360 Degree Program Assignment Help

360-degree program is a feedback system that helps the employees to receive confidential feedback from the people,

who work around them. This includes the employees’ managers, peers and direct reporters. In this feedback program, employees fill a feedback from online that covers the questions related to the employee and the workplace competencies.

This feedback form is measured with the help of rating scale and also asks raters to provide written comments in the form. The person receiving the feedback also fills out a self-rating feedback form that includes the same survey questions. As per human resource assignment help most of the organizations use this program for performance appraisal of managerial level and above.

Pro’s and Con’s of 360 Degree Program: 360-degree feedback program is a useful tool to receive huge information related to the organization as well as employees. With the help of this program, company can also receive a more comprehensive view of employee performance. It is also beneficial for the employees to enhance their self-development through feedbacks from the peers. This appraisal system also increases the accountability of employees to their customers. On the other hand, our HR assignment helper said that, 360-degree program also has some disadvantages that this program is a time consuming and more complex feedback program for the administrator. Through this, company or managers can be discouraged by some employees because of extensive feedbacks. In order to perform this program, employees require training to work effectively

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