Andre’s Hair Styling Business Assignment Help

Andre considered the barbers’ compensation ($9.90 per hour), as a fixed cost and the only variable cost in the business is cost of hair shampoo that is $0.40 per client. It shows that the variable cost is too low in the business as compared to fixed cost and it is the reason that the contribution is too high in the company which is $11.60. At the same time, the company has a total fixed cost of $120,000 including barbers’ expenses and rent and other fixed expenses. In order to identify the relationship among sales revenue, variable cost and fixed cost, break-even point is analyzed for the business. As per Business case study assignment help, this point presents the minimum volume at which production can be profitable (Jackson, Sawyers & Jenkins, 2008). Break-even point for Andre’s Hair Styling is 10345 haircuts. It means that Andre will have to perform 10345 haircuts annually to reach the break-even point. If 20,000 haircuts are performed by the company in a year, then the total operating income in the business will be $112,000 (See Attached Excel). It shows that the company can earn significant profits by performing 20,000 haircuts in a year.

If Andre revises the compensation method and will pay barber $4 per hour (assumed as fixed cost) plus $6 for each haircut (assumed as variable cost), it will change the contribution margin and annual break-even point for the company. It is the reason that new method will decrease the total fixed expenses and increase the total variable cost. Further, increase in variable cost, cause to decrease in the contribution margin for Andre’s Hair Styling (See Attached Excel). At the same time, it will also increase the break-even point ($10893) for the company due to decrease in fixed cost and increase in variable cost (Albrecht, Stice, Stice & Swain, 2010). On the basis of above analysis, it can be stated that Andre should not revise the compensation method, as it will enhance the break-even point for the company from 10,345 to 10,893 points. It means Andre will have to perform more haircuts to reach in the position of no profit and no loss.



Albrecht, W. S., Stice, E. K., Stice, J. D. & Swain, M. R. (2010). Accounting: Concepts and Applications. USA: Cengage Learning.


Jackson, S. R., Sawyers, R. B. & Jenkins, J. G. (2008). Managerial Accounting: A Focus on Ethical Decision Making. USA: Cengage Learning.

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Human Recourse Case Study Help on Temp-to-Perm Policy

There several advantages such as selection of skilled employees, cost reduction, improve business efficiency are associated with temp-to-perm policy. But at the same time, there are several disadvantages are also associated with this policy. The major disadvantage of this policy is a decline in employee morale because of doubt on getting permanent position. It reduces their optimum contribution towards achieving the organizational objectives (Wright & Conley, 2012). Similarly our human resource case study help experts, employees under this policy will only work for themselves during the temp period, which may cause an increase in organizational cost.

At the same time Australian experts said that, it will be difficult for the firm to assign the long-term projects to the member recruited under this policy. Similarly, members can also mislead the project due to fear of job loss. It is because temp-to-perm approach may create frustration among employees as they will always will themselves as the second class employees and will also feel inferior to the permanent employees, which is not good for the growth of organization. Another disadvantage of this approach is that employees will never feel security with their job as they will settle with job, there will be a time to look for next job for them. It will influence their ability to perform the business operations in terms of accomplishing organizational objectives. This policy will incur high cost of employees for the firm due to their less efforts and contribution for organizational objectives (Griffin, 2012). At the same time, it will also create conflicting situations between temporary and permanent employees.

organizational behavior challenges assignment help

One of the business challenges can be related with managing change within the organization. Current business environment is very dynamic and it will also become more challenging and competitive in coming years in terms of consumer buying behavior, technological advancement, business regulation, etc. In this way, it will be a major challenge for businesses to manage the change accordingly to avoid the adverse impact of these changes on the company . As per organizational behavior assignment help experts another challenge might be related with ethics because today’s the main focus of business organizations is to earn more profits.

At the same time our Australian case study help experts says that in current situation, people has also lack of more values that further unable them to make a difference between right and wrong activities. It is the reason that they involve in unethical business practices. Thus, in coming years ethical challenges will be faced by companies. For example, current business scams show that in near future such kind of scams can be seen, as the future business environment will be more competitive for companies due to which they can use unethical business practices to be more profitable in the market.

