Apple Business Process Assignment Help

Apple Business Process Assignment Help

Apple is a leading mobile company in the world. Company use websites in order to develop its social media network. In the website, company provides three processes for the stakeholders such as management, operational and supporting processes. Additionally our Apple assignment help experts says that company also provides the information about different products and their features on the website that are available in the market for the customers. Company’s website is also helpful for the customers to develop the understanding about new products, which are going to be launched in market. In order to create effective interaction with customers, company website provides latest news about the company and the activities that affect the business at national as well as global market (Apple Inc., 2012).

On the website, company provides the option for searching. It helps the customers to search any content on the website. With the help of this option, customers can develop the understanding about management processes such as corporate governance, strategic management etc. Company also provides information about the operational processes on the website. In this, website, information to the customers about the local stores of the company is also available. This information enables the customers to find out stores to buy Apple product in easy way.

This site also provides the information about sales activities to the customers. In the operational processes, company’s website also provides information about the investors. In this section, website defines the relationship with investors, stock information, financial information etc. In supporting processes, company also provide information about technical support, job opportunities, environment information, training programs, recycling and legal information related to software, hardware, sales, and purchase and services policies (Apple Inc., 2012).

Business Strategy

Company’s business strategy management assignment help is related to improve customer satisfaction by providing information related to the customers with the help of websites. It helps the company to develop an effective and interactive social networking that is essential for the company to develop in the market. Company’s business strategy mainly focuses on the innovation and differentiation of products and services that improve satisfaction level of customers and help management to develop log term relations. The business strategy of the company also concentrates on the development of market at global level especially in developing countries in order to develop long term brand reputation for Apple (Ireland, Hitt & Hoskisson, 2011).

Recommendations for Information System

In order to create effective interaction with customers, company should improve its information system and also recover the contents of website. In this, company should develop interactive program that will be helpful for the company to receive feedback from the customers. It will also assist the company to create more effective products and services in the market. Moreover, company should also develop the content of website and includes some contents related to the marketing, advertising and support system. It will be helpful for the company to attract more customers from the international market. It will also be cooperative for the company to gain competitive advantages from the international market.

Company should also consider some discount and rebate strategies on the products and services. It will be supportive to the company to attract more customers from the developing countries of the world. Company should also give attention to define the goals and objectives more clearly to the investors and the external stakeholders of the company. It will be helpful for the company to attract more investors for the different projects. Addtionaly, this strategy will support the management of Apple to achieve competitive advantages from the market, where company operate its business. Company will also open more stores in the different countries of the world. It will be helpful for the company in providing effective services to the customers in easy way (Phillips, 2011).