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Employee Selection Processes  According to online assignment help Australia during the selection of the person, Companies must have select right person for the current job.

There are various factors that make employee selection processes method effective. These can be discussed as follow:

Reliability: Reliability of steps used in selection method play a great role in making a selection method effective. It is so, as reliable sources like measures used in assessing the performance the applicants decide whether the selection is effective or not.

Validity: Validity of scale used in rating the performance of applicants during selection method also makes this process effective. It is so, as if the scale does not use valid points, it becomes ineffective to ensure the efficiency of selection process. In other words, invalid methods of selection process can be questioned by the candidates later that are time consuming for the organization.

Utility: Utility of methods used in selection process also determines them effective. For example, if the methods used are effective to fulfill the aim of selection, these are effective. In other words, it can be said that if the aim of selection is to recruit technical personnel, so the method used should be based on all aspects needed for technical personnel, otherwise it would be of no use for the organization or selectors.

Legality: Legality of process used in selecting the candidates also makes the process effective. For example, if there is any use of discrimination based practice on race, color, religion, ethnicity, nationality etc, it is considered illegal practice. So, avoidance of these factors makes the selection process effective. It is so, as legality of methods makes them positive among the applicants and saves the company from any lawsuit or negative word of mouth. Get help with your employee selection processes assignment help at very cheapest price. Employee Selection Processes

Approach    Our assignment writing help Australia experts say that selection approach differs from company to company and person to person based one several criteria. So, if there are two people equally suitable for selection, following criteria will be used to select the candidates.

KSA: Knowledge, skills and abilities of candidate would be assessed or analyzed to determine, which person should be selected for the given post. Under skills, extent of personal and professional skills would be evaluated.

Competencies: Competencies of individuals applicable for the job would be assessed to determine their job competencies. In other words, how much the candidate is competent to deal with practical situations means real life problems (Henry, 2004). To judge this competency level, some real problem of customers will be given to the two individuals shortlisted for same post. As a result of this, the attitude and approach used by the two individuals given to resolve the real life problem of customers will be judged.

Creativity: Creativity of two individuals will be judged to decide which candidate should be selected for the given post of the organization. Creativity is the key to differentiation and long term success for organization. It is so, as nowadays, customers demand for unique solutions rather than general solutions. So, creativity in individuals is vital to ensure customer satisfaction. As a part of this, if creativity level of one individual is higher than other individual, first one would be selected.

Aptitude: Aptitude of individuals would be also judged to determine their selection for the given post. It is so, as with training and development practices, skills and knowledge can be developed, but right aptitude development cannot be developed, as it is inborn. Candidate with right aptitude is vital for the organization, as he will be able to solve the things right from starting point rather than showing reluctance or resistance towards the issue. For example, if second candidate has right aptitude level, he would be preferred for the selection.


Strategic Fit: Strategic fit would be also used to as a criterion to select the individuals.  

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