Seven Ways to Earn Income while studying in Australia

Seven Ways to Earn Income while studying in Australia If you are going aborad, finance is always an important factor. You must be coming across questions “How much can a student earn in Autralia” and “will it be possible to work along with my studies”. “Earn while you learn” is the emerging concept in Australia, due to a high number of enrollments in different colleges or universities for various streams. Australia becomes the favorite destination and education hub in the world for international students.

There are many employment options for the students to work and study in Australia are as follows: 1) Tutoring: The students can provide tuitions to the students according to their level of interest and expertise in subjects. The student has good Scholarship Aptitude Score (SAT) score helps to teach those students who are looking for SAT preparation assistance (Theguardian, 2017). Moreover, the student can teach the language (English) and other skills training according to their level of expertise and earn good money. 2) Part Time Jobs: There are many part time jobs available for the students like they can work in their college or universities libraries.

The student can work in their administration department for few hours on a contract basis. Moreover, they can choose their area of interest like fitness trainer and yoga instructor is the good alternative for the students for part-time work (Goabroad, 2017). 3) Seasonal Work: The students can earn more in seasonal jobs like summer internships or seasonal works. The students can work in the restaurants, catering companies, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, summer camps and retail shops.

In summer seasons the demand of the work is more and the student can gain the experience and earn the money easily in these works. 4) Home based jobs: Freelancer is also the good option for the students to earn money. The student can make accounts on various genuine websites and work according to their area of interest or skills (AIF, 2017).

For e.g. Content writing/copywriting/blogging services is the good alternative for the students to earn money if they have the good writing skills. 5) Babysitting This is also a good option for the student to babysit for the particular family and earn money, especially on weekends. In foreign culture, couples are looking for the trusted babysitters who take care of their children after schools if the parents are not available. 6) Promotional activities The student can work for the companies who involved in marketing, promotions, and events for the different companies (Hotcoursesabroad, 2017).

The student can work for the marketing companies as they looking for the volunteers to help them out at events that they organize all over the country. 7) Art or Musical classes: The student can earn around $70 an hour if they are good in musical instruments like guitar, piano, flute and drums (Kaplan, 2017). References AIF (2017) 7 Ways to Earn a Good Income as a Personal Trainer.[Online].