Five tips for writing law assignments

Five ways to write law assignments in very appropriate and effective manner

For a student or a writing expert to complete law assignments appropriately and exactly in way in which it is prescribed by professor is very tough work. When a fresher in law work began to write on law subjects, it seems like he/she working on foreign language. Use of legal cases, acts and deep understanding and knowledge of laws subject is very important for writing in attractive and effective manner. There are number of tips which are useful for writing related to law subjects.

1. Always try to write in described format given in assignment and write in specific manner The assignment related to the law subjects are very typical and based on the certain described format. So it will be very easy to write in prescribed format based on the given instructions which is helpful in avoiding wastage of time. Always keep in mind what is asked in the question while writing and try to avoid irrelevant subject matter.

2. Identify the important issues and relate with the applicable Laws and Acts For writing in effective manner it is very important to understand what is asked and what are the issues and identification of applicable Laws and Acts. Use of definition written in Acts, penalties and compensation related to any issue, essential requirements related to any Act are required for attractive writing skills. For example, the cases which are based on the rights, welfare, protection and health of employees and employers, it is very important to mention the provisions of “Health and safety at work etc Act 1974”, “Equal Opportunity Act 2010” and “Employment Right Act 1996”.

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3. Always try to explain with examples and judge with previously describes cases It is essential to use practical examples and cases in any assignment based on the law subject which reflects the understanding ability of writer. Always try to give judgment on any problem by relating it with the similar case studies and draw useful arguments. For example, to give the judgment on the cases related to the unfair dismissal of employees from the organization, the same case study “True Justices of Francois, who was unfairly terminated from the company after revealing the facts of cancer diagnosis”.

4. Develop a pre-writing strategy according to the guidelines When a student received an assignment, the first step should be read the whole assignment carefully and write down the key points and make a pre-writing strategy with covering all the questions asked. While making pre-writing strategy always keep in mind the word limit of given assignment.

5. Introduction and conclusion should be describing the whole assignment Introduction and conclusion are main part of an assignment covering the whole aspects which attracts the reader. For example, Introduction can be written in this manner, “This report will provide the brief introduction about the……..Act. It will be helpful in providing the judgment for various issues of employees at work place by using the provisions of……Act.”