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Health Care Management Assignment Help Health care is the priority of every person in the whole world and people spend large amount on health care for their well 

being. In this assignment help paper, impact of increase in the cost of health care on the well being of American families has been analyzed. Impact of Health Care Cost on American Families It is analyzed that in United States, cost of health care is growing more rapidly than the income of American families. Rising cost of health care has threatened the well being of American families. People are threatened because employers in the organization have shifted the health care cost to the employees. Government budgets have also dominated by the need to finance Medicare benefits. These changes in the overall environment have created problem in the living standard of the people in United States. Further, health care is necessary for every person in the country in order to live better and healthy life. Therefore, spending on healthcare is growing faster than national income. American families are threatened because people have to spend more in health care in comparison to their income for Medicare benefits. Over-budget expenditure on health care has reduced the other expenditures of people. It is analyzed that around 60 percent workers are receiving some form of healthcare facilities from their employers. After the rise in health care cost, out-of-pocket expenses of these workers have increased. American families are not able to afford the regular health care checkups. It is also analyzed that by our assignment helper, rise in the quantity of care do not improve the quality of care. Out-of-pocket healthcare expenses have consumed the fixed sources of income and reduce their consumption on other goods and services. Threats of high health care cost are greater to those people, who have lower income and highest medical expenditures. Due to increased cost of health care benefits, employers have reduced the cash wages and retirement benefits for the people.

These changes in the strategies of employers have created threat among the families of United States. People are not able to make reserves for the future contingencies this in turn has created threats for the well being of future generation. It is analyzed bu the Health Care Management Assignment Help tutor that more than half American families have started cutting back on medical care because of cost concerns. People have started relying on home remedies and using over the counter drugs instead of going to doctors. In addition to this, people are also not going for regular checkups and started skipping dental cares. These activities have threatened the well being of American families. Avoidance of medical test and doses of medicine by the people has raised the health problems among people (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2009). Due to high cost of health care, people have to take care of health by themselves in order to reduce out-of-pocket cost. Out of whole population in United States, around 35 percent people prefer to use home remedies in order to reduce the cost of health care. Skyrocketing costs has made impossible for the families of United States to afford healthcare facilities. It is identified that if health care costs continue to rise then, taxes will need to be raised in order to fund these programs. Recent health reform in United States has raised Medicare taxes on the workers with high income. Government of America has to adopt some measures in order to provide better and healthy living standard to the people (The National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012). Providing health care benefits to the lower level people helps in protecting their well being. Further, health promotions and cost effective use of medical care help in reducing the spending on health care. People are now focused towards the health insurance, which is helpful for the people in reducing out-of-pocket costs. In order to overcome the problem of rising cost in health care, people should reduce spending on high cost medical care that provides no benefits and make spending on high cost care that yield some benefits. This strategy helps in maintaining the balance between overall expenditure of American families. Individuals are able to incur their income on other goods and services. It is identified that hospitals and physicians are accounted for majority of cost increases. Private hospitals charge high prices from the people for their own benefit. Due to rise in technologies and innovations, patients have to pay high prices for the services offered. Health care facilities are important for every people in the whole world. Thus, if person is ill then he/she cannot avoid taking medical treatment. Inability to afford high prices of healthcare treatment will force the people to avoid medical treatment. This phenomenon has threatened the well being of people in US. Reason of increases in healthcare cost is that, most of the insured and uninsured people are using the emergency rooms for primary care. It is measured that people are wasting around $14 billion on health care spending. Such behavior of people has put negative impact on the well being of middle level American families. Therefore, it is analyzed that every people in United States are responsible for the increases in cost of health care facilities. Further, high cost has created problem for the workers, employees and families of the United States. 

Conclusion From the above discussion by Health Care Management Assignment Help experts, it is concluded that high cost of healthcare has forced American families to avoid regular medical treatments, which in turn threatened the well being of them. Around 35 percent people are started using home remedies in order to save their out-of-pocket cost.   Get Health Care Management Assignment Help from is the most popular brand that provide health care management assignment help of all topics. Our Ph.D assignment writers have more than fifteen years experience of providing assignment help. You will get complete and original assignment help of all business subjects. So order online assignment from us.