6 culture shocks Indian students may face when studying in the Australia

Australia is a great place to go for a higher educational degree. Every year a lot of Indian students make their way for Australia in the hope of finding a land of their dreams. To a great extent this is true but there a few things that literally come as a jolt. Here we are going to discuss seven culture shocks Indian may face when studying in Australia.

1.Greetings– an Indian is not used to being greeted every time he goes to a grocery store or a barber’s shop. Things such as holding a door for someone or asking somebody how there day was, just as a part of casual conversation are new to them. One more thing that an Indian experiences is a firm handshake. So if you are planning on going to Australia keep yourself ready for these regular things.

2. Food– the food habits are entirely different. It is not just about the food. The amount of stuff a typical Australian eats in one meal is equivalent to two meals in India. So it is better to learn how to cook a few of your favorite recipes before you go.

3. Prejudice– sometimes Indians find themselves delineated from groups. Although universities do not support this sort of behavior but even then foreign students have to face humiliation and neglect from their batch mates.

4. Learning system– the education system in India is more of a passive nature. It does not involve an active participation of students. In Australia the study sessions involve a number of interactive activities such as group discussion, role play or presentations. Sometimes the situation becomes quite embarrassing when you are asked a sudden question by the professor and you confuse it with something else. So better keep yourself ready for this.

5. Independent lifestyle– along with studies you would have to manage laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. Initially it seems pretty tough having to do all these things by yourself as you can’t afford a maid on your budget.


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6. Abuse– there has been many accidents in the past few years where Indian students were harassed for robbery or mugging. They also have to face threats in college hostels from other local students. In such situations it is better to adopt a cool temperament. If things do not get resolved verbally it is better to approach your college administration and tell them about your problems.