Paid Internship by International Students in Australia

Paid Internship by International Students in Australia


Australia is a country where the intern programs are managed by the most of the universities to pay the internship to ensure the least minimum wages to the international students while doing studies or educating at the Australian universities. The five steps that will make the paid internship to the overseas students during their internship programs including Talk to Your University, Deciding on when to go to Australia, Decide on Visa needed for the international students, Figuring-out the field of Interest, and Search and Compare. assignment help Firstly, the international students seeking for different educational programs in Australia should determine that which universities and courses are offering the internship credits to the international students from the global organizations.


The foreign students should prefer the independent internship rather than listed on the transcript. The students should enroll only into the Australian Universities that provide the specific internship scholarship to the students abroad for different courses(, 2017). After knowing about the universities, the international students should determine on the seasonal internship and its length to go to the internship courses. The students may go with the summer internship due to typical length (1 month to 3 month).


The internship as longer the practical experience wider to the international students to know about the sites and field knowledge along with the internship credit. The International students are also needed to determine on valid visa required to work for getting the paid internship, such as work and holiday visa for the American Students (Subclass 462) and Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) for the British Students. Both types of visa programs will allow the international students to work for up to six months in an Australian Company and stay till 12 months in Australia during internship.


For obtaining visa, the international students are required to pay 365 AUD to acquire the approved visa within 24 to 48 hours through an online process. By applying for the student visa, the international students can acquire the student visa electronically. After acquiring the visa in Australia, the students are needed to show and access their interest, field of study, and potential internship field for getting the paid internship for the specific fields, such as IT, science, engineering, communications, marketing, Human Resource, fashion, tourism, and environmental science (Top Internship Programs, 2017).


The major cities, Melbourne and Sydney are most popular to provide the business internship to the Australian students, such as accounting internship in Sydney city with AIFS and marketing internship in Melbourne city with Alliance Abroad. Like London and New York, Melbourne and Sydney cities are well-known for organizing the host renowned fashion weeks for the paid internship to the international students. The fashion internship provides opportunities to the overseas students in merchandising, research, pricing, production, trend research, PR, and more.

The Queensland state including Brisbane and Cairns cities provide the internship programs in fields, like environmental science, ecological science, conservation and community protection, communication, marine engineering, and Biology, for example, ISA Internship at Cairns Zoo and Internship at Koala Sanctuary or Institute for cultural technology at Great Barrier Reef for Research. The final step is to search and compare all internship programs or opportunities provided by the universities in the Australian country through the networking, online research, and social media search and finally, to determine that which university is the most suitable to provide the paid internship to the students.


There are several universities that provide the paid internship to the international students through the internship organizations that will include the housing, insurance, and other necessities (Adzuna, 2016). For example, AISCE provides internship in marketing, IT, Business, and Engineering, while IAESTE provides internship in science, engineering, and technologies.


Alliance Abroad is strong provider of the paid internship to the overseas students in a range of fields. The feedbacks of top 40 inter programs from 800 undergraduate students in Australia show the paid internship by the companies including GHD, AECOM, ShineWing, Telstra, Shell, Accenture Australia, BP Australia, Aurizon, Suncorp, Sydney Water, KordaMentha, Gallagher Bassett Services, KPMG, Dixon Advisory, Newcrest Mining, Hatch, Ergon Energy, Arup, CIMIC, ANZ Banking Group, and other paid internship providing Australian organizations.


Along with this, there are several paid internship jobs that provide the internship part-time jobs for the international students, for example, Blacktown (New South Wales) provides paid internship in accounting, GoCatch provides paid internship and valuable experiences to support the professional careers of the international students.


Metier provides 25AUD/hour as paid internship to the international students. BGA Support Internship through Gradaustralia for 12 months paid internship(Top Internship Programs, 2017).So, by following all these five steps and overlooking different internship jobs, the international students can take decisions about the paid internship programfrom the Australian University and time periods of working for the internship from the affiliated organizations of the universities.