Organization SWOT Analysis Assignment Help

Organization SWOT Analysis Assignment Help In today’s competitive market environment, every organization believes that employees play an important role in achieving goals of company. British Airways is the airline company, which is focused towards maintaining its human resource department effective. SWOT analysis helpful in analyzing its overall organization structure and position in the market. Strength of British Airways is expanding fleet of aircraft that provides comfortable travelling for the passengers. Skills and knowledge of employees also prove to be strength of British Airways. Skills and knowledge of employees helps in developing the customer loyalty program of the company. On the other hand, weakness of British Airways is lack of marketing strategy, which is not helpful in attracting the customers. Further, organization has an opportunity to expand its business globally and develop air cargo industry.

Taking advantage of global changes is an opportunity for British Airways in order sustain in highly competitive market. While exploring the opportunities, British Airways also face certain threats such as increase in fuel prices and economic slowdown. Therefore, organization has to maintain effective human resource in order to reduce its threats and weakness and expand its strengths and opportunities. Factors of SWOT analysis, has affected in directing the human resource in an organization. Based on the strength of British Airways, managers have to develop the skills of human resource in order maintain its strength. Further, due to lack in marketing strategy, organization cannot be able to provide proper training to human resource. In addition to this, with the help of opportunities organization can be able to direct the human resource in order to make sound position in the overall market. Proper training to human resource also helps in overcoming the threats of the company.   Get Organization SWOT Analysis Assignment Help of any company from our experts.