paid internship by the companies including GHD, AECOM, ShineWing, Telstra, Shell, Accenture Australia, BP Australia, Aurizon, Suncorp, Sydney Water, KordaMentha, Gallagher Bassett Services, KPMG, Dixon Advisory, Newcrest Mining, Hatch, Ergon Energy, Arup, CIMIC, ANZ Banking Group, and other paid internship providing Australian organizations. Along with this, there are several paid internship jobs that provide the internship part-time jobs for the international students, for example, Blacktown (New South Wales) provides paid internship in accounting, GoCatch provides paid internship and valuable experiences to support the professional careers of the international students. Metier provides 25AUD/hour as paid internship to the international students. BGA Support Internship through Gradaustralia for 12 months paid internship(Top Internship Programs, 2017).So, by following all these five steps and overlooking different internship jobs, the international students can take decisions about the paid internship programfrom the Australian University and time periods of working for the internship from the affiliated organizations of the universities.


Adzuna (2016).26 Paid Internship Jobs in Australia.[Online]. Available at: https://www.adzuna.com.au/paid-internship. (Accessed: 28 June 2017).

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Top Internship Programs 2017 (2017). Australia’s Top Internship Programs as Voted by the Participating Interns. (Accessed: 28 June 2017).


Health insurance plan for international students in Australia

It is beneficial for the international students to opt for health insurance plan while studying in Australia. The appropriate health insurance plan for international students is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) (The Department of Health, 2017). This assignment help article emphasizes on providing information related to different aspects of OSHC such as benefits, concept and importance of this health insurance plan.


OSHC is a health insurance plan that facilitates students to meet the cost of health care and medical which is required in Australia. Along with this, it also helps in paying of limited benefits for ambulance and pharmaceutical services. The international students who are taking formal education and their dependents can undertake OSHC insurance plan. International students who are a holder of student visa and a person who is an applicant for a student visa are eligible to take OSHC insurance plan (The Department of Health, 2017).

Along with this, some international students are not required to take OSHC insurance plan such as Belgian, Norwegian and Swedish students. This is to the reason that there is an establishment of the agreement between the governments of these countries with Australia which does not mandate to acquire OSHC insurance plan by the students. The providers of OSHC include Medibank Private, BUPA Australia, Australian Health Management and Allianz Global Assistance (OSHC Australia, 2015).

It is beneficial to purchase OSHC insurance plan by the international students in Australia as it bears costs related to visits to a doctor, ambulance cover, hospital treatment and limited pharmaceutical medicines. This also covers 100% fee for in-patient medical services like surgery, private hospital shared ward accommodation and prosthetic devices. Along with this, it also provides pharmaceutical benefits of up to $ 50 on each pharmaceutical product to a maximum of $ 300 a year for single membership (The University of Western Australia, n.d.).

The international students have to bear the cost of pharmaceuticals such as cancer treatment if they have not selected the appropriate coverage. There is a need for the international students to compare different policies offered by different OSHC insurers before making a choice as per the requirements of the students. Students can make the payment for their treatment either by sending the bill directly to the insurer or can made the payment first and then claim it from the insurer on future date. Along with this, the universities have a tie ups with different providers of the insurance plan which facilitates international students to choose from as they are unaware about the insurance plans available to them (OSHC Australia, 2015).

These are known as preferred providers. There are several benefits of the preferred providers such as it results in claiming the expenses incurred on campus, and bulk billing on campus. It is required by the international students to get OSHC cover because the medical services are very expensive for international students. Besides this, the ‘Medicare’ public health insurance system does not cover international students in Australia (The Department of Health, 2017).


It can be concluded that there is a need for international students to take OSHC insurance plan as medical services are expensive for international students. It is due to the reason that the public health insurance system of Australia does not cover international students. Besides this, it can also be summarized that it is beneficial for the international students to obtain OSHC plan as it covers majority of the medical expenses incurred by the students.



OSHC Australia. 2015. OSHC – Overseas Student Health Cover Essential if you want to study in Australia. [Online]. Available at: https://oshcaustralia.com.au/en/aboutoshc [Accessed on: 28 June 2017].

The Department of Health. 2017. Overseas Student Health Cover – Frequently Asked Questions. [Online]. Available at: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/content/overseas+student+health+cover+faq-1 [Accessed on: 28 June 2017].

The University of Western Australia. n.d. Fact Sheet 1: International Student Health and Wellbeing Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). [Online]. Available at: http://www.student.uwa.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/2660926/116095_MEDCEN-1-OS_Health_Cov-WEB.pdf [Accessed on: 28 June 2017].


Case Study Assignment Help on Effective Message for Stakeholders:

The presenter will need to make sure the message is completed and easily understood by the stakeholders. If the audience cannot carry out the entire message from the meeting then it is pretty

Case Study Assignment Help

Case Study Assignment Help

much a waste of everyone’s time and creates negative image of the company within the stakeholders. So, the presenter should make sure that the message is clear and to the point. Case Study Assignment Help ensures that the message is communicated effectively, the presenter should conduct a feedback session with the audience in which all will interact with each other to show their issues and doubts related to sales data and to present the possible solutions. It would also be effective to increase the organizational profitability.

