7 factors that cause stress to international students

The face of global education is changing rapidly. Universities all over the world are trying to attract international students. Foreign education offers a lot of advantages but it comes at the cost of a number of stress causing experiences. Every foreign student has to face some type of emotional or mental stress. Here is a list of 7 factors that cause stress to international students.




Language– if you are visiting a country where the local language is completely alien to you, there is going to be a lot of trouble. Without somebody to assist, you will find it very difficult to communicate at the local market or buying a ticket at the bus stop. It is advised to learn a few basic words of the local language and keep learning it as long as you stay in that country. You can also consider attending university support classes or any other help available to learn the language to improve yourself.


Expectations– it is often encountered that foreign students support their education with a big loan. Upon their course completion, they are supposed to support their family and pay back the money. All these things start taking the shape of burden and undermine the student’s performance drastically. Students have to intelligently manage these expectations. They shall be careful while taking the loans and planning for the expenses of their foreign education.


Culture– the culture and food of the foreign country is quite different from the native place. Students are often caught in homesickness and waste their precious time in nostalgia. If you are finding it difficult to adjust with the local food habits, get some groceries and cook your own food. Further, to explore; you can consider reading 6 culture shocks Indian students may face when studying in the Australia.


Illness– mental and emotional stress takes the shape of illness. Many students don’t even see it is an issue and over time it gets worse. It is important that a professional advise is taken if you experience stress continuously for few days.


Discrimination– foreign students often see themselves separated from the group of local students. Inability to communicate and express, plays a major role in this. They are sometimes humiliated and picked upon which adversely affects their mental health.


Teaching methods and multiple assignments– the way of teaching in developed countries is quite interactive and demands an active participation from the student. Group sessions, presentations, role plays are very common. It takes some time for foreign students to get accustomed to these learning techniques. Underperformance in class also results in stress among students.


Even the exam system is more geared towards having to work on multiple assignments. You can seek some professional to help with your coursework and ensure that education does not become a stress for you.


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Finance issues– it gets tough to manage your budget with the high price of commodities in developed countries. It becomes one hell of a problem if some unexpected expense shows up. You shall consider part time jobs during studies or vacations if you would like to have a more relaxed, stress free time while you are achieving your dream of foreign education. However, part time jobs can also increase stress as it would give you less time for your self studies and for preparing your assignments.