Does listening music while studying really help?

Music is known through the centuries to calm mind and soothe its faculties. Many people find it helpful to concentrate on studies while listening to music. Due to the effects on cognition and inclination of students towards this habit, a number of researches have been conducted on this matter. The results have been mixed and therefore it has been a topic of debate whether students should be allowed to wear headphones in college libraries and study rooms or be made to change these habits. Our assignment experts  are presenting a profound analysis on the effect of music on brain while studying. Benefits of music while studying

1. Retention- music enables knowledge to be retained perfectly in the depths of brain. As an example, learning poetry and memorizing it is easier than literature because it carries a musical attribute with it.

2. Attention- music allows you to focus on the subject more effectively. With a soothing background tune playing in the ears, it becomes easier to study for longer hours without getting tired.

3. Memorisation- studies have also shown that students memorize the content faster while listening to music.

4. Mozart effect- this theory is widely popular in claiming that listening music of a certain type improves mental capabilities to a great extent.

Another set of studies have found a rather opposite effect. They show that music is distracting in studies rather than helpful.

1. Memorizing in order- If you are trying to learn things in a definite order, listening music can have disastrous effects. Even after devoting time, the result would be a memorization of haphazard words.

2. Hindrance- Since you are engaging in two activities at the same time, it will definitely obstruct your mind from focusing on learning.

3. Context learning- this theory tells us that it is easier to recall a studied matter in the environment in which it was learned. Therefore, if you were listening to loud music while memorizing, you might find it difficult to recollect in a quiet exam hall.


4. Inefficient learning- music with lyrics makes you inefficient in learning. You will forget significant part of what you learnt, if there are songs playing in background.

5. Reading comprehension- listening to loud fast music has adverse effects on reading comprehension and writing work. You might need to go over the same lines again which is really frustrating. Listening music during studies is largely a matter of personal choice. It can be of help if your mind adjusts easily to the tune of music. Otherwise, it will only hinder your mental faculties. While going through a familiar or interesting subject, it can boost your learning. The type of music is an important thing to answer while discussing effect of music. Instrumental music is best for longer study sessions. It is okay to listen songs while practising math but can be disastrous while reading or writing. You should avoid listening to loud sounds in all cases, as it will only distract your mind.


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