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Marketing Assignment Help | Advertisements Review of Nike Nike: My Better is better     This ad is trying to sell Nike’s clothing, shoes and sports equipment. This ad is focusing on the energetic need of customers or it can be stated that the ad is trying to capture the spirit or philosophy of high performance.


The ad is showing that how the use of these entire products enable the customers to perform in a better way. For example, the ad is reflecting that Nike shoes provide a feeling of relaxation to sports person and it is the reason that they are able to perform better. The target customers for Nike’s products are a high-performance athlete and it is the reason that use of this advertising approach is beneficial for the company to attract current and potential customers. It shows that the main focus of the ad is not on Nike’s products, but on customers’ desire of performing better in different fields.


 1984 Apple’s Macintosh Commercial: The “1984” Macintosh ad was broadcast only once in the year 1984. This ad is trying to sell personal computer designed by Apple, Inc. This computer can be used by non-expert consumers in an easy manner. In an actual manner, the ad is messaging to the target customers that the solution to the problems of technology is always a better technology. The ad is focusing on the needs of target market, in which customers want a revolutionary new product that is better to previous products. According to , “The ad suggested an Orwellian world where the Macintosh was the last alternative to IBM’s computational totalitarianism.” Thus our marketing assignment help experts says that, ad is showing that as time changing, new technologies are launched and they are better as compared to previous technologies. They improve customers’ capabilities to perform a particular job. Similarly, as above ad, this ad is also not focusing the product, but, it is focusing the needs of target customers, under which customers want to use a revolutionary new product.


Volkswagen: “Think Small” Print ad This ad is trying to sell Volkswagen’s automobiles. The ad is mainly focusing on the benefits of Volkswagen’s compact size and affordability. In addition, this and had lots of white space, the product advertised was very small, and the headline lacked news value and worse of all. In this way, the marketing strategy of the company under this ad is quite different from competitors, as most of competitors are marketing it to customers as a luxurious and spacious vehicle. As per marketing experts, this ad is also focusing on customers’ needs, as compared to the marketing of product features. Therefore assignment help experts say that all three examples are proving the statement that “advertising should not focus on the product or service being sold, but should rather focus on the needs and desires of its target market.”


Ethical Concern: So, advertisement review assignment help experts stated that there can be several ethical concerns regarding this approach of communication. Main ethical concerns can be related to comparative advertising and truth in advertising. For example, there are companies, which are delivering the message that use of their products will improve the performance of customers, but the reality of these products is different. In this way, such products lead to ethical concerns regarding the truth in advertising. Similarly, sometimes advertising is based on two different colors, regions, etc. that can also raise ethical concerns, as it results in a war of comparisons.


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