Assignment overload harms your mental and physical health

If you are pursuing your studies in any school, college or university, you will surely have high level of stress. As a student you need to do many assignments on daily basis. It includes your homework, projects, reports, thesis or any other coursework. And all this you have to do not only in one subject but all the subjects of your course are there.

Due to engaged in writing assignments all the day and night you don’t get time for your friends, family, entertainment, hobbies. It makes you feel very stressed which is bad for your mental health. With this, you don’t get time for any sports or physical activity also. It affects your physical health too. This situation can be very harmful for students.

In the Stanford University of California, researchers found that assignment overload may negatively affect students in all aspects of life. The researchers conducted a survey and know about student’s perception and behavioural engagement for assignments. More than 50% of students considered their assignments the main reason of their stress.



40% of students said that the tests caused mental stress. And 30% students said acquiring high grades in the assignments was the reason of stress. Most of the students revealed that the assignments they receive of different subjects often led to health issues and they have sleepless nights. Some of them have stomach problems, headaches, sleep deprivation, weight loss etc. Students frequently complain that they don’t get quality time to spend with their friends and family members. They don’t get the time for pursuing their hobbies, sports etc.

Even they don’t participate in any extracurricular activity of their school. High performing student’s samples are collected by them and then they ask the opinion of their colleagues and other students. They reached to the conclusion that assignment overload harms students mental health and physical health both. Assignments overload is not only harmful for students but for parents as well. Parents are responsible for the well being of their children. They need to spend time with their kids so that they can discuss various aspects, beneficial for their future. They also help their children in doing their homework. So, it affects the quality of family time Assignment Help

Suppose you have some function in your family and your child is busy with assignments. It does not mean that you will stop your kids from writing assignments as they are also essential for their career, future growth and development. Parents need to make a schedule for completing their assignments and fun activities. If you are a parent and facing the same situation, you must discuss this to his or her teacher. Motivate your child and give your full attention and love to him.

Ask the teachers to provide assignments in a limit so that children’s can spend some time with their friends and for their hobbies. Overall, assignment overload harms your mental and physical health both. So, if you want to get rid of this burden of writing assignments, you can also take assignment help. Various assignment help agencies are available in market to help you.