How to write an introduction to an assignment

Useful tips for writing an introduction to an assignment Introduction is very important part of an assignment which reflects an overall idea about the topic and purpose of writing. The quality of whole assignment depends on the structure of an introduction. An effective introduction is helpful in creating more interest in readers to go through the whole assignment help.

Some of the useful tips for writing an effective introduction are as follows:

Start with a creative statement in context to background of topic: Always start an introduction by explaining the background or related information about the topic. It can be written in own words or with the help of any statement written by an author on that particular topic. Starting statement should be creative so that it can grab the attention of readers.


Give a general idea about the topic: This part of the introduction includes what the topic is all about and a general description on the topic. General idea is helpful for readers to understand what is going on in the assignment and how it is related to outer environment. An introduction should include purpose of writing help: The aim or purpose of the topic is a core part of an introduction. A purpose should reflect the reason behind writing the whole assignment and critical factors related to the topic. The aim should be written in simple terms so that it can be easily understood by the readers.

Meaning of critical terms useful in the assignment: Sometimes an assignment includes very complex terms that are difficult to understand. So, it is very helpful to define the complex terms in the introduction part of the assignment.

The ending should be specific including the structure of an assignment: Ending part of the introduction should include the outline of whole assignment. An outline should represent main points and issues which are covered in the assignment experts. Ensure that ending part also describes the scope of the topic.

Don’t make it lengthy and try to complete it in brief: Size of the introduction will be determined by the topic and structure of the assignment. Generally, all type of work requires that introduction should be 10% of the total size of the assignment. Always try to complete the introduction in one or two paragraphs in brief and don’t try to exaggerate. Remember that title of the assignment should not be repeated over again.