Seven lessons of life for International Students in Australia from Steve Jobs

Seven lessons of life for International Students in Australia from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a person whom there are lot of lessons to learn from in a student life. His professional life walks through the development of ads, technologies, and media, which promotes students towards innovation, and creation of an obsessive culture of perfection(Weikum, et al., 2016). His life is an inspirational well as mysterious for all. As per assignment help experts, Below are the seven lessons of life for International Students in Australia to be successful from Steve Jobs:

  1. Focus

Job was a much focussed person which was a major trait of his personality. His life teach students to be focussed at what they work and avoid all the distractions in order to get success. Problems will come sometimes these may be in family or sometimes, health issues, but the only thing is not to change one’s laser like focus on the goals.

  1. Push for perfection

Job was a type of person who used to finish his all works with perfection. After the creation of his products, many times he was not fully satisfied after testing some of them and therefore redesigned those products (Watt, 2016). It teaches the students to do perfectly whatever they do even if it is time consuming and needs harder work.

  1. Do what you love

Steve Jobs narrated this philosophy in many of his speeches. If a person is not happy with what he is doing, the results are poorer and his efforts make no sense. Therefore, a person should always do what he loves.

  1. Don’t waste time

Job always used to say that time is precious and do not waste it. Only death has the right to cease one’s time. Every person should listen to his inner voice and should not let others’ opinions to dominate his inner voice

  1. Stay hungry and foolish

The lessons from Job’s life teach students that they should never be satisfied in their life and be curious to learn new things every day (Weikum, et al., 2016). A person should act as foolish as he does not know things perfectly.

  1. Taking Responsibility

According to Job, if a person wants to become successful, he should be willing to accept mistakes and resolve them. Responsibilities make the person mature and hard worker.

  1. Courage and Persistence

Steve Jobs’ utmost successes came after he was removed from his own company. A person should be persistent and courageous throughout his life for his passion.  References Watt, P., (2016) The rise of the ‘dropout entrepreneur’: dropping out,‘self-reliance’and the American myth of entrepreneurial success. Culture and Organization22(1), pp.20-43. Weikum, G., Hoffart, J. and Suchanek, F.M., (2016) Ten Years of Knowledge Harvesting: Lessons and Challenges. IEEE Data Eng. Bull.39(3), pp.41-50.