Management Approach Assignment Help With Example

Management Approach Assignment Help With Example

This management approach case study help paper includes the comparison of two book stores in which one is online and other is offline seller. The comparison between Amazon and Borders bookstore can be done on the basis of their business-assignment-help[/caption] core business, management approach, marketing and sales, and reasons to success etc. The history of Amazon shows that in first few years, it has not get success and Borders bookstore earned the profit from its establishment to 2004.

History and Core Business of Each Company

Amazon was established by its creator Jeff Bezos in 1994. Before creating Amazon, Bezos worked with a supplying computer science company of the stock market. He observed that the use of internet is being increasing day by day. In 1994, people were increasing their interest on the internet and taking the help of internet for most works. He brought the idea to sell the books with the help of internet and established online business scenario. After going online, the name of company had been changed as

In the starting 30 days, it had sold the books in 50 states and 45 countries. In 1997, Amazon had become public company under the NYSE with the symbol of AMZN. In starting year, it was not earned more money and seemed to less profitable company. After a certain time, it spent amount of its revenue in music, toys, electronics, clothes product line-up etc, which brought it in the path of success. Core business of Amazon was depended on the physical books and music. With the help of internet, it also wanted to supply these materials rapidly, competently and beneficially in the market.

Its core business is to supply of variety of products through e-commerce to its customers at their homes. On the other hand our assignment help of Australia says that Tom and Louis were established the company Borders in 1971 that was named as Borders Book Shop. In 1991, this company became the fourth largest book retailer with its 13 stores and revenue of $82 million per year. In addition, it became second largest book retailer, because it used the superstore concept (Borders, 2008). In 1998, the founders of Borders understand the impotence of online selling and they also launched first online bookstore.

After six months, it had implemented some changes in the leadership due to retirement of their CEO Robert DiROmualdo. Phillip Pfeffer was appointed as new CEO in November 1999. At the peak time, it had 26 stores in the market of Australia and the online store on its website This online store was shortlisted as a loyal subscriber in 2009. In addition, RED group Retail was owned its business operations in several countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Whitcoulls etc. Its core business is to sell the books in the stores and to rely on additional revenue sources to keep it on the way of growth.

Similarities and Differences in Management Approach

In the beginning, Amazon was focused on the satisfaction of its customers regarding sales of books, in contrast Borders was focused on advanced computer technology. This technology helped it to predict sales and track stock. Customer satisfaction and efficient corporate growth were the main objectives of Amazon. The fundamental foundation of Amazon leaders was to start with the consumer and work backwards. On the other hand, Borders wanted to be the largest book retailer and market leader in the several geographical locations.

Amazon used various subconscious marketing techniques to attract more customers toward its websites, while Borders faced the problems in marketing and sales due to late focus on online bookstores. The company had to face several challenges to survive in the competitive marketplace. Both of these companies use the online marketing and sales techniques to promote their products. Another similarity between Amazon and Borders is their inefficient supply system and use of change management process. These companies are accurately tracking the inventory and making plans for future sales. Now get business management assignment help of any topic from the experienced and trusted assignment writers.