How to Get ‘A’ Grade in Writing Assignments

How to Get ‘A’ Grade in Writing Assignments

The Grading scale ‘A’ in the Australian writing assignments is marked by above distinction score marks (75.1%-90.0 with A Grade and 90.1-100% with A+ grade) that will be achieved from the feedbacks or evaluation of the performance reports of the examiner or assessment checker.

The Grading scaleA is ratified as the best performance score marks in the writing projects or assignments. According to the Vanderbilt University, The Grading system in writing assignment depend upon a range of factors including the assessment criteria, language and tone, length, assignment structure, practical knowledge, proper understanding of the key terms, ideas, concepts, and theories, relevance, and accurate representation determining the rating scale or grade of the Business assignment Help.

According to the professor Kevin Yee of University of South Florida, for getting grade A in writing assignments, the writer or students should write the whole assignment in simple language that could be easily understood by the assessor or examiner. The assignment should be brief, clear, concise, and practical which could be marked as good performance criteria or A grade by the examiner. Along with this, there should be proper and accurate representation of the data, facts, findings, and outcomes through the graphs, figures, and diagrams by using the authentic statistics reports and valid outcomes.

In order to get A grade, the student or author should submit the assignment within giving timelines without delaying the reports or assignments. The students should use the authentic and reliable web sources, information contents, study materials, books, journals, articles, and other published sources that provide the reliable data and accurate information contents. The student or writer should use the latest published and online information sources or study guides for attempting the assignment in a systematic and relevant manner.

Along with this, there should be main focus on the key terms and subject topic for attempting the all assessment questions correctly. Kelly gives certain useful tips for writing excellent assignments. It should include the information/contents, accurate presentation, in-depth and descriptive analysis, simple language, and referencing with in-text citation by using the genuine published sources and information contents. There should be proper assignment structure after using the professional standards of writing by minimizing or limiting the errors related to the grammar, spelling, punctuation or incomplete sentence.

There should be consideration of ethics in writing by following the copyright violations for avoiding the plagiarism issues. The writer should write the assignment in his/her own language without manipulating the actual meaning or copying the original contents directly from the used information sources. In the formation of an assignment, the writer should be more practical by using more diagrams, figures, and statistics for providing the argument or supporting evidence to support the assignment. As per the guidelines given by the Stanford University; there should be short paragraphs with the calculated word count (+/- 10%) as specified in the assessment report structure.

The writer should represent the excellent ability to define the key term, ideas, concepts, and theories for supporting the assignment. There should be executive summary,table of contents, introduction, main contents, conclusion, recommendations, referencing, and appendices parts in sequence as per requirements of the assignment. The writer should use excel sheets, word documents, spreadsheets, and power point slides for representing the writing matter/contents systematically and accurately as per demand of the assignment.All assignment questions should be attempted correctly and ethically by giving answers in the professional standards of writing(Center for Teaching, 2016). The students should use the case studies, best published sources, peer evaluation, and portfolios for attaining grade A in their assignments. The assessment matter or information contents should match the assessors’ requirements as specified by the assessors.