Assignment Help On Electronic Coupon Service

Assignment Help On Electronic Coupon Service In current scenario, it has become essential to attract customers at any cost with easy way. So as per assignment help experts, the method of offering the products and services to customers through electronic discount offers is an effective way. It helps in saving the valuable time of customers in shopping. With this form of advertising, electronic advertiser can earn fees in the form of subscription and advertising, so it is another positive point of using such techniques (Boone & Kurtz, 2011). Increasing use of Smartphone for shopping is the push factor behind such initiatives by electronic advertisers to promote the offerings of other firms. Today, customers are busy, so it is not easy to access the shops and markets all the time. Therefore, to get rid of these issues, customers have started using smart phones, social networking websites etc to save their time. It is not easy for the firms to maintain their customer base with traditional marketing tools, so e-commerce coupons are effective ways to maintain the business attractiveness. It can be argued that customers are attracted towards special discount offerings, so such practices would result into positive outcomes. Furthermore, such types of facilities to customers also help in increasing the sales of the firm that is another benefit to the company (Boone & Kurtz, 2011). By using the discount coupons, customer base of the advertising firm also increases that is another benefit of this approach. It is also true that without having strong customer base and good relations with advertisers, it is not easy to achieve sales related objectives. So, again the approach of email discount coupons is effective from business and customers point of view. It can be also argued that with this approach, it is viable for the firm to attract the customers with expected numbers. In present business context, innovation and differentiation is the only success formula for organizations. As per my point of view, special discount offers create a good state of mind among customers of being valued. So, special discount schemes through electronic advertising medium are effective to generate shopping interest among the customers. It helps the firms to ensure frequent shopping at the shop that is the requisite condition to remain in the business game (Boone & Kurtz, 2011). At the same time our experts of assignment help, there are several cons of using special discount offers. First negative aspect is the time, as due to busy schedule, it is not always convenient for customers to access the emails and phone messages. So, if the messages or mails are not accessed by customers, it is wastage of time and efforts invested by the electronic advertisers. Another drawback of using special discount offers is the annoyance that sometimes may cause by heavy emails and messages by the electronic advertisers. In this manner, heavy use of mails can hide the positive aspects of such strategies. Hence, it can be argued that use of special discount offers has both sides, so firms should try to attain a balance between positive and negative aspects.     Reference Boone, L.E & Kurtz, D.L.(2011). Contemporary Marketing. (15th edn). USA: Cengage Learning.