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This is the common question that what exactly a plagiarism is? Although we probably know that this is simply the act of taking someone else words and ideas without taking their permission or giving them any credit but there are a lot of college students who mistake the act of plagiarizing only as taking other’s words but it also includes their original idea whether we use different words or not.

In simple words, plagiarism is one of the worst offenses which a person can make in his career for assignment help and it is also easy to do. Most of the students are unfamiliar with the concept of plagiarism and sometimes they can be guilty of plagiarizing the content without realizing it. Being a student or professional of any field, it is essential to understand the concept of plagiarism so that next time they could avoid it.

Let’s look at some of the examples of plagiarism:

  1. Using information such as paraphrase or quotation from a source without attempting to give the credit to the author of that source
  2. Use of charts, illustrations, images, figures or equations etc without citing the source
  3. Use of an academic paper which is purchased or copied from the ghostwriter
  4. Infringement of copyright or piracy which also include the use, alteration or duplication of media as well as software, code or information expressly prohibited.

Plagiarism not only can affect our grades but also cast a question on our reputation for the rest of our life. If the charges are imposed, people can end up in court and may have to pay money for compensate for such kind of offense. Simply, plagiarism is treated as the crime in the eyes of professional world. Talking about the colleges, they take plagiarism very seriously, so never ignore your professor’s warnings of checking our work for the stolen pages as they really use special computer programs to check the student’s work quickly and accurately.

Plagiarism can also occur at some of the top colleges in the United States also such as in 2013, almost 70 of the students were dismissed by the Harvard University and force them to leave the college. There is no necessity that plagiarism have to be the stolen work of a published author for various Assignment Help Australia rather using other student’s works and even own work from the past assignments for the new one is also a violation such as you are using your own work for another assignments by adding new material in it, it will be still committing self plagiarism.

It has been made clear by every college that plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Seven College Cheating Scandals (short summaries):

  • MBA Students at Duke
  • Maryland Professor “sting”
  • Naval Academy Students
  • Henry Ford II
  • UVa
  • GMAT cheating
  • Indiana University School of Dentistry

Recent Surveys and Scandals

Recent Harvard scandal

Fareed Zakaria

Jonah Lehrer

Look at some of the types of plagiarism to understand the concept in a better way:

  1. Direct plagiarism: It is simply the act of copying other person’s work or inserting a paragraph from the book or article into other essay without including their attribution or quotation marks.
  2. Mosaic plagiarism: it is the combination of the direct and paraphrase plagiarism and it involves tossing various words or phrases and sentences into our essay without providing the quotation mark or attributers.
  3. Paraphrase plagiarism: It deals with making a few changes to someone else’s work and then passing it off as our own such as cosmetics.
  4. Accidental plagiarism: It generally occurs when the citations are missing or sources are cited incorrectly which often result of the disorganized research process.

So, You always be careful, when you giving your assignment to any website.

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