How to write effective Literature review in dissertation

How to write effective Literature review in dissertation

The most important part of any academic writing is the literature review as it reviews the field of any research project. It is the foundation to the rest of the work. A literature review is a compilation of substantive findings and current knowledge in which the available literature on a given subject or topic is searched and evaluated.

The objective of the literature review is to survey the available literature with respect to the topic chosen for study (Dissertation Writing Services). An effective literature review gives a brief statement of the prior research and demonstrates how the current subject is connected to it. The structure of the literature review contains an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Firstly a topic for the literature review should be selected. It provides a boundary under which the topic has to be researched in an organized way.

A topic which can be subdivided into appropriate topic area is considered to be good topic because it is easy to relate the sub themes with the objectives of the literature review. When the theme of the investigation is set, the search for the literature which fits to the topic should begin. This literature can be searched in books and articles which are previously published. Such books and articles can be found in different libraries, newspapers and magazines. Online literature content may also prove to be useful while searching for relevant content with respect to the topic.

After getting the relevant literature, the next step involves skimming the content of each book and article. The skimming process requires a critical examination of the older literature. This will be helpful in finding the claims, conclusions, follow-up studies, gaps which are noticed in that literature compared to current situation and disagreements relating to the literature. These findings are summarized together with references to their authors. How these findings contribute to the literature review should be mentioned.

All these should be presented in a logical order and an apparent justification for the claims and conclusions need to be provided. The validity of the words in the literature review is backed up the evidences. The claims and arguments should remain in the context of the chosen topic. Manipulating the data will disrespect the ethics of writing a literature review. Only the true facts should be presented.

The starting and ending of the paragraph should contain own ideas and words of the writer. By doing this the views and thoughts of the writer will remain in center and highlighted (Advertisement Review Assignment Help). Plagiarism should be avoided as it is considered a serious offence. It is the use of someone else’s idea and publishing it as your own. It can be avoided by directly putting the other person’s words in inverted commas and referencing it to the original data. The aim is to make the reader get a clear picture of what you are doing, why you are doing and how it fits in your research in the literature review. The literature review often ends with a statement of research questions.