10 Interviews Question for Future Job Interviews

This article contains various questions relating to interview that could help students to prepare for future job interviews. Interview is a type of face-to-face conversation between two parties i.e. interviewer and interviewee.  As per our assignment help experts, Interview is conducted for judging the mentalwidtintelligence level and different skills required for the concerned job. With the help of interview, an interviewer can find the most appropriate candidate for the job.


Q1.If you did not check your emails for a one day and it has 1000 unread emails and you have to answer of only 200 mails out of total mails than how would you choose emails to answer. First, I will sort all the mail according to their categories and subjects. After categorising them, I will prefer to reply first official emails and so on.


Q2. After finishing your interview, suddenly you receive the email regarding winning the lottery ticket of $10 million. What will you do? I will keep that lottery ticket and carry on further with my job.


Q3.You are provided an elephant and you do not have any option of either taking away or selling it. Then, what you will do with that elephant? I will keep that elephant in a showcase as a showpiece.


Q4.You are required to ask a question regarding the job. What would be that question? I would like to ask that where would be my career in the next five years if I will join your company.


Q5.How many stairs are there in this office? There are approximately 15 stairs in the office


Q6.Can you please jump from this window? Yes, I can jump from the window.


Q7.Can you tell me the name of three consecutive days of the week without applying the words Wednesday, Friday and Sunday? Yes, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Q8.If I am selected you for this job and you are required to make three promises immediately than what would be the three promises made by you? First promise that I would like to make that I would stay loyal to the company and helps in maintaining the confidentiality of the company. Second promise I would like to make is I always work to maintain the dignity of the company. Third promise is that I will remain abide the rules and regulations of the company while working.


Q9.What is the most interesting thing in your resume that makes us go ahead it? Effective compatibilities mentioned in my resume will make the interviewer to go through it.



Q10.Would you like to give any kind of suggestions to your previous boss. If yes, then what is it? Yes, the manager is required to change his management style and his attitude towards the employees. He should try to make friendly environment among the employees. From the above report, it can be analyzed that interview is a type of oral examination of candidate seeking for the job and one shall be ready for all kind of questions. In interview, various types of questions are asked which are directly related to the logical level and state of presence of mind of the candidate. if you still have  any query then you can contact with our University Business assignment help expert and our experts would be very to solve your any query.