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Difficulty in Ratio Analysis The most difficult thing about ratio analysis is that once they are calculated, it is difficult to interpret them in a right way. Sometime, it creates difficulty to understand the meaning of a particular ratio once it has been calculated. Wrong interpretation of ratio analysis can adversely impact on the financial performance of company because several organizational decisions are made on the basis of ratios, thus if they are interpreted wrongly, they can cause to wrong organizational decisions. 

Importance of understanding of Ratio Analysis for Managers Understanding of ratio analysis is important for managers because it helps them in discharging their basic functions such as planning, communication, control and decision-making. It highlights on the degree of efficiency of the management and utilization of assets. In this way, it is effective for them to make several organizational decisions. Through ratio analysis, mangers can also communicate about the progress made by the company to the owners and other stakeholders. It is also helpful for managers to better control on organizational activities. It is because if comparison of standard ratios shows an adverse variance, it is the responsibility of managers to take corrective actions and exercise effective control. Similarly, understanding of ratio analysis also helps managers in business planning and forecasting. 

Importance of Ratio Analysis for Managers Ratio analysis is also beneficial for investors because through this they can analysis their present and perspective investment. It helps them to make a better investment options because by comparing investment ratios of different companies, they can choose a best option. Earnings per share, price-earnings ratio, dividend yield ratio and reserve to capital ratio are some important ratios that can be useful for investors . Ratio analysis also helps them to compare their investment with dividend, market price and earnings. It also enables them to forecast the future market price of their investment. 

Important Ratio Analysis Efficiency ratios and profitability ratios are two important ratio analyses. Profitability ratio analysis is important for both management and investors point of view. A company used this analysis in order to evaluate the effectiveness of its ability to meet with overall profit objectives . This analysis is also important in order to show the combined effects of liquidity, assets management and debt on operating results. Similarly, efficiency ratio analysis is also important for organizations, as it provides information about the way company is using its assets to generate sales. Get finance assignment help for ratio analysis  from We assure you that you will get 100 correct finance assignment help for ratio analysis . Please e-mail us your assignment and get best, original and quick assignment help from our experienced experts at cheap prices. We also give discount on student group assignments. After getting our assignment help, I assure you that you will be very happy with our assignment help