Academic Scholarship Application Process for MBA in Dubai

Academic Scholarship Application Process for MBA (Dubai)


  Nowadays international studying (Assignment Help) is one of the important trend in which students seeks to study the abroad as of gaining the high quality knowledge and it is also valuable for the student in order to enhance the skills. But at the same time, fund is a critical factor in which the students wants to financial support from the institutions. On the other hand, the scholarship programme also persuades the student to proceed for the abroad study. In relation to Dubai has become one of the most valuable destinations where the infrastructure, high quality of study and the facility of scholarship are the main concern where the students are attracted. In Dubai the institutions which are involved with the courses of undergraduate and graduate are also offering the significant facility of scholarship. The institutes are providing the scholarship to the national and international students as well.



In concern to the Dubai, students wants to study in the top and higher ranking colleges of MBA so that they can get quality education across the world. Recently, the government of Dubai has initiated to provide the high quality infrastructure in order to attract the international students (studyabroad, 2018). Dubai is growing slowly but the steady growth as to become the education destination or hub. On the other hand, the most of population of Dubai is expatriates and Dubai is placing the emanating career opportunities for the students to explore the business studies.


Application process and eligibility criteria Application process for the entrance in MBA college is very easy and simple as to effectively determine the need of students and provide the amenities as well (Indiaeducation, 2018). On the other hand, the eligibility criteria are depends on the policies of MBA colleges.


  • One of the most important eligibility for the entering into the business universities is that the students should have the bachelor degree in respective stream. Along with this, the students should have the TOEL or IELTS to carry out the applying process. With this, the students should have the scores of IELTS as per the criteria of university.
  • The application process for the scholarship is also varies which entails from the prospects of colleges. Along with this, the kinds of scholarship programmes are available for the domestic and abroad students (uowdubai, 2018).
  • The students should have all the required documents in order to get enrol with the perspective universities.
  • The abroad and domestic students can apply through login the detail over the site of MBA universities in Dubai. At the same time, the course detail about business study is also available with the brochure of concerned university.
  • With this, in order to take the admission in MBA University the students should have the required work experience by 2- 4 years which depends on the policies of colleges.
  • The scholarship amount depends on the score of students that have been achieved in previous graduate degree. As most of the college offers 10% of scholarship of the total fee of college (UD, 2016).
  • In relation to scholarship, the students need to present all the documents and university management verifies it than it refers to the determination of scholarship.

Comparison of Top MBA Universities

SR No. Name of university Scholarship offered Opportunistic Factor Application Time duration
1 University of Wollongong It offers 50%, 25% and 15% scholarship as per the determined criteria of University. Get excellence education with the practical work experience Spring 2018 and the application procedure would close by January 2018.
2 University in Dubai This University offers the partial scholarship to the students who meet out the criteria of TOEFL, SAT and 70% percentage in high school. It offers the scholarship for the 8 different courses in the University through college scholarship (buid, 2017). It is a centre for the executive development where the students can become the part of University with the diverse knowledge. The students can apply from the January 2018 and its runs till March of the year. The MBA programme will start from the month of September 2018.
3 Manipal University Dubai The Manipal University Dubai which is the branch of Indian Manipal University which offers the range of scholarship that is relied over the CGPA score of the abroad students. As it offers the 15% of total amount of tuition fees as the students have the CGPA score of 9 and above. It offers the wide range of courses to enrolled more than 25000 students under the different stream of courses. Manipal university have the association with the professional bodies to provide the extreme opportunities to enhance the skill of students. The application process will start from the September 2017 and the course will be commenced from the 17th of September. In addition to this, the students can apply till 15th of June 2018.
4 Abu Dhabi University (ADU) Abu Dhabi University is offering the five different types of scholarships as the Chairman’s scholarship, H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan scholarship, the University scholarship, the Athletic scholarship and the Academic scholarship to the kind of students in different field. The University is aimed to deliver the transformative career opportunities to the students with contributing experience. It is also committed to deliver the team building, leadership and communication skills to compete the concurrent era’s managers. It offers the 2 years full time MBA programme which falls under the September to October and February to April of the year 2018.
5 American University in Dubai It is determined as one of the fast growing University in the United Arab Emirates which offers the kind of course in all the streams as Management, Information Technology, Law and Design. The mission of the organization is to deliver the career centric opportunities to the students so that the national and international students can easily lead the way of path of employment (manipaldubai, 2018). The application process starts in the month of October for the next year session so the students can apply for summer semester.

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