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Essays are one of the most important elements of different kind of assignments that tutors create to assess how effective the students’ learning has been in writing about a certain topic. Normally essays are about exploring a topic and finding out various arguments and counterarguments about the area under study.Finally, the essay is concluded where author takes a position. In conclusion, both perspectives are presented along with author’s opinion of the topic. Our team has expertise in Essay assignment help and can provide you best help.

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Below is an example of essay where reasons for the success of Amazon are analysed.

Reasons for Success of Amazon

There were several reasons that played significant role in the success of Amazon in which three reasons were important. As per online business assignment paper experts, Firstly, the main reason was increasing rate of trust of consumers in online services and connectivity with the internet retail market. Focusing on the consumers and effective communication during the shopping experience was another reason for success of Amazon. Additionally, there was another way by which Amazon was attended the success that was continuous changes in the products and services and availability of a variety of products in its online stores. This was a one stop online shop to buy the books, music, toys etc. It also provided some additional services to its customers that made strong consumer base. It sells the physical books as well as provides the convenience to read electronic books. All these reasons were efficiently participated in the success of Amazon for being a leading book retailer.

Reasons to Failure of Borders at Ended up

Although Borders were profitable and successful in beginning, but there were some reasons behind its failure after some years. First, difference in the visions of CEOs was the reason that changed the ways of doing the activities of the firm. The new CEO was used different ways to achieve the organizational objectives. In addition, this company also outsourced its online store operations to its online competitors With this step, it got various negative impacts on its growth. Finally, it also concentrated on covering a large geographical area to sell its product in terms of physical books. In this way, it could not cover a large group of customer across the globe. It can expand its business thorough using the internet because more customers do not want to leave their houses. Border was continuing with its physical store presence. It did not focus on the changing needs of the consumer that were changing along with the change in their fashion and lifestyles. Understudies who need business management paper help can touch with our 24X7 live emotionally supportive network or can send email at