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Ad Campaign Assignment Help Competitive Intelligence and Analysis Competitive intelligence and analysis is an organizational action that gathers and interprets necessary information about competitors and also analyzes the condition about products, customers and other aspects of environment and implements that information through making strategic decision for benefits of the organization and taking competitive advantage (Minai, Braha & Yam, 2010).


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Advertising Campaign Research The advertising campaign that has taken is concerned with Green tea of Japan Green tea Company Limited that import, export, plans, manufactures, wholesale, and retailing of teas, herbs, spices, seasonings, snacks, and grain from all over the world (Japan Green tea Co. Ltd, 2008). The reason behind taking this research is to know the firm’s interesting and cute advertising campaign for attracting the consumers’ attention towards its product. In this advertising campaign assignment help, the caterpillar commercial ad is very interesting that attract the customers towards to know the actual message (YouTube, 2005).


Advertising Campaign and its Effectiveness The advertising campaign really grabbed the attention because this ad is communicating about the preferences of uniqueness through the message “Beware only for the best”. In this ad campaign, a son of a caterpillar is hungry and wants to eat leaves to test, but his father takes him to the top for the best leaves taste. Addition to this, when the caterpillar reached to the top with his son, he didn’t find the leaves because a farmer has plucked the leaves for making green tea. In the confrontation with the farmer, the caterpillar’s son starts crying for the tasty top leaves and after the sometime start to hypnotize him for leaves. Now, this ad actually massaging about the best tea of the company for the taste and one can do anything to get the green tea (YouTube, 2005). if you need marketing case study assignment help then you can also e-mail us.


Target Market, The target market of Japan Green tea was concerned with attracting the consumer with best choice basically the tea lovers towards its product through this ad campaign. It is also motivating the consumer to purchase this product and feel experience of best tea.


Company Competitive Intelligence and Analysis The company for its competitive intelligence and analysis involves in gathering competitive information through collecting the consumers’ preferences of taste. The consumers that take tea only for the taste are the main target for the Japan green tea that has the capability to penetrate the competitive market of taste lover consumers just like caterpillar hypnotize the farmer.


Company Incorporated Competitive Intelligence and Analysis Japan Green Tea incorporated its competitive intelligence and analysis through a market survey for gathering information about consumers’ tea flavor and taste preference. In the market survey, company found that the attitudes and consumption behaviors of people are increasing for a diverse variety of tea taste that contains superior taste and nutrition with a reasonable price (International Markets Bureau, 2010). Thus, company starts this ad campaign to take lead through increasing the awareness among the consumers in green tea segment with great taste.


Importance of Competitive Intelligence and Analysis In making a marketing decision, competitive intelligence and analysis is most important because first of all it gathers all concerned information about competitive market before launching a product and also saves the loss of money. It gathers information about products, consumers’ preferences, competitors’ marketing strategy, rules and regulations and other important data (Smith, 2007). Now, it helps to make an effective strategy for organization to launch the product in the market after seeing conditions of the market. Further, competitive intelligence and analysis help the organization in the establishment by penetrating the competitive market for long-time and generates profits without loss.


Recommendation for Quality Competitive Intelligence and Analysis Following are the ways that could help Japan Green tea company Limited to find quality competitive intelligence and analysis:


Online Market Research: The regular market research about the customers’ preferences would provide Japan Green tea company Limited to find quality competitive intelligence and analysis (Poynter, 2010). In this research, company must use the online survey from tea sites by asking questions for tastes, quality, color, cost and packaging.


Home Delivery: This could be one of the unique quality competitive intelligence and analysis because it would help the company to find out the consumers’ perception towards this service and product quality. Home delivery system could be increased by the company for better service and its reputation among consumers that may also provide competitive lead from other companies in the competitive market with increasing customer base.


Social Welfare Program: The welfare program such as donation for hungry people, for education and distribution of prices in competitive events could enhance the company as promotional marketing. This activity could enhance the sales of the product and awareness among consumers at large extent (Segal, 2009).


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