7 Tips for Writing a College Admission Essay

Once you have taken the tests there is hardly anything you can do to control your admission. You cannot change your high school grades and test results. In such a scenario, the only thing left in your control is the college admission essay. Often considered as a boring and monotonous task, an admission essay can do wonders to your application. When faced with the dilemma of similar academic profiles, the admission committee carefully analyzes the admission essay to form an idea of the personality of a candidate. Our assignment experts are presenting some highly useful tips to draft an effective college essay.

1. Understand essay prompt- scrutinize the prompt of admission essay carefully before you begin anything. It is important to understand what the admission panel wants from you. It is imperative that you explain how your abilities will be useful for a particular course program. It is better to analyze the requirements at first otherwise; you might have to start from the beginning all over again.

2. Organize your thoughts- you need to figure out how you can present yourself in an effective manner. Make a draft of what you need to include in each paragraph. Also, make a firm decision as to when you will complete the essay.

3. Opening statement- introduce yourself with an achievement or role that tells a lot about yourself. For instance if you are heading a club, you can open the essay by stating your name followed by your designation. An anecdote highlights your character and creates a vision in the mind of reader about you. It may be followed by your contributions or a mini story telling an insightful view of your role.

4. Stay self-centered- students often start going on and on about an incident or a person they are influenced from. Remember that this essay is about you. The evaluator needs only that information that describes your nature and abilities. It makes no sense to dwell on seemingly irrelevant details. They are not interested in the story. They wish to know what it meant to you from your perspective.

5. Ditch sophistication- college essays should reflect average vocab of a 17 year old. Writing an essay riddled with thesaurus synonyms does nothing more than making your essay hard to comprehend for the reader. There is a section of application that tests your vocabulary but other than that, there is absolutely no meaning of using complex words. Essay also shows your ability to communicate things in a few words. Therefore, you need to be succinct and capable of transforming sentences into short meaningful phrases.

6. Read successful essays- pick some essays from online sources and analyze the way a writer has penned down his ideas.

7. Seek guidance- show your essay to at least two people before final submission. It is necessary for grammatical and sentence corrections. However, discussing it with many people will wipe out your views and efforts from the essay and will turn it into a paragraph of complex vocabulary.

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