Apps That Every Finance Students Must Have

Learning how to manage money is now has become an important life skill that every child should learn. Fortunately, today’s children of all ages have access to smartphones and there is a wide variety of best online apps that could teach them about managing money and financial literacy in real life in a well-effective manner. What are they?

Every Finance Students Must Have

Best Apps for Finance Students 

Now managing money, creating a budget and handling investment decisions are easier than before due to access to plethora of personal finance apps for individuals. But not every mobile money management app is worth downloading. Therefore, here finance assignment help has compiled a list of best finance apps that every finance student must-have.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Mindblown Labs: This web app teaches students financial literacy through a game in which the students go through “life” as an avatar and make financial decisions along with their ways.  They are required to manage student loans, savings for home and financial emergencies like anything and they can also see the effect of their decisions after 30 years unlike in real life.
  2. P2K Monkey: It is a real-world app where they can make their wish list of things they want to buy and track their allowance. They can also earn extra money by doing chores as well as upload photos of their wish list items. It is free and once they have saved sufficient money to buy their items, they can make their decisions.
  3. LearnVest: It is the popular financial management and planning tool for students where they can use their real incomes, savings, expenses, and investments. This tool provides them valuable advice and tips on managing money in the best way. It acts like a virtual financial planner that helps you to plan your future expenses.

Final Words

These are a few online apps that every finance student must-have for learning finance in an interesting and funny way. If you need any help with your finance assignment, you can contact the business assignment help. They help and guide college students to write finance assignments right from the beginning and deliver satisfying results.