Most Important Lesson Learned

Leadership is one of the important lessons that I have learned throughout this course. I have learned that effective communication is essential to make valuable leadership that is necessary for ensuring long-tem survival of the company. In my future career, I will also apply this learning, as in future, if I will lead a group, then I will emphasize on maintaining effective communication within the group. I will create an effectual leadership by clarifying roles and responsibilities of each member and ensuring each individual’s participation in attaining organizations goals and objectives. In addition, I have also learned about leadership styles that I will also apply in my career. In order to apply this, I will prefer use of participative leadership style in which, I will ensure taking participation of all members while making a decision or performing on a group task. Along with this, I will also apply the concept of motivation, while leading a group in order to motivate team members so that they can enhance their commitment towards achieving overall organizational goals.

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To: Marketing team

From: Advertising Agency

Date: March 10, 2017

Sub: Effective advertisement of green tea.

Advertisement Objective

The main objective of our marketing assignment help experts is that advertisement is to provide effective information about the benefit of green tea for health. It also provides awareness to enhance the knowledge about green tea for reducing the weight and control obesity (See the YouTube link at the end of reference).

Effective Critique in Targeting a Market

Green tea is one of the best teas at present time that is beneficial for health for beverages users in reducing fat and controlling obesity (Brown, 2010). The green tea is a product made from green leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant (Klatz & Goldman, 2004). Green tea maintains the metabolism of body that use calories for energy and help in avoiding fat storage in the body (Medline Plus, 2012). Further, the use of regular green tea would reduce weight according to given instruction plan (Brown, 2010). The ad is also helpful in curbing appetite, burn more calories, burn belly fat, improve mental alertness and thinking and control low blood pressure (Medline Plus, 2012). But at the same time of marketing, it may be less effective as the humor in ad is quite negative as lady that is becoming slim due to tea was looking pregnant, which may affect the target market.

Intend Target of advertisement

The green tea advertisement targets to health conscious person such as fat reducing person, mental alertness person and cancer control person of all age group except age group below12 (Tiffen, & Gittins, 2004). The main target of the ad is fat ladies as they are more conscious for their health and look than others. Further, green tea marketing advertisement also targets basically medium income and high income class people that are capable to purchase this product and can take benefits of green tea in their health related problems as it is quite expensive in comparison of normal tea (Brown, 2010). Moreover, this advertisement also impacts over the culture in which people takes several types of other beverages in their daily life such as hot coffee, cold coffee, black tea, lemon tea and milk tea (Caballero, 2009). All these culture of taking beverages in early morning is basically harmful in some extent specifically coffee and milk tea that increase blood pressure and disturb metabolic system through gastric problem in stomach that is shows through its tagline (Caballero, 2009). Therefore, green tea advertisement targets this early morning culture of people through removing the gas problem of people (Caballero, 2009). Further, addition to this, the green teal advertisement also targets the modern youth generation life style, basically the girls that want slim and trim body for beautiful looks and keep physical body maintain to avoid public mockery due to fat body (Glowacki, 2010).

Consumer Need Fulfillment

Through the green tea advertisement, the needs of consumer that are being tried to fulfill by advertisers are weight loss without much exercise, control low blood pressure in place of excessive use of medicine and control gastric problem among them (Lluch, 2011). This advertisement assignment writing help also fulfills the need of looking beautiful among girls as a fat girl is looking slim and beautiful after using green tea (Medline Plus, 2012).

Effectiveness in Targeting the Consumer

The advertisement is effective in targeting the consumer quite effectively as it highlights the problems or consequences regarding the health problems and solution processes for people (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). The advertisement is describing the obesity problem in the ad that attracts the people, who are facing this problem (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). Apart from this, advertisers would also highlight about confusion of people in the selection of right medicine for keeping body mentally and physically fit and fine, which is also effective to attract the target customers (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). Therefore as per marketing help of assignment experts , advertisers would prove the effectiveness of advertisement that green tea advertisement is helpful for people in the selection to solve health related problems without any side-effect and to get a fit and slim body.

