How to learn graphic designing at home

Graphic designing is a field that attracts the interest of many people. A good graphic design course from a reputed college takes about 3 years to complete. The key to exemplary designing is creativity. It is an intrinsic quality and cannot be taught by any means. Nevertheless, a design school definitely teaches you the means to express in a professional manner. Without this knowledge, you won’t be having the tools to express your creativity. However, if you want to learn it on your own it is also possible. There are a number of online sources available that can be exploited to learn designing right from home. It is not possible for some people to invest in design school owing to financial constraints.

Online designing courses cost way lesser than schools and are quite capable of teaching designing in an effective manner.  If you are a busy professional, you can also benefit from them.  The only thing required is regularity and if you are enthusiastic about learning graphic design, this would not be a problem. Our assignment experts have listed some crucial tips to learn graphic designing all by yourself.

1. Learn to draw- Designing does not mean learning Photoshop. The first important thing is to learn drawing. “You can draw in 30 days” is a great book and it will teach you the necessary attributes of drawing in a month. After that to understand the theory of typography, color and grid designing refer to a book called “picture this”. In order to learn user experience, you need to consult “ the design of everyday things”

2. communication- The next thing required of a good designer is good communication. You need to learn the art of conveying ideas in the minimal possible words. It is better to learn this thing than to leave the space for dummy text on your work to be filled by someone else. “Made to stick” is a pretty good book on this subject.

3. Basic software- When you have grasped the basics of designing, you can move on to softwares. Before jumping to Photoshop, it is better to learn Illustrator. It is used in making logos and icons. There are a number of books and online sources to learn Illustrator. You may choose whatever option suits you best. “Vector basic training” is a good book to learn Illustrator.

4. Photoshop- You can now begin learning Photoshop through a number of online tutorials. “Tutsplus” is a great website for Photoshop tutorials.

5. Specialize- Proceeding with the specialties, you can learn logo design, website design or app design. “Tapworthy” is a great book on mobile app designing. For learning web designing, you may read “The principles of beautiful web design”.

6. Web design- Once you have mastered the basics, you can start pitching ideas to your friends in need of web content. Of course, getting the first clients will be difficult but once you have pitched in a spectacular work, you will start getting opportunities. In order to master web designing you can learn CSS and HTML. You can learn them online easily from “web design tuts” or “treehouse”

7. Getting job- In today’s market getting a decent job as a designer is not difficult if you can coordinate with developers. If you understand the basics of web designing tool and are good at your niche, companies will readily offer you job. Once you are into it, keep polishing your skills by doing extra projects. There is a lot to learn in graphic designing and when you are comfortable with multiple tools, you can express your creativity much easily and churn out masterpieces.

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