What type of Assignments to expect in Online Courses

Online courses have become a trend in the past few years. Their popularity is directly related to the ease they provide to the students in terms of flexibility and low cost. A number of short-term certificate courses that add value to resume are available online. You don’t have to compromise on your job to complete such certifications. You can take classes at your will and gain whatever knowledge is provided in a classroom program through this method. The homework assignments in online courses are also very creative. Our assignment experts have listed some common virtual assignments that you might encounter in an online program.

1. Discussion boards- many online courses have introduced an alternative to regular classroom discussions in the form of on-net discussion boards. The instructor gives a topic and all the students have to post their thoughts and ideas on the forum. Once a student writes his or her opinion, it automatically appears on the screen of every member. Some of these boards are also of the post-first type, which means a student cannot see others’ ideas until he has posted his comment. These panels are similar to group chatting except you need to write everything in a formal manner.

2. Research papers- this assignment is similar to a regular classroom course. Students are provided access to the institute’s online library facilities to ensure complete support. You are supposed to upload your writing in the required format asked by the instructor.

3. Blogs- blogs are highly efficient in developing a sense of public speaking among students. When fellow students and others comment on their blogs, it gives them a sense of confidence on their opinions, which is very important in terms of personality development.

4. Journals- The instructor assigns a topic to every student and they are supposed to write a journal expressing their ideas and opinions on the topic in a formal manner. It is a private means of communication between students and instructors.

5. Read and respond- students are provided with a book, article or video and are asked a set of questions. They are supposed to thoroughly examine the material and answer all the questions before the deadline.

6. Case study- it is provided in a few select courses. Students are given a real life situation depicted through a reading material or video. They are required to analyze the condition and present a detailed analysis of the matter.

7. Video conferencing debates- modern technology has enabled us to conduct video conferencing with a group of people at the same time. This is readily exploited in online teaching to conduct meaningful debates. It is quite similar to usual classroom debate and you can interrupt anybody in between to keep your point.

8. Mock interview- in order to prepare students for job placements, mock interviews consisting of logical and academic questions are asked to students, which they are supposed to answer quickly. As more and more organizations are taking interest in placing online course students, this activity has become quite important.

9. Wikis- it is also a group assignment. A document is shared between students and they are supposed to draft their comments, questions and experiences on it.

10. Exams- the tests and exams are usually conducted through proctoring agencies that keep a watch over candidates through webcams. Online courses are gaining recognition at a rapid rate and therefore are getting more and more cautious about evaluation activities.

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