Persuasive of Advertisement concerned to Objectives

Presently our assignment help experts says that, people are using several beverages in their daily life for fulfilling the needs and also facing several side effects of beverages and fast-food culture (Brown, 2010). In this context, people try to find-out best option of beverages or other option that fulfill their needs and also remove the side effects of beverages (Brown, 2010). In this situation, advertisement is creating persuasive impact among people to reduce the obesity problem that is increasing among the people in world quite rapidly. Further, the advertisement objective is also concerned to provide information and awareness to enhance the knowledge about green tea for reducing weight and control obesity that are the necessity of people in their daily life.

Persuasive Technique of Advertisement

The persuasive technique that is being used in the ad is humor of people for the improvement of mental alertness. In the ad, the benefit of green tea to reduce fat is shown with a humor sense that increases its effectiveness to attract the customers. Further, attractive figure of girl due to slim and trim body is also attracting to potential customers that is related to persuasive technique of sex as in the advertisement sex is shown in a smooth manner.

Recommendation for Advertising of New Product

The effective and humor appeal of massage through advertisement plays an effective role to influence the people and convert the mood for purchasing the product that enhances company’s profit and establishes the company in the competitive market. In this regard, according to the health consciousness of people and benefits of green tea, the recommendation of this type advertisement for company’s new product would also become beneficial. Therefore, the objective of the advertisement is useful to provide effective information and awareness to enhance the knowledge about green tea importance in reducing the weight and control obesity that would become profitable for company.



Brown, A. (2010). Understanding Food: Principles and Preparation. USA: Cengage Learning.

Caballero, B. (2009). Guide to Nutritional Supplements. USA: Academic Press.

Glowacki, H.G. (2010). And Then They Asked God. USA: Xlibris Corporation.

Hoyer, W.D & Macinnis, D.J. (2009). Consumer Behavior. USA: Cengage Learning.

Klatz, R & Goldman, B. (2004). Anti-aging therapeutics. USA: American Academy of Anti-Aging Med.

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Medline Plus (2012). Green Tea. Retrieved February 16, 2012, from

Tiffen, R & Gittins, R. (2004). How Australia compares. Australia: Cambridge University Press.

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Marketing Positioning Strategy Assignment Help

Positioning and Differentiation Strategies for Product

Differentiation may be defined as the value added differences within a product that differentiates it with other

Assignment Help

available products in the market. Our assignment help experts says that with the use of differentiation strategy, organizations also intend to differentiate their products from other similar products in the market (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). It is the strategy used by organizations to determine the success of their products in this competitive market. Differentiation strategy is mainly based upon the features of products like its price, reliability, style, design and durability etc. At the same time, there are also other features like affordability, profitability, superiority and preemptive that differentiates one product from other products.

Effective differentiation strategy ensures privilege from customer, while purchasing product. It provides customers with the reason for purchasing specific product than some other products. In order to define differentiation strategy, the foremost thing organization need to do is to identify the key features of its products. This is generally called unique feature (strategic) proposition. There is a need of strong marketing campaign for establishing USP of product into the mind of customer (Boone & Kurtz, 2012). Apple differentiates its products with its innovativeness and creativity. Its products are quite user friendly and provides different facilities to the users, which differentiate it from other competitors in the industry.

On the other hand our marketing assignment help professor says that positioning strategy may be defined as the process through which organization creates a place for its product in the defined target market. It is a process of placing the product into the mindset of target customer. With effective positioning strategy, organization helps to determine the perception of buyers regarding the product. For formulating positioning strategy for a product, it is important to consider the product differences, customer buying criteria and key characteristics of product (Hair & Lamb, 2011).

As per assignment help of marketing student experts, There are several steps involved in formulating an effective positioning strategy for a product. The first step involved is identifying the target market. Once the target market is identified, organization should identify the key competitors and how they are perceived. The next step is to identify the product attributes against the buying behavior of customers. After that the product is being placed in the right space in the market. The last step is constant monitoring of the position of products through various techniques like interview and test etc (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). The effectiveness of the positioning strategy further determines the growth and success of organization.


Boone, L. & Kurtz, D. (2012). Contemporary Marketing, 2013 Update. Canada: Cengage Learning.

Ferrell, O. & Hartline, M. (2010). Marketing Strategy. USA: Cengage Learning.

