Top 5 Books for Studying Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics deals with aggregate level phenomena such as GDP, inflation, national income, unemployment, growth rate etc. At the university level, the subject is taught through a combination of texts, graphs, surveys and economic models. For a successful career in business or finance, the understanding of macroeconomics is quite imperative. Our business assignment help experts have created a list of top five books that are highly useful for any student looking for help in macroeconomics.

1. Principles of macroeconomics by Gregory Mankiw– this book is highly instrumental in bringing out the concepts and practical aspects of macroeconomics in details with the aid of appropriate examples. People who have thoroughly read this book say that they have learned more through this book than attending classes. This book is equally helpful to beginners as well as scholars looking for complex theories.

2. Macroeconomics by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells– this book is written in such a manner that you do not have to be good at calculus or complex mathematics to understand its fundamentals. You will find numerous examples from the crisis of 2008 that will help you comprehend the subject more easily. As it does not employ mathematical explanations, it is better to use it only for understanding and follow some other text for your course work.

3. Macroeconomics: Principles, Problems and Policies by McConnell, Brue and Flynn– it is widely used by students enrolled in an economics course. It is equally helpful for advanced learners as well as starters. If you are looking to gain a better perspective on your business aspects, this book will give you all the necessary details.

4. Macroeconomics by Olivier Blanchard– for intermediate course study, this book is a great help as it relates the dependence of financial market, labour market and goods market with long-term analyses. The book also comes with a personalized study plan that allows students to monitor their progress via online assessments, tutorials whilst reading the book. You will also find sections on recent economic crises and financial changes in the economic policy of China and US.

5. Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, Fischer and Startz– this book is best suited for those who have already taken a beginner’s course in macroeconomics. It covers all the major macroeconomics school of thoughts. It also provides deep explanations on Philips curve, Mundell-Flemming model and Dornbusch exchange rate overshooting model. Macroeconomics becomes quite interesting once you start grasping its fundamental concepts.

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