20 Creative Ways to Make Study Interesting

There are different ways which help in the study to make more interesting. Some of the following creative ways to make study interesting explained by assignment help experts.

Group study:

Group study is a meeting where a small group of people meet regularly to discuss common topics. It helps to learn faster, learn new study skills, breaks the monotony, offers practical knowledge, etc.


Summing up whole content, in brief, is the best way of learning. The summary needs to be written in own words because remembering own matter is simpler than remembering someone else.


Be a Tutor:

You can pretend yourself as a teacher and explain the details to anyone else. If you are not able to explain them clearly then you need to go through the text one more time.

Sing a Song:

If you are having any problem to learn any passage, singing a song is the best way of learning. Complicated passages can be understood by bringing them into different phrases.


The main points can be highlighted in the essay/report by using the highlighter. It is quite helpful for our brain while differentiating those points from rest of the text. When you will write a particular essay the highlighted text will automatically pop up in your mind. While righting the text, highlighter helps to fill the text in different colours.

Dance Break:

Dancing is the best way to relieve the stress. It allows the person to regain energy and get back to work when the break is over.

Nice Stationery:

You can use attractive pens, pencils, and note-paper so that you feel delighted to use them while studying. Stickers can be used to cover the notes so that if you reread the text, you can find it interesting.


The subjects with characters like English and History are difficult to learn. The best way to learn these topics is to pretend that you are one of the characters and role-play them.

Challenge Yourself:

Giving challenges to yourself is the best way of motivation. For example, you can see how quickly you can write an essay or how quickly you can solve a mathematical calculation.

Interactive Software:

You can use interactive learning software. If you are a tech user, it allows you to learn the text by converting it into gameplay.

Study Environment:

There should be a good lightning, comfortable furniture, adequate ventilation, and good temperature level in the study room.

Schedule Time Slots:

Assign the task to yourself and complete that work in the given time. Don’t make your study a never-ending activity.  Breaks can be taken after every task is finished to regain the energy.

Make tables and Flowcharts:

Tables and flowcharts can be made by using different highlighters, pencil coolers, etc. This is the easiest way of learning any process.

Mnemonic devices:

Mnemonic devices are the learning tools that help to remember a large amount of information and facts. It can be in form of rhyme, song, image or phrase.

Talk out Load:

Reading something loudly will help to learn fast. If you are having problems to get anything, reading it loudly for 3 or 4 times will definitely help you.

Write and re-write:

Preparing short notes and writing them, again and again, helps to improve the memory of the material. The notes need to be handwritten.


Flashcards can be used on the internet to memorize the content. Apps like Chegg, Evernote or StudyBlue allows adding pictures or sounds in text.

Write Short stories or Comics:

Drawing a comic or writing a short story is a good way to create study interesting. Wordplay can be added on to remember them easily.

Study at a different place:

Studying in the same place may get boring. You can change a place like you can study in the park, terrace or somewhere else in your house.

Use different Perspectives:

Don’t limit yourself to the content of books. Try to think outside the actual pages. You can link the study with everyday problems

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