How to get advantage of extra credit assignments

Extra credit assignments have always been a hot topic of debate among academicians. It is believed that by giving students an alternative pathway to secure their grades, these extra credit activities are taking away the importance of compulsory assignments. Since these tasks are generally easier than regular subject homework, they seem to undermine the standard of the subject. Here are some reasons why extra assignments are considered a source of problem.

  • Incite laziness- teachers believe that when students are given alternative assignments, they don’t feel the obligation to work on the subject. This way the academic objectives stay unfulfilled and the student easily moves on with good grades.
  • Additional work for teacher- extra assignments mean more work for the teacher. When a number of students are working on diverse activities at the same time, teachers have to work hard on analyzing their work and making certain that they have put required effort in the assigned task or not. All of this is in addition to regular assignment copies she needs to check at the end of day.
  • Low emphasis on academics- the academic objectives are left behind in extra credit assignments. When teachers distribute points for planting trees or participation in school day ceremony, the subject matter is neglected. Although these activities are fine in terms of overall development but you cannot ignore the course for them. If looked upon from the point of view of students, extra credit assignments are always welcome. They are a boon for students who have missed studies or falling behind in GPA.  Our assignment experts have stated some important reasons how extra assignments can be beneficial for students.
  • Creative learning- extra credit assignments can be used to make learning interesting for students. For instance while teaching a geography lesson on soils, students can be offered to do a case study on regional agriculture methods. This does not relate directly to the subject but in a way, it will require the students to analyze the importance of different soil forms. It is up to the teacher how she can make students to do her bidding whilst letting them believe that they are doing something other than regular course work.
  • Extra boost- it is often observed that students fall under stress and anxiety owing to a number of difficult subjects. Giving them a few extra credit questions gives them the opportunity to get control of their GPA once again, which gives them a moral boost.

Motivation- extra credit assignments allows students to work on their own terms. Sometimes, students lack proper interest in a subject. Giving them a work of their interest lets them show their ability in a different manner. Teachers also confess that students get highly motivated to do such tasks and can be asked to perform meaningful things that are indirectly guided towards teaching them the same subject. Extra credit assignments are still not acceptable in certain institutions. Teachers feel that they are unfair to pupils who work hard on the subject. It is also argued that regular assignments are given less time and importance than these extra works. Nevertheless, student community has always been eager to get opportunities of such sort.

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