The interaction and participation of the audience in concern of the visual aids, charts, diagrams, tables, graphs, etc also reinforce the effectiveness of the message. At the same time, increase in the performance targets, suggestions from the audience are some of the other measures to ensure that the message was communicated effectively in the desired manner.

On the basis of Writing Assignment Help discussion, it can be recommended that a presenter should use the face-to-face channel in delivering a message related to company facts. The presenter should consider the characteristics of audiences to develop the effective presentation.

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Strategic Assignment Help for Diverse Audience Considerations:

A presenter keeps in mind several cultural, religions, values, traditional related aspects during the meeting to a group of stakeholders. He/she needs to be considered characteristics of the group such as

Strategic Assignment Help

Strategic Assignment Help

gender, age, social class, origin, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability when presenting organizational data for a diverse audience.  According to the Strategic Assignment Help, The diverse audiences create challenges for the presenter in meeting as it affects the ability of presenter to consider all the cultures effectively. It should face these challenges through establishing clear communication channels that will allow them to open dialogue with the stakeholders. To ensure that the message is effectively understood by the audience, the presenter should consider the characteristics of diversified audiences. The age group, gender, language, education of the individual within the group will be considered to ensure that the data is understood by each member.

Management Assignment Help discusses that The presenter must consider the need of the stakeholders including managers, salespeople, and customers while making an effective presentation. Stakeholders want to know about the revenue and losses of the company and also the potential performance. The language used in the presentation should be known by all people and if it is not then there should be a translator to convey the message in their respective language. At the same time, the presentation should not include any religious sign as it may affect the interest of audiences from the different culture. It represents that each group has their different need that must be considered by the presenter during the quarterly sales meeting otherwise it cannot achieve the objectives of the meeting.

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Management Assignment Help of Appropriate Communication Channels:

Appropriate Communication Channels

While selecting the appropriate communication channel to communicate with audiences, the presenter should consider the several factors. He/she should identify the characteristics of people, the quantity of


Management Assignment Help

the audiences and the way of them to obtain information. Management Assignment Help says the presenter can calculate the cost of communicating and can consider the complexity faced by them to communicate with audiences with the appropriate communication channel. There are several formal and informal ways of communication that can be used in business. In public speaking or speaking to a diverse group of people, the presenter is necessary required remembering interest of audiences. This sales meeting should be done in formal structure to make the presentation effective and continue with an informal question and answer session.


In the sales meeting, the presenter should use communication channels, which are effective to facilitate face-to-face interaction because it will allow the presenter and audiences to communicate and participate in meeting effectively. Face-to-face delivery also provides the benefit of nonverbal communication and immediate feedback to the presenter, which minimizes the misinterpretation of the message. According to the Business Assignment Help, The presenter needs to pay attention to body language, eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, posture and other aspects of appearance, space, time and language during the meeting. It should also utilize visual ads such as a presentation on a big screen displaying the quarterly sales information including charts, diagrams, tables, graphs, spreadsheets and power point presentations, which would be effective to represent the company sales information to stakeholders in more effective manner. Visual aids are the benefits for the audiences because it allows them to understand the message or financial information from hearing and seeing the presentation.

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Case Study Assignment Help on Company Audience Characteristics:

Case Study Assignment Help Experts analyzes the characteristics of the audience that must be considered by the presenter at an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders. It includes recommendations for communication channels that may be used by the presenter for making an effective presentation to effectively communicate with the audiences and ensure audiences effectively understand that message.

Characteristics of the Audience

Company stakeholders have belonged to different nations, cultures, compositions, demographic, etc that

Case Study Assignment Help

Case Study Assignment Help

may create challenges for the presenter to communicate with them to present quarterly sales information at an in-person meeting. The presenter needs to be aware of each person interest that is a part of the audience. Understanding the audience or stakeholders make it easier for the presenter to communicate with them effectively, so he should identify the characteristics of the audiences. It can use the internet and company records to gather preliminary information of the stakeholders that can help them to identify the characteristics of them.

It must consider the demographic characteristics of audiences for making an effective presentation. Understanding of the demographic characteristics is beneficial for the presenter to consider the possible areas of diversity in audiences while making a presentation. Demographic characteristics of the group include age groups, areas of residence, gender, education level, socioeconomic status, family background, cultural background and political preferences, etc. Different demographic areas have their different culture, language, religions, preferences, etc. These differences may create barriers for presenters to effectively communicate with the audience in an effective manner. Analysis of the demographic characteristics will help the presenter to determine the style, content, and way of a presentation by increasing the interest of the audience.

The presenter should also consider the psychographic characteristics of the stakeholders to understand the nature of them. Psychographic characteristics include the beliefs, values, attitude, interest, knowledge, and behaviors of people. Knowledge of the Human Resource Assignment Help behavior is helpful for the presenter to effectively communicate and motivate them to participate in the meeting, which would increase the effectiveness of communication. Understanding of the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the audiences will also help the presenter to get thinking about what the audience needs to know about the topic and the way of presenting information.

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