Hair, J. & Lamb, C. (2011). Essentials of Marketing. USA: Cengage Learning.

Public Relation Plan Assignment Help

To: Senior Manager, ABC Ltd.
From: XYZ
Date: 24th May, 2011
Sub: Public Relation Plan
Our assignment help experts selected the ABC car ltd. ABC Ltd is car making company dealing in luxury cars for its target market. The company is engaged in manufacturing of luxurious and sports cars for its customers in different

Assignment Help

markets. The company is engaged only in the production of premium and sports cars for its customers with more efficient technologies and fuel efficiency. It is because in today’s market, consumers are more conscious towards the use of luxurious products, so it has become important for the organizations to have effective relation with them in order to accomplish their needs and desires and to attract them for the organizational products and services (Smith 2004).

The target audience of the company is the people within age group of 20 to 35 with high income level as sports and premium cars are mainly preferred by these types of audiences. Company targets the market on the basis of age and income demographics as people within the young age and high income group will prefer more to the products and services of the customers. The market research and analysis depicts that company is facing problem with effective public relation plan that is affecting its competitiveness within the industry. Finding reveals that, the company immediately needs a PR plan to establish a strong relationship with its customers, employees and stakeholders. Public relation activities help the organizations to be sustainable in competitive environment (Garcia 2010).

Public Relation Activities

Public relation activities play an important role in the growth of an organization. It is a tool to facilitate strong relationship with people of the organization. ABC Ltd needs to follow specific public relation activities in order to attract maximum number of customers in compare to its competitors (Lee 2006). As per business assignment help experts, Following are some of the PR activities that will be used for whole year to increase revenue for the company:

To conduct workshops: The ABC Ltd. has option to conduct workshop in the weekends to build strong relationship with its customers. It is a very effective tool to enhance customer relationship. Most of the customers feel attachment with the company providing maximum benefits to the customers. At the same time, this will provide an opportunity to employees to interact with the customers in order to satisfy them better (Gregory 2004). During workshops customers would be able to obtain the services of free car checkups and many more.

Social welfare activities: ABC Company also has the option to conduct social welfare activities such as blood donation camp, educational camp etc. for the society in order to maintain strong public relation. This will help to interact with the public and to aware them about the organizational activities that may lead high customer volume for organization.

Charitable donation: The Company will also have charitable donations in order to build a good relationship within the society. The donation given to the charitable trust will seek the attention of the society and may lead to establishing a good relation with them. In today’s competitive environment, this activity is being followed by most of the organizations. (Ames 2010).

Event sponsorship: Event sponsorship is another effective PR activity that ABC Ltd can follow to maintain good relation with the society. It will sponsor different types of functions taking place in the society to strike into the customers mind. This will not only help to increase the customer base for the company but will also ensure a loyal customer base for the company.

Regular meetings and feedback sessions: The Company will have regular meeting with the stakeholders to listen their suggestions and problems. This would help to build a strong relationship with the stakeholders of the company. At the same time, it will enable the organization with information regarding effectiveness of it public relation activities (Hoy, Raaz & Wehmeie 2007).

Factory tours: At the same time, the company will also arrange factory tour for its employees to enhance their skill as well as to establish good relationship. The arrangement of this tour will help to retain the key employees in this competitive environment. At the same time, it will also help to sort-out the minor difficulties arising in the car with the help of this factory tour. At the same time, it will also help to build effective relationship with customers as they will know about the manufacturing process and quality determination.

PR Plan Objectives

In relation to this PR plan, following are the objectives of this plan that will determine effectiveness of the plan:
• To increase the number of target audience by 20% till 2012
• To increase business profitability through increase in customer base and market share
• To establish a strong relationship with its stakeholders and to manage their interest with organizational goals
Action Intended to Attain Objective
It is very important for the organizations to have effective actions in order to attain its PR objectives. The effectiveness of these actions will ensure effective public relation of the company. In order to effectively attain the objectives of its PR, ABC Ltd. will use following activities:
Directing and coordinating authorities: The ABC Ltd. will direct the personnel responsible for PR activities in order to attain the objectives. Pressure from the higher management can help organization to attain organizational objectives effectively with the help different PR activities (Gregory 2004). At the same time, the PR activities are not concerned with a single department, so effective coordination is very important between the departments to attain the objectives effectively. The effective coordination will help to attain objectives of ABC Ltd. successfully.
To facilitate control: Effective control is also very important for the organization to successfully attain business objective. Effective control will set a standard to accomplish the activities effectively to achieve organizational objective (Cavia & Huertas 2006). The proper control over PR activities would be effective for the business assignment help to determine competitive advantage and to achieve the PR plan objectives.

