Tips to excel in your next research presentation

A research presentation is meant to effectively summarize the findings of your research project in front of the evaluators or your fellow batch-mates. You are allotted a specific period in which you are supposed to express all the key findings in an understandable fashion. There is no time to display and explain mathematical derivations and intermediate results. Everyone is keen to know the end-conclusion and immediate applications. In order to help the students make the best of their time, our assignment experts have explained a few important tips to excel in research presentations.

1. Stick to standards– it is imperative that you are aware of the format and general content asked in the ppt. You should be aware that if you were asked to bring laptop or memory stick. Sometimes it is also asked to circulate the summary in the form of handouts. Pay attention to these minor details, as you don’t want to disappoint the evaluation team. It is also seen that students confuse presenting research paper with presentation. These are two entirely different things. Presentation is much more limited than a research paper.

2. Statement of purpose– students are sometimes in such a hurry to rush for their findings that they fail to explain the purpose of their research and when someone asks them half way through, they are forced to explain the same thing once again. Remember that implications can only be understood once your peers have the knowledge of what you are trying to resolve. So take some time in the beginning to explain the purpose of your work.

3. Incessant theory– it is important to present the balanced mix of associated theory and your findings. Often students explain the theory in detail that consumes their time leaving them with nothing to show their findings and results. You need to know that all your peers are already aware of the text pertaining, so just go through the theory quickly and focus more on what you have done differently in your research activity.

4. Time and practice– you need to practice extensively in order to summarize all the key points and implications. Your rate of speech should be comprehensible. Rehearse in front of your friends or parents and work on the feedback.

5. Viva questions– a few minutes are reserved at the end for viva. Many students are caught off-guard by convoluted and difficult questions. It is important that you stay calm and understand the question. Even if the question is put in a demeaning tone, it is your duty to answer politely whatever is asked.

6. Appear at ease– everybody feels a tad jittery while presentations but the important thing is that you appear calm and relaxed. Maintain eye contact throughout the communication and smile in between. People will take more interest if you appear confident.

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