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Sub: Effective advertisement of green tea.

Advertisement Objective

The main objective of our marketing assignment help experts is that advertisement is to provide effective information about the benefit of green tea for health. It also provides awareness to enhance the knowledge about green tea for reducing the weight and control obesity (See the YouTube link at the end of reference).

Effective Critique in Targeting a Market

Green tea is one of the best teas at present time that is beneficial for health for beverages users in reducing fat and controlling obesity (Brown, 2010). The green tea is a product made from green leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant (Klatz & Goldman, 2004). Green tea maintains the metabolism of body that use calories for energy and help in avoiding fat storage in the body (Medline Plus, 2012). Further, the use of regular green tea would reduce weight according to given instruction plan (Brown, 2010). The ad is also helpful in curbing appetite, burn more calories, burn belly fat, improve mental alertness and thinking and control low blood pressure (Medline Plus, 2012). But at the same time of marketing, it may be less effective as the humor in ad is quite negative as lady that is becoming slim due to tea was looking pregnant, which may affect the target market.

Intend Target of advertisement

The green tea advertisement targets to health conscious person such as fat reducing person, mental alertness person and cancer control person of all age group except age group below12 (Tiffen, & Gittins, 2004). The main target of the ad is fat ladies as they are more conscious for their health and look than others. Further, green tea marketing advertisement also targets basically medium income and high income class people that are capable to purchase this product and can take benefits of green tea in their health related problems as it is quite expensive in comparison of normal tea (Brown, 2010). Moreover, this advertisement also impacts over the culture in which people takes several types of other beverages in their daily life such as hot coffee, cold coffee, black tea, lemon tea and milk tea (Caballero, 2009). All these culture of taking beverages in early morning is basically harmful in some extent specifically coffee and milk tea that increase blood pressure and disturb metabolic system through gastric problem in stomach that is shows through its tagline (Caballero, 2009). Therefore, green tea advertisement targets this early morning culture of people through removing the gas problem of people (Caballero, 2009). Further, addition to this, the green teal advertisement also targets the modern youth generation life style, basically the girls that want slim and trim body for beautiful looks and keep physical body maintain to avoid public mockery due to fat body (Glowacki, 2010).

Consumer Need Fulfillment

Through the green tea advertisement, the needs of consumer that are being tried to fulfill by advertisers are weight loss without much exercise, control low blood pressure in place of excessive use of medicine and control gastric problem among them (Lluch, 2011). This advertisement assignment writing help also fulfills the need of looking beautiful among girls as a fat girl is looking slim and beautiful after using green tea (Medline Plus, 2012).

Effectiveness in Targeting the Consumer

The advertisement is effective in targeting the consumer quite effectively as it highlights the problems or consequences regarding the health problems and solution processes for people (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). The advertisement is describing the obesity problem in the ad that attracts the people, who are facing this problem (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). Apart from this, advertisers would also highlight about confusion of people in the selection of right medicine for keeping body mentally and physically fit and fine, which is also effective to attract the target customers (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2009). Therefore as per marketing help of assignment experts , advertisers would prove the effectiveness of advertisement that green tea advertisement is helpful for people in the selection to solve health related problems without any side-effect and to get a fit and slim body.

Persuasive of Advertisement concerned to Objectives

Presently our assignment help experts says that, people are using several beverages in their daily life for fulfilling the needs and also facing several side effects of beverages and fast-food culture (Brown, 2010). In this context, people try to find-out best option of beverages or other option that fulfill their needs and also remove the side effects of beverages (Brown, 2010). In this situation, advertisement is creating persuasive impact among people to reduce the obesity problem that is increasing among the people in world quite rapidly. Further, the advertisement objective is also concerned to provide information and awareness to enhance the knowledge about green tea for reducing weight and control obesity that are the necessity of people in their daily life.

Persuasive Technique of Advertisement

The persuasive technique that is being used in the ad is humor of people for the improvement of mental alertness. In the ad, the benefit of green tea to reduce fat is shown with a humor sense that increases its effectiveness to attract the customers. Further, attractive figure of girl due to slim and trim body is also attracting to potential customers that is related to persuasive technique of sex as in the advertisement sex is shown in a smooth manner.

Recommendation for Advertising of New Product

The effective and humor appeal of massage through advertisement plays an effective role to influence the people and convert the mood for purchasing the product that enhances company’s profit and establishes the company in the competitive market. In this regard, according to the health consciousness of people and benefits of green tea, the recommendation of this type advertisement for company’s new product would also become beneficial. Therefore, the objective of the advertisement is useful to provide effective information and awareness to enhance the knowledge about green tea importance in reducing the weight and control obesity that would become profitable for company.