To establish and maintain effective collaboration: In order to attain the objectives of PR plan, organization will also have effective collaboration with suppliers as well as with supportive organizations to effectively satisfy the customer. It will ensure constant flow of the accessories and at the same time, it will also be able to increase its customer base. The effective collaboration will help to meet the customer requirement more effectively.

To provide technical assistance: Organization also has the option to provide technical assistant to the customers as well as its stakeholders in order to attain the objectives successfully. It will increase the trust among the suppliers as well as the other stakeholders to constantly provide its support to the organization (Ni 2006).

Propose regulation and recommendation: ABC Company also has option to propose the regulation and recommendation in respect of safe and secure use of the luxury cars. This will helps to increase goodwill in the market as well to increase customer base for the organization. At the same time, organization will also assist in developing a common agreed standard of driving sports car to attain the objectives.

Effective Media Selection

The selection of effective media is also very important for the organization to effectively attain the objectives. The selection of effective media can help organization to put their way effectively. The organization has several options to choose in order to attain the objectives effectively (Smith 2010). The company can effectively carry out their actions needed to attain the objectives successfully with the use of effective media. The electronic media as well as print media both will be effective to successfully keep their ways in front of its public. In order to establish coordination, the organization can use notice board, meetings to communicate effectively throughout organization (Gregory 2004). Other means of media that it can use are letter pad, newspapers, internet etc. to attain the objective successfully.

Timeline for PR activities

The timeline of these PR activities will discuss about the time duration of these activities in one calendar year. The timeline will determine the effectiveness of activities in terms of their time taken (Austin & Pinkleton 2001). The timeline will also discuss in brief about the starting and completion of each PR activity of the organization. Following is the timeline for the PR activities of ABC Ltd.
PR Activities Starting date Closing date
To conduct workshops 01/06/2011 31/07/2011
Social welfare activities 01/08/2011 30/09/2011
Charitable donation 01/10/2011 31/10/2011
Event sponsorship 01/11/2011 31/12/2011
Event sponsorship 01/01/2012 29/02/2012
Regular meeting 01/03/2012 31/03/2012
Factory tours 01/04/2012 31/05/2012

List of Happenings

• June- Able to provide better customer service through workshops
• July- Will increase customer base for the organization
• August- Educational camp will enhance goodwill of the organization in the market
• September- Organizing blood donation camps may change mindset of people that big organizations are only meant for making money
• October- Donation camp will enhance creditability of company in the market
• November- It may also attract the attention of perspective buyers will to buy luxurious cars
• December- The company would be known among the mass of people
• January- The revenue of the company may likely to increase
• February- The companies market share will increase and it would be having a good base of loyal customers
• March- Regular meeting and feedback session will help organization to analyze the situation well and it would be able to concentrate its focus on improving the situation
• April- Factory tour will enhance capabilities of its workers
• May- It will be able to explore the capabilities of workers effectively to meet requirement of organization

Contingency Plan

Contingency plan refers the planning of additional or alternative plan in case of the failure of main plan or in case of its ineffectiveness. It is generally a tool to tackle the situation in case of crisis or anything same like that. The need of the contingency plan arises due to increase in failure of the activities for the organization (Henslowe 2003). In order to make the contingency plan for these PR activities, the key risk factors for the organization will be determined. The contingency plan will help organization to look for the alternative of its PR activities.
In relation to PR activities of ABC Ltd, the contingency plan will aims at developing alternatives for the organization in case of these activities failure. Conducting of workshop may fail due to some reason in that case the organization may opt for alternatives like regular checkup of cars on daily basis (Grunig, Grunig & Toth 2007). Also, if it is not able to conduct social welfare activities, it can donate the amount in some government relief fund to help the society. In addition to this, the organization can set up a separate department to look after the activities of it public relation to meet the objectives successfully.

