How to get a perfect IELTS score

How to get a Perfect IELTS Score?

become one of the most accepted English language proficiency test all over the world. If you are looking forward to taking a degree from one of the top-notch academic institutions, it is highly probable that you’d be asked to submit the IELTS score in addition to other requirements. This test assesses your grip over English based on a comprehensive analysis of your reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. You are allowed to take the test multiple times and only your best score is sent to your select institutions. However, taking the test multiple times won’t help you out unless you work on building your skills. It takes continuous practice to command a language and therefore our assignment help experts are providing you some important tips that will guide you through your preparations.

1. Listening test– before you begin the test, read the instructions carefully as they keep changing them. Listen carefully to the speaker and if you do not understand a word don’t lose focus. You can still answer correctly if you understood the information. It is also observed that speaker often states a sentence and then corrects himself. If you are not paying attention, you might end up answering incorrect. During the test, you might also encounter speakers with different accents. In such a case, do not panic. Avoid making any silly mistakes in easier sections.

2. Reading test– pay special attention to the headings, underlined texts, italics and other special features. You don’t have to read every single word as you have to identify the general idea of the passage. While answering the questions it is better to use words from the passage. While attempting the completion type questions, read carefully what you are asked.

3. Writing test– spend some time making notes before you start writing. Time management is very important in this section and you need to achieve the minimum word limit required, otherwise you will lose marks. It is best to devote 20 minutes on the first task and 40 minutes on the second task. You should also be able to figure out how much space 250 words occupy in your handwriting, as there would be no time in exam for counting words.

4. Speaking test– this test ensures your capability of communicating ideas. It is necessary to stay fluent while answering the questions. If you are not clear on what is asked, seek clarifications and freely express your ideas as this test is all about communication. You can practice recording your ideas at home in order to come up with better spontaneity and fluency.