Higher education in Australia, UK and USA

Higher education in Australia, UK and USA

This article discusses about the higher education system in three different countries UK, USA, and Australia. Along with this our assignment help experts includes the suggestion about the preferable country based on the analysis.

Higher education in the UK:

The higher education system of the UK is famous and reputed across the world. The universities and colleges play effective roles in governmental policies and work effectively along with the scientists and artists. The universities and colleges in the UK assure that the quality education improves their reputation. Almost four universities among top six universities around the world are in the UK (British Council, 2017). Apart from this, more than three-quarters of the research in the UK are rated excellent internationally. Along with this, the universities and colleges in the UK mostly focus on the excellent facilities for the students at their campuses such as libraries, computer lab, theatre, studio, and others (UWN, 2015). From a research, it is found that around 88% students are satisfied with the education system and course materials to be provided in UK universities. In the UK, about 7.5% students every year drop out their study. While, UK higher education system provides the bachelor courses duration of three years only (Bedi, 2016). There is Quality Assurance Agency in the UK that regulates and ensures the quality of education in Universities.  The universities and colleges meet the academic standards of UK that are internationally followed.

Higher education in Australia:

Australia is also known as the education hub for the international students. The National Regulatory and Quality Agency regulates the higher education system in Australia and assures the great quality of education. The law of the Australia provides rights to the students such as well-being and caring for the students coming from oversea, quality of education to the students, and updated and accurate information to the students (Australian Government, 2017). A number of universities are in Australia provides a large number of courses. Universities in Australia also focus on the facilities at campuses for the students. Australia also provides the bachelor degree to the students after completing three years course. The study in Australia is more economical in comparison to UK and USA. The Australia has top-rated universities in the world. It has 19 universities out of 400 universities from the world (Australian Government, 2017).

Higher education in the USA:

The education system of the USA is a kind of open system. The universities and colleges give the admission to the students achieved minimum age criteria of 18 years (Just Landed, 2017). It has a large number of colleges in comparison to other countries. At the same time, in the USA, almost 30% students drop out their study every year. The USA has the highest number of universities and colleges over the world. The students can earn a bachelor degree in four years course. First two years, students are provided with varied subject knowledge and last two years they are provided education in the specialized subject (International Student, 2017). At the same time, the fee structure for study in the USA varies from course to course and university to university and college to college.


Comparison between USA, UK, and Australia is given in below table:

Components USA UK Australia
Fees for bachelor course USD15000 (Bedi, 2016) £8,000-£15,000 per year AUD 15,000 to AUD 33,000 per year
Employment opportunity Lower Higher Higher
Graduation rate 30% drop out every year 7.5% drop out every year About 10 to 15% every year
Universities and colleges ranking in top 50 Universities 18th position 10th Position 14th position
Style of education English, lecture and small tutorials English, lectures, groups study, debates and others (UCAS, 2017) English, combined study
Easy of entry Restricted Easy Easy
Safety Partially safe and partially higher crime rate Partially safe and partially higher crime rate Highly safe
Value of Money Less expensive to study in the USA More expensive to study in the UK Less expensive  study in the Australia
International student enrollment  17,500,000 (International Students, 2017)  2,200,000 712,884 (DET, 2017)
Length of course BE: 4 ME: 2 PhD: 5 to 7 year BE: 3 ME: 1 PhD: 3 year BE: 3 ME: 2 PhD: 3 year


Based on the above analysis by our Australia university case study assignment help experts, it can be said that the UK is most preferable country over the world for higher education among the internationals students.