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Online E-Commerce Assignment Help According to the e-commerce assignment help Australia E-commerce plays an important role in today’s technically advanced environment. Many business firms are still not using the e-commerce in order to conduct the transactions. Hennes & Mauritz (H&A) is the clothing company that still does not use e-commerce in USA. In this paper, internet business model for the company and its benefits have been identified. Along with this, functional and technological specification in the implementation of internet has been analyzed, so that firm can implement e-commerce business model successfully.

Internet Business Model   

our assignment help team say that many large business firms do not use e-commerce due to the lack of technological knowledge and do not have proper security measures. Hennes & Mauritz is the big company, which is super slow in embracing e-commerce in USA market. This company does not provide online transaction facilities to the customers in USA. It has been analyzed that this company should adopt the internet business model in order to create the website for the customers.

Membership website is the effective internet business model, which is helpful in making the powerful stream of income. Through this, H&A can sell the membership to the visitors in order to generate awareness among the customers about the use of e-commerce by H&A. Apart from this, membership website is also helpful in attracting the large amount of customers in the US markets. It has been analyzed that H&A needs more time in preparing the e-commerce offerings to the public. H&M is facing the problem of crashing other countries e-commerce sites. Therefore, it will be beneficial for the company to adopt the membership website internet business model. So, that company will be able to identify their customers through membership. It has been analyzed that majority of the company do use the e-commerce in order to make online transactions. Thus, membership website also increases the profits of the company.

Benefits from Website Through websites, company can be able to obtain various benefits in its business. It becomes able to make flexible and cheaper advertising in order to introduce the product in market. On the other hand, with the help of this, company can also be able to provide internal and important information to the customer, which they want to know quickly. Through developing the website, company will also be able to expand its position in the market as it can target global customers and take control in international market. Moreover, through e-commerce, people will also focus towards purchasing the goods frequently due to convenience in making payments to the company. In addition, company can also be able to reduce the overall cost of market advertising. We provide the best assignment help services in Australia and also we provides assignment writing, online assignment help, my assignment help to all Apart from this, website also performs various functions for the company such as customer support, internal communication, marketing and sales. Through website, company can be able to provide all the information to the customers. With the help of this, it will be helpful in attaining the customer support. Company will also be able to make communication with the customers as fast as possible through internet and Wi-Fi networks. With the help of website, customers can give feedback to the company about its product and services. Further, large part of market share also increases the sales of the company. Company is also able to increase the awareness about business and its activities among the customers.

Company’s benefit through Internet Company can use the internet in other purposes for its own benefits. With the help of internet, company can be able to obtain some information about the new technologies within the market. Moreover, internet is also helpful for the company to analyze the strategies and policies for the rivalry firms. It has been analyzed that strategies and policies of the rivalry firms are helpful in giving competition. Moreover, company will also develop competitive advantage, which is helpful in sustaining the business in competitive market environment. H&A will not sustain for long term without e-commerce in USA. Further, company also makes improvement in the customer service representative through internet. It is necessary for H&A to use the internet in order to reach towards the customers all over USA. H&A is delaying the access of internet, which has affected its performance. It has been analyzed that company can also provide product information to the customers. Making transaction through e-commerce will be helpful in providing convenience to the employees in collecting payment. Get reasonably priced E-Commerce Assignment Help at assignmenthelpexperts.com

Functional Specification for Company Functional Specification is helpful for the company in getting an idea about how website will work or function for the customers. Functional specification provides the vision and concept to the developer. In H&A, functional specification includes the project background and objectives such as capturing large part of market and awareness among customers. Content management should also be included in the website of the company. H&A should make the transactional content in order to provide convenience to the customers in making payments for the products. Company will also make changes in the overall website according to the change in policies and strategies. H&A has also included the sitemap through which customers can view all the pages of the websites. Further, it will show the overview of pages, page types and templates. Site navigation provides the navigation element common to all the pages in the company website. Functional specification in the website should include the affinity diagrams and wireframes in order to make user interactions and link them to the necessary information about the company to the users. It has been analyzed that functional specification is necessary in order to understand the functions, behavior and structure of the company.

Technological Specification for Implementation In order to develop the website, H&A has to adopt the hardware and software for supporting the website design. Company needs the server in order to host the websites such as hardware and software server for web hosting. Software such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft front page is needed for implementing the website. Further, company also has to develop the security software in order to protect the sites from hacking. Security software is also necessary for protecting the confidential information on the websites. Rivalry firms imitate the information from the websites and produce substitutes of the product. On the other hand, company also has to adopt the hardware in order to develop the websites in an effective manner. Loaner machine and Netgear hardware firewall is used in the order to develop the security in the site. It is the setup between the network and internet. Additionally, company should have software and hardware to ensure security of data and payment transaction. Further, Mac computer and coding workstation are the hardware that is needed in order to make development of website effectively. Mac computer is used in order to debug the browser compatibility issues. Thus, it has been analyzed that H&A has to use the software and hardware in order to make the website effective.  

Conclusion From the above discussion, it has been analyzed that H&A is the company that does not use e-commerce in USA. Membership website is the effective model, which is helpful in developing the e-commerce websites. Further, company can be able to attract large part of customers through website development. Company has to adopt the security software in order to protect the websites from hacking.

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