Apple Marketing Strategy and Tactics Assignment Help

Apple Marketing Strategy and Tactics Assignment Help Marketing Mix 

This marketing strategy case study assignment help paper describes the element of marketing mix and their contribution for the development of organization. For this paper, Apple is selected and marketing strategy and tactics used for marketing mix are described. Product, price, place and promotion are the elements of marketing mix, which are as below: Product: Marketing strategy of Apple is based on four P’s and product is one of the important elements as without the product it is not possible to make strategies for price, place and promotion. Apple provides several types of products worldwide such as portable computers, servers, Wi-Fi linked stations, Mac OS, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes, accessories and peripheral products (Apple Inc, 2012). These products are different from ea

ch others because Apple provides latest technology, different features and hardware specification in their product.

It provides high quality products and services in different size, memory and price according to demand of the customers. These different products and features encourage the customers to purchase the Apple products, so it contributed in developing effective strategies for organizations (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2010). It diversifies the product line for a product, so it better caters its products and services in the global market.  The differentiation and technology helps the firm to determine the targeting and position strategies more effectively. Price: Price is an important element of marketing mix because if organization does not choose correct price of product then it may lose the sales and revenue also. Apple uses skimming and premium pricing strategy in the market (Apple Inc, 2012). It introduces product at high cost and then after sometime, it reduces prices of product to cover the market. It is effective strategy to cover initial expenses and then reach to more customers and cover the market. Apple believes in superior technology and design, so customers prefer its products even if they charges high price in the market.

Laptop or computer marker in the global market is oligopolistic that means millions of customers and few major players are available in market. It includes Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Sandisk and Microsoft. Changes in product of competitors affect the market of Apple. Apple faced this situation by changing the price of products according to the buying behavior of customers. For example, Apple is forced to price lower for iPod in china compare to other countries (Gupta & Bhat, 2007). So, it is effective strategy to choose the right price of product to attract more customers in international market. Place: Place is related with channels of transportation and distribution of goods. Organization requires developing effective distribution system to provide product at right place at right time. Apple has over 200 stores in worldwide including UK, US, Canada, Italy, etc (Apple Inc, 2012). Its stores provide best services to their customers for 24 hours that helps them to maintain the brand position and cover the market.

This place strategy helps Apple to determine the markets that it could be targeted on the basis of cost and benefit analysis. Apple delivers on-site technology services and support the home user and businesses through providing products and services at right time. The distribution strategy of Apple also helped it to position itself in world market and cover a large customer base (Belohlavek, 2008). Apple divides its global market into four segments that is America, Europe, Japan and Africa. It helps to reach the global customers effectively and distributed their products in several markets within time. It uses diversify strategy for its product line to cover global market by fulfilling the demand of customers. Promotion: Promotion is a way to communication with customers. It provides information to the customers about the products and organizations. It includes advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling. Successful promotion increases sales of products and contributes towards growth of the organization. Apple uses several promotional tools to promote the products such as Apple shops, internet sales or advertising, print and TV advertising, etc. Apple follows the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach for promoting the products (Apple Inc, 2012).

IMC means all the communication and marketing association integrated together that helps to work together and contribute for organizational growth. Apple offers specific discounts and promotional offers on products to attract the customers and increase sales of the products. It provides one year warranty for all products and provides best to customers on 24×7 basis. It also ties-up with educational institutes to attract the teens and youth customers. For example, Apple has developed software system iTunesU for the Georgia College and State University (Gupta & Bhat, 2007). It allows easy download, uploads and academic material amongst the students and facilities and increases awareness of its products. So, these promotion strategies maintain the long-term relationship with customers and contribute for the growth of Apple. Conclusion From the about discussion by marketing assignment help experts said that marketing mix is essential for an organization to provide product for the customers at right time and right place. Marketing mix cover four P’s that are product, price, place and promotion and all of these important for any organization to maintain the position and growth in global market and also to make relevant strategies. References Apple Inc. (2012). Get support by choosing your product below. Retrieved February 16, 2012 from Apple Inc. (2012). Mac. Retrieved February 16, 2012 from Belohlavek, P. (2008). Unicist Marketing Mix (2nd ed.). Blue Eagle Group. Gupta, A. & Bhat, V. (2007). iPod. Retrieved February 16, 2012 from Lamb, C.W., Hair, J.F. & McDaniel, C. (2010). Marketing. USA: Cengage Learning.