Seven best apps for e-learners

E-learning is gaining huge attention every other day. Instead of purchasing books by numbers, it is better to get a mobile app that contains all the information just a second away. There are a number of websites and applications available that are offering support to specific niches of students. You can select an application according to your course content and get all necessary information such as notes, sample papers and assignment help. Some of them also provide online tutoring services from the best academicians around the world. Here we are providing a list of some popular apps that our assignment experts have explored to be of utmost help to students.

1. Homework- this apple-compatible application lets you keep track of all your assignments in a highly organized manner. Whether you are in high school or college, maintaining homework is a tedious activity. With this app you can sort all your assignments categorized by subject, due date and month. You can also put reminders for lab time tables or other busy schedules on this app. It also offers a facility for adding maps, so that you won’t have to waste time over finding the location of your labs and lecture halls. If you link it with Questia, you can sync the reading material alongside your assignment files. This way you won’t have to search your books every time you consider revising the material for tests.

2. Trello- it is a project management app that allows students to form groups and work online. Students can team up and work together on this platform. In order to monitor the progress of work, they can upload videos and share texts via inboxes.

3. Easybib- it is a very useful app for creating bibliography. Citing a book and that too in an appropriate citation style is a massive waste of time. With its help, you can instantly create bibliography automatically. All you have to do is to scan the bar code of the book with your Smartphone camera and it will come up with all the required sources on its own.

4. Pomodoro timers- if you are struggling with lack of concentration and motivation, it is the right app for you. This app provides you methods to plan your study schedule in a way that you can optimize your time for maximum output. Distance learning candidates lack proper support for continuing their course. In such case, this app can prove as a great guidance source.

5. Udacity- this app offers a number of job-oriented courses in which you can enroll and learn from the best. The focus is more on computer programming, artificial intelligence and app development. A lot of courses are free but for the advanced ones you will have to pay a certain fee. They also provide a nano-degree to validate that you have completed all the assessments of the program.

6. Photomath- this app contains all the solutions to your math problems. It is beneficial for students of all standards. You are provided with step-by-step solution to mathematical problems. All you have to do is to write the question and scan it with your camera. Its free version will show limited steps whereas the paid version contains detailed explanation to every single step.

7. Udemy- it is another e-learning app focusing on job-oriented courses. You can learn things such as app development, adobe softwares, public speaking, interior designing, cooking etc.

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