How to deal with peer pressure in college

College life poses a number of challenges for students. Most of the times you will not find things going as you expected. There would be people whose attitudes are quite different from yours and no matter how hard you try; they will always come up with a way to pick on you.  Peer pressure is quite normal in college. All of us want to be accepted and recognized in a group of our choice.  At times, it gets hard to bend our judgment as per the liking of others and that is where the problem starts. Here we are enlisting some important tips that will help you in dealing with negative peer pressure.

1. Choosing friends– as you enter into college, you will find an overwhelming amount of different behaviors and personalities. It is important that you select your friends wisely. Being in a company of people who constantly disparage each other’s actions will only pose a negative impact on your development. Therefore, make friends with people who will support you in your work.

2. Accepting loneliness- learn to live with yourself. It will do you no good if you keep running after people with no specific purpose. Spare time to evaluate yourself and develop a habit to study alone.

3. Taking a stand– being part of the group doesn’t mean that you have to put up with everything. Take a stand against bullies and voice your concern firmly. If a person bothers you, talk to him when you two are alone and tell him how his remarks makes you feel.

4. Finding new groups– if your current friends are indulging in activities that don’t interest you or are becoming a hazard to your studies, it is time you realize the need to change your crowd. In college, there are a number of clubs and groups. Join a few groups that interest you. There you will meet a lot of new people. Start forming relationship with them and slowly you will be able to handle peer pressure.

5. Seek advice– if situation is getting intense, talk to your parents or your trusted friends from school. It will take your mind off things and you will certainly feel better and relaxed.

6. Perceive bright side– not all peer pressures are negative. If people are criticizing over your studies or unhealthy habits, take it as a constructive advice and improve your attitude.

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