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Development of Contract Administration Plan Assignment Help

As per business plan assignment help experts, A well developed contract administration plan can influence the business of a company because it works as a guideline for ensuring that a company is getting everything out from the side of contractor with the help of particular contract (Sanghera, 2008). So, the administration of a company must be clarified about the plans and related obligations to the company’s contract administrator before the development of contract plan, other than, the administrator can make an ineffective agreement that could reduce the aspect of profitability. The contract administration is a significant management of legal relationships that is made by the contact administrators along with the related business partners, human resources, clients, and marketers (Davison & Sebastian, 2006). Thus, for developing an effective and good contract administration plan, the administration needs to focus on the outputs of contact because it would create legal allegations against a company in the condition of any conflict. This assignment help plan takes those activities that can be performed by the people of company’s administration for ensuring the correctness of contractor’s performance (Kwak & Ibbs, 2002). It could influence the significance of company’s operations in both manners so; in the development of plan, the decision makers of company must consider the point of administration contract’s performance. Generally, it requires the term of negotiation for making contractual agreements between two or more parties that could be useful for the continuous growth of a company to maintain its fair cost image (Heldman, 2009). Otherwise, the non negotiable administration contract could reduce the organizational profitability.

Implementation of Contract Administration Plan The ABC is a construction company that focuses on construction of mid-tier commercial building to provide effective workplace for its customers. So, the company wants to develop standard quality procedures (SQP) for developing quality practices that includes several legal contracts with non related parties to fulfill the aim of company. Therefore, the related management subscribes the contract administration plan in the procedures of organization (Shen, Wu & Ng, 2001). For this activity, management hired a contract administrator to plan and formulate SQP. For conducting this activity effectively, the board of directors has decided the limitations of contract administrator at earlier stage (Sanghera, 2008). The other instruction that is given by the board of directors is that he will use the reference manual for taking financial decisions by that company could be able to use its monetary funds appropriately without any loss.   References Davison, B. & Sebastian, R.J. (2006). The Relationship between Contract Administration Problems and Contract Types. Retrieved from Heldman, K. (2009). PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide (5th ed.). John Wiley and Sons. Kwak, Y.H. & Ibbs, C.W. (2002). Project Management Process Maturity (PM)2 Model. Journal of Management in Engineering, 151-153. Sanghera, P. (2008). Fundamentals of Effective Program Management: A Process Approach Based on the Global Standard. USA: J. Ross Publishing. Shen, L.Y., Wu, G.W. & Ng, C.S. (2001). Risk Assessment for Construction Joint Ventures in China. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 76-78. Order your any subject Assignment help & Homework or call us at +61-3-9088-1335 and Toll Free Phone: 877-839-9989…Get Free quote of your assignment