The above discussed PR plan would be very effective for the ABC Ltd. to establish a healthy relation with its stakeholder. In accordance with this, the plan would also help to satisfy better its target audience as well as the target market. Focusing on the high income segment of the customers to build relation will definitely increase the market share for the company. The effective use of media element like internet and television will help effectively to communicate the PR activities taken by the organization.

Ames, C. (2010) PR goes to the movies: The image of public relations improves from 1996 to 2008. Public Relations Review, 36 (2), p.164-170.
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Development of Contract Administration Plan Assignment Help

As per business plan assignment help experts, A well developed contract administration plan can influence the business of a company because it works as a guideline for ensuring that a company is getting everything out from the side of contractor with the help of particular contract (Sanghera, 2008). So, the administration of a company must be clarified about the plans and related obligations to the company’s contract administrator before the development of contract plan, other than, the administrator can make an ineffective agreement that could reduce the aspect of profitability.

The contract administration is a significant management of legal relationships that is made by the contact administrators along with the related business partners, human resources, clients, and marketers (Davison & Sebastian, 2006). Thus, for developing an effective and good contract administration plan, the administration needs to focus on the outputs of contact because it would create legal allegations against a company in the condition of any conflict.

This assignment help plan takes those activities that can be performed by the people of company’s administration for ensuring the correctness of contractor’s performance (Kwak & Ibbs, 2002). It could influence the significance of company’s operations in both manners so; in the development of plan, the decision makers of company must consider the point of administration contract’s performance. Generally, it requires the term of negotiation for making contractual agreements between two or more parties that could be useful for the continuous growth of a company to maintain its fair cost image (Heldman, 2009). Otherwise, the non negotiable administration contract could reduce the organizational profitability.

Implementation of Contract Administration Plan

The ABC is a construction company that focuses on construction of mid-tier commercial building to provide effective workplace for its customers. So, the company wants to develop standard quality procedures (SQP) for developing quality practices that includes several legal contracts with non related parties to fulfill the aim of company. Therefore, the related management subscribes the contract administration plan in the procedures of organization (Shen, Wu & Ng, 2001). For this activity, management hired a contract administrator to plan and formulate SQP.

For conducting this activity effectively, the board of directors has decided the limitations of contract administrator at earlier stage (Sanghera, 2008). The other instruction that is given by the board of directors is that he will use the reference manual for taking financial decisions by that company could be able to use its monetary funds appropriately without any loss.



Davison, B. & Sebastian, R.J. (2006). The Relationship between Contract Administration Problems and Contract Types. Retrieved from

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Sanghera, P. (2008). Fundamentals of Effective Program Management: A Process Approach Based on the Global Standard. USA: J. Ross Publishing.

Shen, L.Y., Wu, G.W. & Ng, C.S. (2001). Risk Assessment for Construction Joint Ventures in China. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 76-78.

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Anderson Business Best Buy Strategies Assignment Help

For growing the profitability and improving the image of Best Buy, the CEO Anderson formulated two different strategies for increasing differentiation advantage. Initially, the first strategy of Anderson was to make

Assignment Help

significant concentration over customers’ experience at best buy stores (Anderson, 2005). With the business assignment help of this, customers got unique services in the stores of Best Buy. Therefore, this strategy could be used to make effective relationship with customers to retain them with organization. So, it increased the earnings of customer centric stores of Best Buy. The image of Big Buy’s stores was men reason that made an imaginary restriction over women customers and reduced in its revenues. So, the second strategy of Anderson was to focus on women customers because they drive the purchasing moods of their family (Anderson, 2005). Hence, these strategies helped the organization to get significant advantages from diversification.

On the basis of customers’ orientation, Best Buy could be able to know the actual desires of customers therefore; they offer customers’ products that also increased its overall profitability (Grant, 2010). Further, this situation facilitated the organization to produce similar products on low cost against rivals that also increased the selling of organization’s products.

Anderson, B.H. (2005). The Best and the brightest. Retrieved from

Grant, R.M. (2010). Contemporary Strategy Analysis (7th ed.). John Wiley and Sons

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