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Australia Negotiation event :

Negotiation is a part of everyday life but in business, it is essential for the success of the business. With poor negotiations, company can lose customers and suppliers. Our assignment help experts says that some negotiations are conducted with the involvement of a third party such as peace negotiation and settlements of legal disputes. For example, GM decided to purchase computers from IBM. A purchase manager from GM negotiates solely with a sales manager form IBM. Both parties negotiated for a reasonable price to make this deal. If GM wants to purchase multiple products from multiple suppliers help with business assignment, a number of bilateral negotiations with these suppliers may be involved in this event. It is automated bilateral negotiation in which structured messages are exchanged between two parties on behalf of the organization.   Assume the role of one of the parties involved in the dispute, and then identify the interests of the party you have chosen to represent

Role of one party : 

The purchase manager of GM wants to purchase computers at low prices where sales manager of IBM wants to sell at profitable price. These different interests of both parties raise disputes in this negotiation. Both parties have a price target or goals in the mind before starting negotiation. These price targets are based on the budget limits, direction from management, pressure to make sales goals and other external forces. At the same time, during the negotiation, it is necessary for both parties to change their goals in terms of changes in scope or other benefits.

We provide the best management assignment help services in USA and Australia and UK. So, the role of purchase manager of GM is related to buy computers at favorable price from IBM. He wants to convince other party to sell this product at his target price. For this, he never discloses budget and other limitations of negotiating position. For confusing the seller, he reshuffles the product specification, schedule and other parameters to show him that you sell an inferior product for GM. The company can get the best product with other suppliers at best prices.

List of alternatives to a negotiated agreement:

There are various alternatives for purchase manager of GM according to his interests including pay the fixed price of computers, go to other suppliers, and negotiate with IBM to reduce prices for increasing number of computers. Purchase manager of GM should negotiate with IBM’s sales manager to reduce prices. In return of this, company can increase the number of computer that would be purchased from IBM. It would be beneficial for both parties, because it increases sales of IBM and it saves money of GM. In addition, IBM provides quality products, so, it would be good for GM to purchase quality products in the organization. offers the best  Business Negotiation Assignment Help in US, Australia and UK

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