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From a legal perspective, determine if it is easier for a manager to deal with an employee or an independent contractor. Provide an example or rationale for your answer

It is easier for an employer or manager to deal with the employee or an independent contractor through some legal obligation. These legal obligations also provide the effective directions to the manager in order to fulfill employees or contractors demands and needs in the market or within the company. There are various legal obligations that support the manager to deal with the employees or an independent contractor in the company such as Federal income tax withholding, insurance contribution act, payment of federal and state unemployment taxes, mandatory overtime and minimum wages, payment of premium required under state workers ’ compensation act, labor management relations act, etc. With the management perspective assignment help of these legal obligations, manager can establish effective communication channel with the employees that help the company to improve its performance in the market and achieve competitive advantages from the international market.

Central governments also released some legal rules and regulations that help organizations to manage their work in effective manner and provide benefits to the employees and contractors. Some state legislation also provides directions to the employers to how to use effective employees’ skills and knowledge for the company in operations. It helps the company to better use of employees at the work. From a legal perspective, companies also have their own rules and regulations that provide effective guidelines to the companies to manage employees and contractors in effective manner.

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Marketing Idea Assignment Help

You are a marketing manager interviewing for a new job at a large automotive company. You know that being well prepared for an interview gives you a better chance of being offered the job, so you decide to study the company as well as some of the company’s future marketing ideas. One of the company’s ideas is to phase out its large, profitable SUV line of automobiles to focus on smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.

In your discussion of marketing assignment help, describe the pros and cons of this marketing idea proposed by the company from the both a financial and non-financial perspective

Marketing Idea Assignment Help Solution

Pros and Cons of Marketing Idea

Automotive company has to make changes in its marketing strategy according to the prevailing technologies. Marketing manager include the assertion that SUV’s and pick-up trucks are more profitable than small cars, but these cars are not fuel efficient. Therefore, in order to capture the large part of market, marketing manager has focused towards small and more fuel efficient cars. Every customer is focused towards minimizing their fuel consumption and also wants better services. This marketing idea will be helpful attracting the middle class people and also give better performance in city driving.

As per our business assignment help experts, this strategy also helps the companies to meet its CAFÉ (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help) targets. Due to this reason, companies are focused towards accepting lower profit margins. Through each small car, company can be able to sell the more big cars. Therefore, marginal profit of selling the small cars includes the profits on big cars. Marketing manager has also adopted this strategy in order get the customer loyalty. With the fuel efficiency and high quality, company can be able to retain the existing customers and also attract the new customers. This strategy also provides more scope for the differentiation with big cars.

On the other hand, it has been analyzed that small cars are high price sensitive then the big cars and prices fluctuate rapidly in case of small cars. Further, technology that has been used in increasing the fuel economy has also been used in increasing the horsepower. In such a case, consumers will found greater value in vehicle power and size then in the fuel economy. Through the SUV cars, manufacturers can be able to offer better ratio of perceived value to the production cost. Companies also have to face the tough competition in small car segment and made efforts in order to provide better services at least cost.

Fuel efficiency standards make the cars more expensive to produce. Therefore, companies have to make the optimum utilization of human and technological resources in order to reduce the overall cost. Companies also have to do the efficient marketing in order to influence the customers about the characteristics of the small cars. High class people are more focused towards luxury cars in place of fuel efficient cars. Therefore, companies may not be able to capture the high class people . Thus, it has been identified that companies have to adopt the suitable marketing ideas according to the change in customers’ needs and demands.

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The strategic philanthropy of organizations is quite beneficial to develop positive image in front of consumers. Due to this, they enable to present care in respect to their key stakeholder such as community, consumers, environment, employees etc. In current business environment, positive image of organization is quite essential to develop competitive position within the given industry. An organization’s positive image helps to attract more customers in comparison to the competitors that facilitate an effective floor for business growth. It not only helps organization to attract consumers, but also enables to find best talents and people that provide new ways to create business opportunities.

Currently, organizations spent huge amount to market the product and service at global level. The strategic philanthropy provides an avenue from where organizations enable to market their products and to focus on social causes simultaneously. With this, organizations get engaged to market their products or services globally at less cost. The Yoplait Company, for example launched “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign in which it kept pink lids in its products and consumers encouraged to mail this. For this, company promised to donate 10 cents to a breast cancer foundation in exchange of every pink lid. It appealed consumers to purchase products of Yoplait as they felt good to make relationship with such company. This strategic philanthropy helped company to increase sales and to develop feeling of respect and admiration among consumers for company.

The company’s efforts in respect to community helped to increase employees’ moral and satisfaction level at workplace. It helps company to increase employee productivity without any cost. The strategic philanthropy of organizations also helps to retain best talent and loyal employees within the industry that is essential for business sustainability in this competitive business environment. An effective consumer relationship of business with has became a tool to create competitive advantage and this is obtained through strategic philanthropy approach by the organizations. Our US and assignment help experts are available 24X7 and We also provide assignment help offers to our US and Australian students.


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