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Building and Sustainability and Clean Commerce Assignment Help: In today’s competitive business environment, business organizations are launching new and innovative business concepts in order to add value in unique ways and to make new products and services revolutionary. On the other hand, our business assignment help experts say that , entrepreneurs are surer in their approach to try to win challenging relationships in the market. At the same time, business organizations intentions are to combine core competencies and strategic assets to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

This activity or function allows the investor in making sound business decisions during the evaluation process. We can use business assignment writing for developing a sustainable competitive advantage, organizations are able to achieve a value creation strategy. There are several examples of entrepreneurs, who have set milestones for creating business based on a transition to sustainability and clean commerce. The efforts are creative and an amazing event for any organization. Innovative ideas as supplying attractive sources of solar energy placements create a cleaner and safe environment for humankind.

Most alternatives are easily affordable and come highly recommended. S. Jigar is one example of entrepreneur that maintains solar panels on his customer’s homes in exchange for service contracts. These contracts provide liquidity for Jigar and can, therefore, fund his operations. On the other hand, by considering the example of Warren Buffett, he also built his business based on the transition to sustainability and clean commerce. Additionally, He prioritizes innovation in his business that also enables him to sustain competitive advantage over competitors. In this way, through the innovation, Waren Buffett is building businesses based on the transition to sustainability and clean commerce. On the other hand, Bill Gates is also maintaining and building businesses based on the transition to sustainability and clean commerce.

For instance, at Microsoft, he helps the people and businesses around the world to improve the environment. He develops environmental sustainability. The main goal of the Bill Gates is to reduce the impact of operations and products, and to be a leader in environmental sustainability. He is also committed to develop software, hardware, solutions, and services that can help customers and partners to address increasingly complex environmental challenges. So, Microsoft is working with leading organizations around the globe to help in increasing the value that our technologies can bring to environmental issues.

Business Idea That Support Sustainability: There are several business ideas that would support the business sustainability. For instance, entrepreneurs can make effective strategies regarding their business ideas that make difficult for competitors to imitate their business ideas. On the other hand, by saving office energy consumption, entrepreneurs can build sustainability (Ciegis, Ramanauskiene & Martinkus, 2009). For instance, by evaluating the average energy use per square foot of office space and implementing best practices to reduce energy consumption. At the same time, to encourage education and innovation within the organization would also support the sustainability.

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