How to speak with confidence in public


A lot of student fear speaking on stage and even in classroom in front of their friends. Even when they have practiced it over and over, they fail to present the subject with confidence and eventually tend to lose marks.


Public speaking is an art that will help you all through your career. With regular efforts you can excel at it just like any other efficient speaker. Here we are describing some effective techniques that will help you in this regard.



  1. Expect nervousness- you don’t have to get all stressed out with the adrenaline rush when you are on stage. Even the most experienced people feel jitters when they are about to deliver in front of a large audience.
  2. Relax- in the beginning take it slow by taking deep breaths. Tell yourself to stay calm and motivated. Focus on the subject instead of thinking too much about what you just said.
  3. Focus- when you look at the audience, you will find people who are laughing and chatting among themselves sans any attention to whatever you are saying. Instead of worrying about them look at the others who are nodding and appreciating your words.
  4. Mistakes- stay prepared for the inevitable mistakes that will happen no matter how hard you try to avoid. Don’t get uncomfortable when you commit an error because that will only make you appear hasty and unprepared. Laughing at yourself or apologizing politely will take away the tension in a positive manner.
  5. Dress well- a better dress-up will make you feel good from inside and will automatically boost your confidence. Also practice on your posture and facial expressions as this will make you appear more assertive and prepared in front of your audience.